Victory Road

Eventually you'll make it to Victory Road. This is much easier than the one in Red and Blue since there are no trainers or puzzles to do, so just ride on through. But there are a lot of Pokémon in there that will give you grief if your Pokémon are not leveled high enough. Graveler, Onix, Rhyhorn, Golbat, and Ursaring or Dohphan are what you will find in here.

Just when you are about to exit Victory Road, Your Rival will suddenly appear and battle you:

Your Rival Sneasel
Lv. 34
Lv. 36
Lv. 35
Lv. 35
Lv. 35
  Stage 2 Starter Lv. 38

Once you are out just head up to the Indigo Plateau

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