Volume 06 - Deceit & Assist!

This Volume Continues the Hoenn Saga, here is a list of the episodes in it:

Less Is Morrison!

On the way to Slateport City for the Grand Festival, Ash & Co. meet a guy called Morrison who has a Beldum. This trainer quickly challenges Ash to a battle after seeeing that Ash has collected all 8 badges. Ash accepts the battle and starts battling Morrison...will he win?

The Ribbon Cup Caper

On the boat to Slateport City for the Grand Festival, Ash & Co. discover that the Ribbon Cup, the prize for the Grand Festival is on board. However when Brody of the recently disbanded Team Magma arrives and steals the Ribbon Cup. Ash & Co. must help Officer Jenny to find it and bring Brody to justice. Can they find it and get the Ribbon Cup back before they reach Slateport?

Hi Ho Silver Wind

It's the Grand Festival. The Time when all Co-ordinators who have one 5 contests come together to decide finally who is the best co-ordinator. May enters with her 5 Pokémon but does she have a chance of winning?

Deceit & Assist

The Grand Festival has begun and May has to battle against an old rival...Harley. Meanwhile Ash is trying to perfect Snorunt's Ice Beam. However in doing so he finds that Team Rocket have stolen a person's Ribbons. Can he get them back in time for the entry and will May win?

Rhapsody In Drew!

It's time for the finals of the Grand Festival. May & Drew have both got through, but to thier shock, they have to battle eachother ending a feud that has gone between them since May's first ever contest. Meanwhile Ash gets a shock while training his Snorunt. Will May win the Grand Festival or will she luck out?

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