Volume 4 - Go Go Ludicolo!

This Volume Continues the Hoenn Saga, here is a list of the episodes in it:

Exploud & Clear!

Accidently finding a trainer's disobedient Loudred, Ash is challenged to a battle. He uses his Treecko in a long battle against the Loudred...but when things are starting to get tough, both Loudred and Treecko evolve. Will this battle of strength come to a climatic end?

Go Go Ludicolo!

After having his Treecko evolve into Grovyle, Ash & Co. decide to take a break. Shocked to see his buddy has evolved, Corphish gets jealous of Grovyles strength. Ash gets challenged to a battle against a Ludicolo and uses Corphish. Will Corphish prove himself?

A Double Dilemma!

Heading back to Petalburg City, Ash & Co. get swamped by people fawning over May & Max, the children of their town gym leader. However nearby, Team Rocket are posing as the family and causing trouble. Will they be stopped?

Love, Petalburg Style!

Back in Petalburg City, May & Max discover that their parents are having a fight and that their mom thinks Norman is having an affair with the local Nurse Joy. Will May & Max get to the bottom of this?

Balance Of Power

Its time for Ash's 5th Gym Battle in Hoenn. He finally has more than 3 Pokémon so it wont be a repeat of his last battle against Norman. Slakoth, Vigoroth and Slaking are his opponents. Will Ash Win?

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