Miiverse Functionality

Miiverse is one of the latest features that Nintendo introduced to their hardware, and is a social network exclusive to all players of Wii U or Nintendo 3DS. Originating on the Wii U at launch in 2012, Miiverse came to the 3DS in late 2013. Despite 3DS games having access to it and posts being allowed to be made for 3DS games, no Nintendo 3DS game had built in Miiverse functionality. That is until Pokémon Art Academy.

Pokémon Art Academy is the first 3DS game to have built in features for Miiverse, and does so by allowing for easy sharing of images that you have created in the game. When you select the option and it connects, you have three choices:
Post to Community: This feature will allow you to post to the community directly
Post to Contest: If a contest is running, you can post your entry here
Go to Miiverse: Loads up the Miiverse community. This can also be done via the Home Screen of the console.

Miiverse Posting

The process of posting to Miiverse is quite simple. If you're not sharing your own completed artwork, you can connect the normal way and post a screenshot of the game, but if posting your artwork, there are a few changes.

When posting to the community, you will get given the standard textbox with a Pokémon background. Here, you can type in your comment, and attach the emoticon. On the top screen, you will see a 320x240 version of your artwork. When the post is complete, you'll have the option to go view it on Miiverse, or to exit out. When uploaded to Miiverse, the image is 640x480.


Contests are another feature of Miiverse integration. While you post the image to Miiverse , you will also have it flagged as a specific entry for the contest. These contests are run by The Pokémon Company and are only for a limited time.

Pokémon Art Academy x Pokémon Get☆TV

Location: Japan
Duration: June 19th 2014 to July 31st 2014


The first contest is a tie-in between the game and the Japanese variety show, Pokémon Get☆TV. In it, you have to draw pictures of Pikachu or Diancie, and submit them. The winners of the contest will have their art showcased in the episode that aired on August 17th 2014. In addition to that, winning entries will be printed and displayed at the Ueno Royal Museum Gallery in Tokyo in a special Pokémon Art Academy exhibit from August 21st 2014 to September 3rd 2014

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