The Power Plant

Map Of Power Plant

Perhaps you may not remember that stream running down Route 9? Well, now you can Surf down it to the Power Plant. Be sure to collect all of the items inside, some of them turn out to be Voltorb's evolved form Electrode! You'll encounter Zapdos when you reach the end of the Power Plant. Make sure you have plenty of Great and Ultra balls when you are ready to fight him. Most of all, be sure to save your game before fighting incase you accidentally kill him in the process. Remember, you only have one chance to catch any of the legendary birds, and don't use the Masterball on them!!! After this, you should head down Route 19 towards the Seafoam Islands.

Pokémon Seen In The Power Plant
Voltorb Magnemite Pikachu Magneton Electabuzz Raichu
Common Common Common Uncommon R: Rare B: Rare
Electrode Zapdos
Few Only 1

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