Volume 3 - Cheer Pressure!

This Volume Continues the Hoenn Saga, here is a list of the episodes in it:

Come What May

Its time for the Pokémon Contest in Fallarbor and May is as vigilant as ever. She is anxious to have her first win and wipe the smirk off Drew's face. However she ends up against the Medicham and has her toughest battle yet...

Cheer Pressure

Meeting up with their old friend and his Plusle & Minun, Ash & Co. find a Pokémon Dojo and they decide to take part in it. However Max senses that things are not quite how they should be...

Game Winning Assist

Heading towards Lavaridge, Ash & Co. find a meadow of Numel. May, eager to train her recently caught Skitty, challenges a Numel to a battle and teaches her Skitty Assist. However Team Rocket arrive to capture the Numel. Will they succeed?

Fight For The Meteorite

Out at Mt. Chimney, Ash meets up with Professor Cozmo to find that Teams Magma & Aqua are at the Mountain searching for Groudon...and to make matters worse they stole a Meteorite. Will Ash get it back?

Poetry Commotion

In Lavaridge, Ash & Co. meet up with Flannery, the recently appointed Gym Leader here. Ash challenges her but she cannot accept as the battlefield has been filled with holes. Ash, eager for his battle, volunteers to help, but Team Rocket arrive to try and steal Flannery's Torkoal...

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