Trevor (Jp. Name: Trova トロバ )

Hometown: Vaniville Town, Kalos
First Appearence In Episode: Summer of Discovery!


Trevor is a new trainer that Ash & Co. encountered in the Pokémon Summer Camp. Trevor, is a rather sedate character who doesn't care too much for battling but rather focuses on the Pokémon themselves, often taking photographs of them. Trevor is also impressed by technology such as Clemont's Aipom Arm

Pokémon on Team

Pokémon Picture Details

When Ash & co, met Trevor on their way to Anistar City, his Charmander had evolved into Charmeleon. Continuing to be Trevor's partner Pokémon, it was continually seen out of its PokéBall. During a battle with Ash's Fletchinder, it showed some of its battle strengths using moves such as Dragon Claw and Fire Spin. However, it ended up losing in battle to the Fletchinder.

Evolved prior to Episode: A Legendary Photo Op!

Pokémon on Team

Pokémon Picture Details

Charmander was the Pokémon that Trevor chose from Professor Sycamore. Unlike Trevor, Charmander is very energetic and likes to play chase with other Pokémon. Its battle strengths are unknown, but it was used in a first-to-touch battle against Clemont's Chespin. It later evolved into Charmeleon

Obtained Prior to Episode: Summer of Discovery!

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