#718 Zygarde
6th Gen Dex Cardex Entry

| Wild |

Wild Zygarde

# -English Episode Name- -Jap. Episode Name- Pics
896 All Eyes on the Future! Double Battle at the Anistar Gym! Olympia's Future Sight!! Pics
S42 Pokémon Mega Evolution Special IV Strongest Mega Evolution ~Act IV~ Pics
897 TBC The Explosive Birth of Z! That Which Lies Hidden in Kalos!! Pics
898 TBC Hot-blooded Quilladin! Squishy is Being Targeted!! Pics
899 TBC Mega Audino VS Giga Giga Meowth!! Pics
900 TBC Litleo and Pyroar! A Fiery Departure!! Pics
901 TBC Pikachu Dreams of Squishy!! Pics

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