Volume 01 - Gaining Groudon!

This Volume Continues the Hoenn Saga, here is a list of the episodes in it:

Clamperl of Wisdom!

While on a ferry to the next Island, Ash & Co. come across the Spoink they met a while back, and it's lost it's Pearl again. Once again Ash & Co. decide to go look for it, but when Spoink gets one from a Clamperl, it gets protective of it. Will it find it's original Pearl?

The Relicanth Really Can

On the next Island, Ash & Co. meet up with a man who is looking for Green Shards. He has reason to believe they may be deep in the sea with some Relicanth so Ash & Co. go with him to get them. However Team Rocket want them and the Relicanth...

The Evolutionary War

On the next Island, Ash & Co. meet up with Prof. Birch and learn that on the island, the boys and girls are divided by which evolution of Clamperl they think is best. They meet with a boy and girl who both want to evolve their Clamperls but need help. Ash & Co decide to help them, but Team Rocket have their eyes set on the Gorebyss and Huntail on the island. Can they be stopped?

Training Wrecks

On the next Island, Ash & Co. are pulled into a fitness place. Ash is soon challenged to a Double Battle with one of the people there. Pikachu & Grovyle VS the person's Quagsire & Walrein. Will Ash emerge Triumphant?

Gaining Groudon

After being blast off by Team Rocket, Ash & Co. land near a Magma Submarine and get taken aboard. Maxie tells them their plans and shows the Blue Orb and that they have Kyogre in tow. However in trying to escape, the Blue Orb merges with Pikachu and Kyogre escapes...

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