Volume 10 - Pokéblock, Stock & Berry!

This Volume Continues the Hoenn Saga, here is a list of the episodes in it:

Crazy As A Lunatone!

Ash & Co. find a Lunatone that has crashed and take it to the Pokémon Center to heal it. However the PMC have other plans for the Lunatone and intend to capture it. Will they succeed?

The Garden of Eatin'!

Ash & Co. find a Pokémon Park which has loads of Bananas and Slakoths in, however a Snorlax has recently arrived and is eating all the fruit. Ash & Co. are recruited into stopping him. Will they succeed?

A Scare to Remember!

After hitting it's head, Pikachu loses all of it's memories. Wandering whats going on, it bumps into Meowth who takes advantage of the situation and recruits Pikachu into Team Rocket. Can Ash get Pikachu's memory restored?

PokéBlock, Stock & Berry

Finally in Lilycove City, May meets up with one of the people who make Pokéblocks and decides to make some of her own to improve her Pokémon's contest stats. Meanwhile, Ash is trying to teach his Swellow Aerial Ace, the attack Winona used which never missed. Will he succeed?

Lessons in Lilycove!

It's May's 5th contest and she is still gunning for her 3rd win, this time she's using her Combusken. However Combusken still hasnt quite mastered it's fire techniques. Will she win against Jessie & James' Chimecho?

Judgement Day!

After May's win at the Lilycove Contest, Ash & Co. decide to head towards the open seas and come to an Island with a guy who has the 3 Kanto Middle Evolution Starters. However Team Rocket appear and want to nab them, will they?

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