The Third Chapter


Included Characters:
Emelia Christie
Meiko Okamato
Carlos Hernando
Dorothy Fisher
Frederick Hartfield
Nina O'Hara
Rita Partridge
Wallace Carroll

After evacuating from the cave, Tim & Pikachu return home and discover a broken Ampoule within Harry Goodman's belongings. With the help of the Detective Agency, they learn that it may have originated from the nearby laboratory, the PCL, and Tim & Pikachu leave to investigate and get more clues to solve Harry Goodman's disappearance.


Find The Ampoule

Getting into the PCL, Pikachu & Tim go on a tour of the facility, but decide they need to investigate room by room looking for the matching ampoule to try and find out what was in it.

Findable Clues:
Passcode Key
Apple Core
Passcode Codec
Paper Scraps
Liquids Test Results
Colour Mixing Chart
Culture Fluid
Red Berry
Blue Berry
Green Berry
Yellow Berry
Shuckle Juice
Grass Extract
Empty Ampoule

Place all the clues and hints by characters in the correct location in order to solve the mysteries.

Picture Name Goal
Case What's The Passcode? Exploring the in-facility library, find out what the special passcode is to get into the other part of the building.
Case A Successful Experiment? Find the right materials in order to successfully have Shuckle create a new concoction
Chase The Mysterious Black Shadow

Having found the ampoule, Tim & Pikachu return the next day to get some more answers. When there, the GNN news team of Emelia and Meiko arrive to do a piece on the PCL. However, soon afterwards, Trevenant's eye glows red and starts to attack, much like the Glalie in the cave. It's up to Tim & Pikachu to solve this mystery.

Findable Clues:
Ghost Report No. 1
Ghost Report No. 2
Ghost Report No. 3
Ghost Report No. 4
Ghost Report No. 5
Capture Device

Place all the clues and hints by characters in the correct location in order to solve the mysteries.

Picture Name Goal
Case Find the identify of the Mysterious Pokémon? Exploring the in-facility library and getting notes from everyone in the PCL, uncover the mystery of the Pokémon.
Case Catching Gengar? Find the right items in order to catch Gengar once and for all
Reveal The Real Culprit

After Gengar is caught, there is one final task to do. Find out who is behind causing it to make the attacks on the people and Pokémon in the city. To do this, a hidden room needs to be uncovered.

Findable Clues:
Research Log
Trevenant's Leftovers
Old Research Log
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