Rock Tunnel

1st Floor
2nd Floor

The Rock Tunnel, like Mt. Moon, is huge on the inside. There are no items inside, only new Pokémon and trainers. For some reason you run into more monsters in here, usually averaging a fight every 8-10 steps if not less. Repel will help solve this problem, but shouldn't be used until after capturing the new Pokémon. If you haven't used the Flash ability, you'll notice that you can barely see the outlines of walls let alone trainers. There are 15 of them throughout the cave and they can be a challenge after fighting all of those wild Pokémon. Upon exiting the cave, you'll find 4 more trainers and another rock with an item hidden inside. Head south toward Lavender Town when you're ready

Pokémon Seen In This Area
Zubat Geodude Machop Onix
Common Common Uncommon Rare

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