Super-Secret Bases

Following on from the original games, Pokémon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire feature Secret Bases. However, these have been fully upgraded and integrated into the Nintendo 3DS hardware and software, and are now called Super-Secret Bases

To create a Secret Base, you need to have a Pokémon knowing the move, Secret Power, and take it to one of many places in the Hoenn region. These are all indicated by a small rectangular block on walls or trees. When used, the Secret Base is open and you can then go into it.

This game has a great number of Secret Base locations across the region, each with different shapes and sizes. In addition to that, three special areas are located in the game, needing Dive to get to initially, that have a lot of Secret Bases within them. You can also check on Secret Bases using the AreaNav.

Sharing your Base

One of the core aspects of Secret Bases is the ability to share your Secret Base with other players. While in the originals, this was done simply by mixing records, in Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire, there are two different ways to do this.

StreetPass: The first is using the 3DS's StreetPass feature. When you have this feature activated, whenever you locally pass another Omega Ruby or Alpha Sapphire player, it will download the data into your game. It's as simple as that
QR Code: The second method is to allow for you to share your Secret Base with people around the world. At the PC, you can create a special QR Code for your Secret Base, which is then saved onto your SD card for you to upload. When people scan the QR Code using the Nintendo 3DS camera, they will gain access to your Secret Base

You can also gain the QR Code by accessing the special page on the Pokémon Global Link after you have done the Game Sync. This allows for sharing of the QR Code as well as the checking of teams and locations. You can set privacy settings so friends can see it and scan.

Decorating your Base

A mainstay of the Secret Bases remaining from Ruby & Sapphire is ther ability to completely decorate your base. This is done with a variety of items that you obtain throughout the game, such as as a special gift or through purchasing at stores in the game.

This helps you to completely personalise the space, based upon your own likes and dislikes.

Click here for a list of decorations

Secret Pals

When you go to other people's Secret Bases, you will meet a representation of their player. There, you can interact with these players and invite them to return to your base, to help build up a special amount of Pals. Each Secret Pal has got a variety of features that are available when you speak to them, but they can only do them once a day.

Battling: The main feature is to battle the other players. The team they use is based on the team the person had when they created the QR Code for their base, or StreetPassed their base to you. The once a day counter is separate to the Special Skills.

Special Skills
Massages: One of the special skills is the ability to have your Pokémon massaged
Egg Nurturing: One of the special skills is the ability to make Eggs hatch quicker
Do Some Training: Some Secret Pals will raise your Pokémon's level
Do Some Exercise: Boosts your Pokémon's Effort Values in a selected stat.
Decorations: You can receive various decorations from your Secret Pals
Gatheer Berries: You can receive ask your Secret Pals to clean up the base, where they find rare items: Cheri Berry, Chesto Berry, Pecha Berry, Rawst Berry, Aspear Berry, Leppa Berry, Persim Berry, Lum Berry, Sitrus Berry, Liechi Berry, Ganlon Berry, Salac Berry, Petaya Berry, Apicot Berry, Kee Berry, Maranga Berr
Picking Up: You can receive ask your Secret Pals to clean up the base, where they find rare items: Elixir, Escape Rope, Full Restore, Heart Scale, Master Ball, Max Revive, PP Max, PP Up, Rare Candy, Revive, Ultra Ball
Pick up Stones: You can receive ask your Secret Pals to clean up the base, where they find rare items: Dawn Stone, Dusk Stone, Everstone, Fire Stone, Leaf Stone, Moon Stone, Shiny Stone, Sun Stone, Thunder Stone, Water Stone
Search for Treasure: You can receive ask your Secret Pals to search for treasure, where they find rare items: Big Nugget, Big Pearl, Comet Shar, Float Stone, Nugget, Pearl, Pearl String, Rare Bone
Tell your fortune: Gives you a MAX O-Power at random.

Capture the Flag

Another feature of the Secret Bases, and one that stems more from Diamond & Pearl, is the Capture the Flag option. Once a day, you can go by the Secret PC in each Secret Base and collect the flags. The more flags you collect, the higher your Secret Base Rank is. This then affects the strength of the special features your Secret Pals provide, such as levelling up, or the amount of happiness

If you have a friend as a Secret Pal and they have you as a Secret Pal, then when you talk to them after StreetPassing them, you will be able to receive a large amount of flags.

Rank Flags Requires Special Features Gift
Bronze Rank30 FlagsSecret Pals have an extra Special Skill
More Decorations in Fortree Decoration Store
Silver Rank100 FlagsSecret Pals have a third Special Skill
More Decorations in Fortree Decoration Store
Gold Rank500 FlagsSecret Pals have a fourth Special Skill
Photo of your Secret Base Team taken and saved on SD card
Mood Lighting
Platinum Rank1000 FlagsSecret Pals can use skills twice a dayConfetti Ball

Another feature included is the ability to set Battle Rules. This allows for you to turn your Secret Base into a small pesudo-Gym with yourself as the Gym Leader. When your base is sent to other people, via QR Code or by passing by, your team is sent with it and as such, people can battle you once a day, and you can battle other players. In addition to that, their Secret Pals can also be battled.

Using the Level Release item, you can remove any restrictions to Pokémon levels, and using the Proclamation, you can set what type of battle you want: Single, Double, Triple, Rotation or Inverse. You have to place these decorations in your base in order to do this

With the Secret Pals you have in your base, when you battle people's Secret Pals in their base, they have a special team based upon their Trainer Class. Level and moves are based upon the original trainer's Pokémon levels and so are variable. The Pokémon are as follows

Trainer ClassPokémonTrainer ClassPokémon
Ace Trainer ShroomishWailmerSlugma Ace Trainer ShroomishWailmerSlugma
Black Belt MachopWailmerSlugma Battle Girl MachopWailmerSlugma
Camper WurmplePlusleWailmer Picnicker WurmpleMinunWailmer
Expert MachopWailmerSlugma Expert MachopWailmerSlugma
Guitarist VoltorbPichuMagnemite Hex Maniac ShuppetDuskullSableye
Hiker GeodudeAronNosepass Lady ZigzagoonSkittyElectrike
Ninja Boy GulpinKoffingGrimer Lass OddishGoldeenSwablu
Pokémon Breeder IgglybuffBudewAzurill Pokémon Breeder IgglybuffBudewAzurill
Poké Fan BudewIgglybuffPichu Poké Fan BudewIgglybuffPichu
Poké Maniac AronLileepAnorith Aroma Lady BudewShroomishOddish
Pokémon Ranger SeedotElectrikeTaillow Pokémon Ranger LotadElectrikeTaillow
Rich Boy ZigzagoonSkittyElectrike Beauty WhismurSkittySpinda
Schoolkid RaltsMagnemiteVolbeat Schoolkid RaltsMagnemiteIllumise
Street Thug PoochyenaCanceaCarvanha Delinquent PoochyenaCanceaCarvanha
Swimmer IgglybuffBudewAzurill Fairy Tale Girl AzurillRaltsSkitty
Special Secret Bases

From time to time, The Pokémon Company and Nintendo will distribute a variety of QR Codes for special people in the franchise. If you scan these codes, it unlocks a special Secret Base which is not in any of the usual locations.

In Mossdeep City, there is an oldman who stands by his door in his house hoping for a special Secret Base to appear. If you scan a special QR Code, the new Secret Base will appear on the other side of the door. Everything else about these bases is conventional, with the ability to battle all the characters within and to take their flag to add to your flag count.

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