Pocket Monsters

Red and his faithful companions, Pikachu and Clefairy are cheerfully continuing their journey. However Clefairy stops, Red and Pika turn to Clefairy and ask him what is wrong. It seems Clefairy is somewhat hungry. Right after telling Red that it is hungry, Clefairy suddenly smells a scent and looks to see a Teddiursa cheerfully eating a burger.

Clefairy quickly runs away from Red and towards the Teddiursa. It gets up to the Teddiursa, snatches it's burger and eats it. Red and Pika catch up and start scolding Clefairy while Teddiursa starts getting teary-eyed and starts crying.

It yells out for it's mother saying how Clefairy has just stolen it's burger. An Ursaring comes running towards Red & Clefairy saying how it'll help out and get the Clefairy back. Clefairy looks scared watching while Ursaring gets closer and closer with an angry look and BANG. Ursaring uses a Mega Punch on Clefairy and sends it flying away

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