Fallarbor Town
Hajitsuge Town ハジツゲタウン
East Exit: Route 113
West Exit: Route 114

Fallarbor Town is a small town located in the north of Hoenn. This town is damaged by the volcanic ash from Mt. Chimney but still provides some ammenities to discover.

Move Relearner
In the western part of the town is the Move Relearner. He will teach your Pokémon any move in their Level Up that they may have forgotten or not known. He does this at the cost of one Heart Scale per move

Pokémon Contest
In Pokémon Ruby & Sapphire, there is a Contest Hall which features the Super Rank of Pokémon Contests. These contests cannot be accessed until your Pokémon have achieved the Normal Rank located in Verdanturf Town.

Battle Tent
In Emerald there is a Battle Tent which shows the basics for the Battle Arena facility in the Battle Frontier. In this facility, you have to battle the Pokémon and your performance is judged based upon three turns including based on moves, remaining HP and accuracy. The winner is the Pokémon with the most points

Flyable to?: Yes
Fallarbor Town


TM27Gift from Prof. Cozmo


Great Ball600
Super Potion700
Parlyz Heal200
Escape Rope550
Super Repel500
X Special350
X Speed350
X Attack500
X Defend550
Dire Hit650
Guard Spec.700
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