Blackthorn City

This Town Is Rather Simple, Several houses, Gym, Pokémon Center and a Shop.
There is a guy in the southern-most that will erase TM's or HM's from your Pokémon. Just talk to him and he will ask which move you want deleted. He can even erase HM's
Before battling Clair there will be a small puzzle where you have to push 3 Rocks into holes to make paths over the molten lava below. Not to mention trainers to fight. If you caught an Ice Pokémon Or have taught a Pokémon an Ice move, they will be needed here. Here's a map

Clair Dragonair
Lv. 37
Lv. 37
Lv. 37
Lv. 40
After defeating Clair, you won't get a badge. You will then have to go and surf to behind the gym to a place called the Dragon's Den.


Inside you must surf around. You may encounter a Dratini every once and awhile. You'll have to get passed a whirlpool, so bring along your Pokémon that has HM06 equipped. Once you find the lone Pokéball and pick it up, Clair will come along and give you the Rising Badge. Now all Pokémon will obey you and you'll be able to use Waterfall outside of battle. She'll also give you TM24, Dragonbreath.

Once you exit the Dragon's Den, Professor Elm will tell you he's got something for you. So go back to New Bark Town and talk to him.


After beating Clair, instead of going to find the Dragon Fang, you have to take the Master's Challenge. He asks you some questions on how you train your Pokémon. If you pass, then Clair will give you the badge. She doesn't give you the TM at first, after you leave the Master's temple she gives it to you. After you come back, the Master will give you a level 15 Dratini (if you did well it will know Extremespeed). Then Head Off To New Bark Town

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