Welcome to the Serebii.net Animédex. This section is an encyclopedic representation of each Pokémon's appearances in the animé. Click the Pokémon names to go to their page:

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Each Pokémon has their appearances seperated between all the trainers that own it, as well as it'd wild appearances and cameo appearances. Each category has its own picture of a specific Pokémon from there. However, due to the cameo-istic nature of the Other Trainers & Wild categories, the pictures for some Pokémon will just be reuses of other pictures. Once in the listings, it will list every episode that that Pokémon has been in, with the ability for you to click to the episode guides and pictures where possible. Pokémon are also listed as wild if it's not obvious they're with a trainer or if they have a random appeaance in a fantasy or other outside-reality appearance.

This Animédex will be constantly updated whenever a new episode is aired in Japan so we'll try to never miss an appearance.