In a big bustling Metropolis, A Giant Meowth has arrived and it is stomping through the city. It's charm glows and it fires a beam at the town which causes an explosion. It is terrorising the town.

However, two Fighter Planes are on the way, One Piloted by Two Pichu and the other Piloted by a Marshtomp. They fly towards Meowth and fire lasers. They hit Meowth but seem to do nothing except Anger the Meowth. Meowth turns to the planes and charges it's Charm Beam and fires. It hits one of the AirCraft

Marshtomp's Fighter Plane starts coming crashing down towards the City. The Pichu both look worried while the Marshtomp yells out in fear. But suddenly it starts growing super size. It is the same size of Meowth and does a flying kick, knocking Meowth out

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