Pokémon Fire Red & Leaf Green, like Colosseum and Ruby/Sapphire have Battle Trainer E Cards. However these are a bit different. There are 4 types of card which do different things. All of this happens in the Trainer Tower, and obviously, the rules (such as Level) are the same. The first set of cards is coming out in Japan on April 15th 2004 with a total of 44 cards in the set

The First Set are 1 on 1 Cards which have 1 or 2 Pokémon to be battled in a 1 on 1 battle. There are 12 of these cards in the set.
The Second Set is 2 on 2 Battles where its a 2 on 2 battle where they have no reserves. There are 12 of these cards in the set.
The 3rd is the set where it has 3 trainers, 1 after another, each with 1 Pokémon. There are 12 of these cards in the set.
The Final type of card reorganizes the way the Trainer Tower is set out. There are 8 of these cards in the set.

To unlock these, you have to unlock Mystery Event which can be done in any PokéMart after getting the National Dex. Ypu have to go up to that piece of paper and type in the words 'Tomodachi Ippai Fushigi Tsushin', which means 'Many friends, mystery connection'

We'll bring a set list as soon as possible

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