Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is the Nintendo Switch Super Smash Bros. title. This game combines many elements and all characters from previous Super Smash Bros. games including all the playable Pokémon and most of the Pokémon stages.

Pokémon wise, there are a total of 8 characters, with Charizard returning into the Pokémon Trainer character. There are also 56 Pokémon available in the Poké Balls.

There's a total of 103 stages available in the game, including 7 Pokémon related stages, all returning from previous Super Smash Bros. games.

There's a new story mode called World of Light where you play through a story of a mysterious creature destroying all characters in the universe. By collecting various Spirits, you can boost your strength and get added effects. There are over 150 different Pokémon spirits spanning all 7 generations of Pokémon.