Volume 07 - Shocks & Bonds!

This Volume Continues the Hoenn Saga, here is a list of the episodes in it:

Island Time

On the way to Evergrande City, Ash & Co. have problems on a plane and have to land on an island. However Team Rocket are with them and causing problems in their usual manner and they get away. With the help of a guy and his Wailmer/Wailord, they chase after Team Rocket. Will they get Pikachu back?

Like A Meowth To Flame

Finally in EverGrande City, Ash & Co. meet up with a trainer and his Meowth & Metagross. However his Meowth gets into a feud with Team Rocket's Meowth. Meanwhile, Ash and the trainer have to protect the Sacred Flame of the Hoenn Leagure from Team Rocket who want to steal it. Will Ash protect it or will Team Rocket steal it?

Saved by the Beldum

It's the Preliminaries in the Hoenn League. Ash is facing some tough battles against Fighting type Pokémon. Morrison is up against electric types and Tyson on the other hand has his own tough battles when his Meowth must battle an opponent's Persian. Will the 3 Rivals get through the league?

From Brags to Riches

The Hoenn League has come and Ash has managed to get through to the proper league. His new rival Morrison has also progressed this far and must win a battle against a Marowak & Machamp. Ash meanwhile has to go through a tough battle against a Tropius & a Swalot with his Corphish & Torkoal. Will Ash manage to get through to the next round of the finals?

Shocks & Bonds!

Further into the Hoenn League Finals, Ash is about to have one of his toughest battles. Another Double Battle against a Charizard and a Quilava...both Fire types while using Glalie & Grovyle giving Ash a clear Disadvantage. Will Ash manage to beat these hot fire Pokémon or will he end up burned?

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