Volume 08 - A Judgment Brawl!

This Volume concludes the Hoenn Saga, here is a list of the episodes in it:

A Judgment Brawl!

Ash's Battles in the Hoenn League continue on after his third Pokémon got knocked out in one of the final battles. Ash must win to continue on in the Hoenn League, but the battle is against Pokémon such as Golduck, Venomoth, Scizor & Walrein...Ash faces his toughest challenge so far. Will he succeed?

Choose It Or Lose It

Ash's battle with Morrison continues on...but Morrison seems apathetic to the battle and not wanting to battle Ash properly, he starts losing. Ash manages to convince him to battle properly and so the fierce battle properly begins. Who will win? Ash or Morrison?

At The End of the Fray

In his quest to become the Hoenn League Champion, Ash must battle Tyson, one of his newest friends. However when the battle begins Ash finds it one of the toughest battles of his time. Will Ash win?

The Scheme Team

On his way home to Pallet Town, Ash stops by Viridian City and meets Scott & The New Gym Leader, Agatha. Scott tells Ash about the Battle Frontier & Ash battles Agatha. Will He Win? When he gets home, he finds an old friend waiting for him...

The Right Place At The Right Mime!

Finally Back in Pallet meeting with Misty, Tracey, May, Max & Professor Birch, Ash reunites with his old Pokémon. After spending some time with his old friends, Ash discovers that Team Rocket have another plan to try and steal the Pokémon. Can they be stopped?

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