#300 Skitty
6th Gen Dex

Trainer's Pokémon

  Ruby's Skitty
Gender Nickname Ability
Female Kiki Cute Charm
Attacks Growl, Iron Tail
Ruby owned this Skitty since childhood, which given to him by his father, Norman. It evolved into a Delcatty in the Granite Cave.
# Chapter Notes
181 VS. Cacnea
182 VS. Mightyena
183 VS. Torchic
184 VS. Dustox
186 VS. Breloom
192 VS. Crawdaunt (Part 1)
193 VS. Crawdaunt (Part 2)
194 VS. Mawile
206 VS. Feebas Photo
211 VS. Slaking (Part 3) Flashback
252 VS. Kyogre & Groudon XIV Flashback
264 The Last Great Battle V

  Shauna's Skitty
Gender Nickname Ability
N/A Big Kit N/A
Attacks Fake Out
Shauna owns this Skitty which keeps her company and serves as her battling force.
# Chapter Notes
001 VS Kangaskhan
002 VS Mega Kangaskhan
006 VS Aegislash
007 VS Mega Lucario
008 VS Noibat
009 VS Sylveon
017 VS Flygon
018 VS Electrike Flashback
019 VS Tyrunt
020 VS Mega Manectric
022 VS Vivillon
023 VS Frogadier

Random Trainer's Pokémon

Female student from the Pokemon Trainer’s School
# Chapter Notes
530 VS Vullaby

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