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Written by our several excellent guide writers, we have guides for every single Pokémon episode that has aired in Japan or otherwise. If you do not like guides, you can get the basic episodal information on the right hand bar in each guide.

The Indigo League:

Join Ash Ketchum as he leaves his home town of Pallet in order to start his Pokémon Journey and to beat his rival Gary. When he gets his first Pokémon Pikachu he starts collecting more Pokémon; Bulbasaur, Squirtle, Butterfree, Pidgeotto, Charizard and many more. With the guidance of the Pewter Gym Leader Brock and Cerulean Gym Leader Misty, Ash gets all 8 badges with the help of his Pokémon friends and partakes in the Pokémon League, thwarted by Team Rocket at every turn. Meeting a new friend whilst Battling, Richie. Ash loses Richie and gets placed in the Top 16 on the Indigo League!

The Orange League:

After his loss in the Pokémon League, Ash, Brock and Misty head to the Orange Islands to run an errand for Professor get the GS Ball and bring it back. Brock decides to stay with Professor Ivy, the Professor who discovered the GS Ball. Ash & Misty then meet a guy called Tracey, A Pokémon Watcher. With Tracey's help Ash catches a Baby Lapras who helps ferry him around the islands. Ash partakes in the 4 Pokémon Gyms in the Orange Islands and ends up beating the Orange League Champion and getting a Trophy proving it. Ash then heads back to Pallet Town to give Professor Oak the GS Ball only to be met by Brock who had some unpleasent business on Valencia Island. Tracey decides to stay with Professor Oak to help research

The Johto League:

After losing to Gary Oak, Ash decides to head to Johto, the place where trainers are tougher, in order to beat him once and for all. Joined by his friends Misty & Brock he goes in search of new adventure and brand new Pokémon. When he gets his partners Bayleef, Cyndaquil, Totodile and Noctowl he goes and beats the 8 gyms of Johto whilst entering in multiple town fairs and contests. Ash then gets to the Johto League Silver Conference and battles his hardest. He beats Gary in a tough 6 on 6 battle but loses to a guy from Hoenn, Harrison and his Blaziken. Finishing in the Top 8, he then splits from Misty, who needs to take over the Cerulean Gym, and Brock, who has to go on an errand. He gets new incentive to battle harder as he sees Ho-oh fly to Hoenn so he leaves all his Pokémon except Pikachu at Professor Oaks and heads to Hoenn alone for a new adventure!

Advance Generation:

On his way to Hoenn, Pikachu becomes ill, which causes Ash to meet up with May, a new Pokémon Trainer who eventually decided to partake in Pokémon Contests. Soon joined by May's Brother, Max & a return from Brock, Ash & May travel around Hoenn in the hope of winning the 8 Badges & 5 Ribbons required to enter the Hoenn League & Grand Festival. May, with her partners of Combusken, Skitty, Beautifly, Bulbasaur & Munchlax, faces her first set of trials with multiple Pokémon contests and the Grand Festival eventually coming in the Top 8 of the Grand Festival. Ash, With his new Partners of Grovyle, Swellow, Torkoal, Corphish & Glalie, Ash faces one of the greatest challenges with his Gym Battles and his 4th Pokémon League Tournement, eventually coming in the top 8.

The Battle Frontier:

After their travels through Hoenn, Ash, May, Brock & Max decide to travel around the region of Kanto again after Ash receives an invitation from Scott to partake in the Battle Frontier Challenge. Leaving Glalie & Torkoal at Oaks and reuniting with his old Partner Phanpy, Ash is intent on defeating the 7 Frontier Brains and earning the symbols. May, with her partners Combusken, Munchlax, Squirtle & Eevee on the otherhand, still reeling from her loss in the Grand Festival of Hoenn, decides to partake in the Pokémon Contests in Kanto, again meeting with her rivals Harley & Drew. Will Ash defeat the Brains & Will May win the Kanto Grand Festival?


What originally was a once a year ocassion blew into dramatic proportions when the happenings in Pokémon outside of Ash's area were concerned...First it was Mewtwo with Ash in, then they all focused on other characters, like Brock, Misty, Tracey and Professor Oak aswell as 3 totally new People; Jimmy, Marina and Jackson and the Pichu Brothers. These specials are basically just alternate episodes


Every Year there is a Pokémon Movie. These movies tell the story of Legendary Pokémon and are sometimes mentioned in the TV Show. These movies tell gripping stories:
1. Mewtwo, a genetically created Pokémon by Team Rocket vows on Taking over the world so him and his Cloned Pokémon can live alone
2. Articuno, Zapdos & Moltres are disturbed by a Pokémon Collector and its up to Ash & Lugia to save the World and stop these feuding birds
3. When a girl, Molly, uses the Unown to conjure up an Entei, it kidnaps Ash's Mom. Its up to Ash to save his Mom, and stop Entei
4. When Celebi, and a boy Sammy Oak go forwards 40 years into the future (Present for Ash & co.), they find themselves under attack by a Team Rocket Member. It is up to Ash and Sammy to save Celebi and get Sammy and Celebi back to their own time
5. When 2 Team Rocket Elites steal the Soul Dew from a town called Altomare, It is up to Ash, Latios and Latias to get it back from them
6. When an event that happens every thousand years wakes up Jirachi, Ash and co. have to take protect it from a man called Butler and stop him from bringing Groudon for Team Magma!
7. When a meteorite crashes, the DNA Pokémon Deoxys is let loose, wanting to find it's travelling partner who is lost. However in doing so it causes problems and Ash & Co. wind up caught in the middle
8. It's time for the Aura Festival where people celebrate the end of a war many years ago by the Aura Guardian Aaron and his trusty Pokémon, Lucario. However in the process, Ash awakens Lucario & Pikachu gets kidnapped by a Mew
9. A Pokémon Ranger appears to protect Manafi & Kyogre from some evil do-ers

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