Pokémon Adventures & Special - Red Green & Blue Saga

The First Chapter: Red Green Blue

In the Pokemon world, humans live in harmony with mysterious creatures known as Pokemon who possess magical powers. In Pallet Town, a young Pokemon trainer named Red set out on a journey of self improvement after realizing his shortcomings in an encounter with the enigmatic Pokemon, Mew. He found himself a rival in Green, grandson of the renowned Prof. Oak, who was an arrogant lad that always seemed to be slightly ahead of him. He also met Blue, a thief girl shrouded in mysteries, who often got him in trouble with her mischief.

As Red travelled the lands of Kanto, he soon discovered that an organization named Team Rocket was behind evil schemes and operations that exploited Pokemon and caused them suffering. To protect his homeland from being overrun by criminals, Red must strive to make himself a stronger Pokemon trainer...

# Chapter Picture
001 VS. Mew
002 VS. Machoke
003 VS. Kangaskahn
004 VS. Pikachu
005 VS. Onix
006 VS. Gyarados
007 VS. Rhydon
008 VS. Starmie
009 VS. Fearow
010 VS. Voltorb
011 VS. Electabuzz
012 VS. Snorlax
013 VS. Psyduck
014 VS. Arbok
015 VS. Wartortle
016 VS. Tauros
017 VS. Jynx
018 VS. Ninetales
019 VS. Eevee
020 VS. Vileplume
021 VS. Nidoking
022 VS. Victreebel
023 VS. Magmar
024 VS. Dragonite
025 VS. Articuno
026 VS. Moltres
027 VS. Kadabra
028 VS. Mr. Mime
029 VS. Golbat
030 VS. Zapdos
031 VS. Articuno
032 VS. Kadabra
033 VS. Legendary Birds
034 VS. Mewtwo (Part 1)
035 VS. Mewtwo (Part 2)
036 VS. Dratini
037 VS. Golem
038 VS. Nidoqueen
039 VS. Spearow
040 VS. Charizard
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