Volume 7 - Six Pack Attack!

This Volume Continues the Hoenn Saga, here is a list of the episodes in it:

A Six Pack Attack

Back in Littleroot Town, Ash & Brock head off with Prof. Birch head to meet Professor Oak, however Oak gets to the lab on his own and meets up with May & Max. However Team Rocket manage to steal the 6 starter Pokémon. Will they get them back?

The Bicker The Better

After a disagreement, Ash & May start arguing. Meanwhile, Jessie & James are also arguing and manage to drag Ash & May onto eachother's sides. They decide to have a 4 way battle to see who is top. Who will come out triumphant?

Grass Hysteria

After being kidnapped by a Skarmory, May meets & saves a Bulbasaur from falling off a cliff to get a flower. She wonders where she is. Ash & Co. meanwhile are trying to get into the forest to find May. Will they succeed?

Hokey Pokéballs

After she caught her own Bulbasaur, Ash decides to retrieve his Bulbasaur to meet May's new one. However they find out that Pokéballs are getting lost in transit due to a Rocket Scheme so its up to Ash, May and their Bulbasaurs to find them

Whiscash & Ash

While relaxing near a lake, Ash is shocked when a Giant Whiscash eats his badge case. Determined to get it back, he asks for help from the local Fishing Master. Will he be able to get his badges back?

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