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-History of Pokemon-
In the Pokemon world as we know, there is a count of over 350, spanning many regions across. But the series revolves around one particular trainer: Ash Ketchum. Ash has traveled over three regions and working on his fourth in Houen to claim the title of Pokemon Master. In the past he has done tremendous feats that probably no other would accomplish, but in the end he's always the energetic trainer reaching for that goal.

But now it's a new chapter in Ash's adventure, as a comet approaches the world from the abyss of space.

Along an ice shelf near Hoenn, it's the time of year when the Spheals, Sealeoes, and Walrein gather. Professor Lund and his team are out studying them. Lund looks at the gathering with some binoculars, his assistant Yuko wonders where Lund's son Tory is. Getting the binoculars she sees that Tory is out and about to see the Pokemon up close. Tory comes across a Spheal, pets it and plays around with it before the Spheal slips and rolls off a shallow hill. When Tory gets up he sees an aurora spread across the sky. Lund and Yuko also see the aurora and its a beautiful sight. A good change from all the research they've been doing.

Suddenly though, a meteor breaks through the aurora's and lands a bit too close to the gathering. The shaking of the impact throws Tory off balance and into the mess of Pokemon. Scared by the sudden event, the Spheals, Sealeoes, and Walreins start a massive stampede to the water. Tory is pushed around in the excitement and finds cover behind a rock, but when he looks back he sees all the "angry" faces of the Walrein and becomes scared of them.

Back at the research site, Lund sees that the dust has cleared from the impact. From out of the snow and dust, Deoxys breaks free from the debris. A purple beam comes out of its head, and begins scanning the snow like a searchlight. A greenlight shines dimly under the snow when the beam passes, Deoxys wipes the area clean with a swift energy gust. Lying there is a green gem embedded in a rock. Deoxys picks it up and sends a purple energy ball upwards where it explodes into a purple aurora.

Nearby Rayquaza is not very pleased with Deoxys' presence and strikes down the crater with Thunder. Threatened by this Deoxys takes this as a challenge. Dropping the gem, Deoxys flies up to confront Rayquaza where it shifts to attack mode. Deoxys charges up an energy sphere and launches it at Rayquaza hitting the dragon directly. But Rayquaza easily recovers and fires a Hyper Beam at Deoxys, blowing off and arm and some of its body. Deoxys easily regenerates the lost limb! Lund is amazed that Deoxys can perform Recover. The two exchange attacks while Lund and Yuko find Tory scared at the bottom of the shelf. They take him back to the camp where it's safe, for a time. The enusing battle between Deoxys and Rayquaza has wandered just above the research camp where both make chaos of the tents and equipment. At one point, Deoxys is successful in knocking Rayquaza in a tent. Trapped for a while, Rayquaza struggles with the tent and sparking wires of the equipment. Deoxys looks down at Rayquaza, but for some reason can't see it. This buys Rayquaza time and gets free. As the battle goes on, Rayquaza's Hyper Beam misses Deoxys, and the stray beam hits the science team's only ride out, a large boat. Without transportation, all Lund, Yuko, and Tory can do is find cover and wait.

The two fight on towards the waters. Deoxys is successful in knocking down Rayquaza again, this time into the water. For a while nothing happens while Deoxys makes sure that Rayquaza is down. Something glows from underneath though, and suddenly Rayquaza jumps from the water with a Hyper Beam ready and waiting. Rayquaza gets its head at the same level as Deoxys and unleashes the attack, litterally disentigrating the alien. A purple gem is all that's left though of Deoxys as it falls in to the water. Satisfied with its victory, Rayquaza flies off.

The next morning a rescue chopper gets Lund, Yuko, and Tory out, as well as the mysterious green gem.

~Four years later~

á La Rousse City, the base of Lund's research and a city of high grade technology. Tory is scene at an indoor park, calling out for someone. Lund on the other hand is experimenting with the gem. They figured out that it reacts with a large amount of energy, and they can never get it past a certain amount, but the gem reacts to the energy. Once more they try the experiment, but today is just like the rest, their power fails at a certain point. But the gem glows strangely with the energy given.

Meanwhile Ash and his friends, Brock, May, and Max are traveling to La Rousse City by monorail. La Rousse city was built on an island in the middle of a lake, supplemented by many wind power plants for not only a high tech city, but a squeaky clean one. Two road and two monorail bridges are about the only access, with the exception of boat. Not too close by are Team Rocket, trying to sneak their way in through the Magikarp Sub. They crash it in a rock and escape before it sank.

At a nearby outdoor park, a trainer jogs with his Poochyena. He stops at a trash can where it scans his empty bottle and opens up. The trainer tosses it in and jogs off. A Plusle and Minun see this at work and finds the trash can interesting. The Plusle first jumps on top of it where it opened up and the Minun hops over the scanner. The trash can then opens up, sending the Plusle in the air. The Plusle finds this fun and the Minun does it again and again until they tip the trash can over. With their fun suddenly ended, the two just go on with their business. Munchlax stands idlely nearby and goes to the trashcan. He picks it up and goes to a bottle that went some ways. He stops at it and then kicks it to the trash can. The trash can scans it and opens up but the bottle just barely misses the opening. Munchlax just calmly walks off, then after a few steps hangs his head in defeat.

Ash and co. finally arrive at the La Rousse City station and get off. A block looking robot comes out wtih a smiley face and greets them with a few other blocks that display "Welcome!" May is surprised at all this and compliments the nice service but suddenly "Blocky" (as its refered too) aims a camera right in front of her which surprises her in a bad way and takes a picture. Then it goes to Max, Ash, and Brock taking their pictures with all smiles. At a central security station, the workers process the pictures into "Passports". Blocky hands out the passports to the gang with the same pictures it took, May getting stuck with her surprised face. As they walk out, Ash wonders where the Battle Tower is. Ash goes a little too far and finds himself on an automated moving sidewalk. He begins try to run in the opposite direction but a few people pass him by saying "That's the wrong way" and "Stop that."

One of the people, who's a trainer releases a Blaziken to help Ash get on the right track. They stop in front of the station where Brock, May, and Max wait. By the looks of things, the one with the Blaziken is Rafe (He looks like an Elite Trainer), and his twin sisters, Audrey and Cathrine who carry a Surskit and Masquerain. A young woman with glasses and a laptop is also near the crowd. Brock suddenly falls for her but Max pulls him away, as usual. She goes by the name of Rebecca and she has a Metagross. And the last person with them is a slightly chubby fellow by the name of Sid, who falls for May, although May isn't too happy about it. Sid is the proud trainer of a Blastoise. Ash asks them if they're going to the Battle Tower, all of them are in fact. Rafe, Sid, and Rebecca plan on participating and so Ash and co. hop on the same moving sidewalk.

Jesse, James, and Meowth walk along a path on the park, hugnry as usual. They see a boy using his passport at an automated vendor to get a snack. Excited by this, the Rockets go up to it and ask for a snack but the vending machine asks for a passport. Since they don't have one Jesse and Meowth get a little frustrated. The machine tells them to stop or securty wil come. Then a Blocky comes by, Jesse thinks can't do anything and rubs her butt in its face until it fries her with eletricity, then the three just run off.

Ash and co arrive at the Battle Tower lobby (which is more like a mall), Ash seperates to find the registration while the others go to the stands. On the floor highest the escalators go, Ash notices that a registry isn't near, the floor is just a library. Tory walks out of the library and Ash rushes up to him to ask where the registration is but Tory is suddenly frightened and runs off to a nearby elevator (he uses a passport like the one Blocky gave Ash to open it). Ash chases him and tries to ask again but Tory is just too scared. When the elevator stops, Tory suddenly gets out as well as Ash but a staff member stops them to ask if they're here for the next battle. With Ash saying "Yes", both him and Tory are pushed into another moving sidewalk that scans their passports and onto another elevator. The elevator starts going up and suddenly Ash and Tory are on one side of a large battle arena. Brock, May, Max, and the twins are sitting in the bleachers while a referree flies around in a platform to announce the appearance of Ash and Tory. On the other side is Rafe and Sid, ready to fight. Sid sees May in the stands and yells out to her. The battle is simply a one round tag team match where team work is essential.

Rafe and Sid start off by sending out Blaziken and Blastoise. Ash chooses Pikachu and waits for Tory, who seems rather nervous. Ash asks him if he has any Pokemon but Tory doesn't. Lund happens to notice Tory in the match from a broadcast at his lab and seems rather amazed. Meanwhile Rebecca is trying to get in, but the door to the corridor closes on her, it looks like she'll have to sit this one out.

On the brink of an immediate forfeit, Ash lets Tory borrow a PokeBall and tells him to just use it. Tory tosses it and Torkoal comes out, puffing smoke and inevitably choking Pikachu. Rafe has Blaziken make the first move, Blaze Kick. Pikachu dodges the attack but Blastoise backs Blaziken up with Hydro Pump. Blastoise then goes for a Rapid Spin, aiming at Torkoal. Seeing the fast apporaching Blastoise suddenly reminds Tory of the stampeding Pokemon four years ago and becomes frightened. Torkoal gets hit, then Pikachu with a Skull Bash from Blastoise and then Torkoal falls on Pikachu from Blastoise's Bubble attack. It appears there's not much team work going around between Ash and Tory. Fed up with Tory stalling, Ash assumes command of Torkoal and tells it to do a Flamethrower, but Pikachu's tail is in the line of fire. Using this to their advantage, Rafe tells Blaziken to use Overheat and that wipes out Ash and Tory's team. With the match over, the elevator on Ash's side goes down while the crowd cheers for Rafe and Sid.

Once Ash and Tory get down to the bottom, they find themselves at the mall area. Tory just runs out but Lund and Yuko are there. Lund is surprised that Tory was willing to participate in a Pokemon Battle. Tory insists that he didn't want to, he was forced to. Ash tries to cheer him up but once more Tory runs off scared. Brock, May, and Max were watching this from the next floor, wondering what's with Tory.

Yuko invites Ash and co. for a drink. Yuko explains that Tory's afraid of Pokemon because he was in the middle of a stampede. Tory can tolerate it if a Pokemon doesn't pay attention to him, but if they notice him or make any movements toward him he gets scared easily and runs off. Yuko wishes that he would stop being afraid, that's when Ash stands up and says that he'll help, as well as May, Max, and Brock.

Back at the ice shelf, a strange purple glow appears beneath the ice. Deoxys breaks free of the ice, looking for its green gem. Seeing it's not around, it begins to fly off...

Tory is walking down a path and sits down on a railing moping over what happened. A Plusle comes up to him suddenly give him quite a stir. The Plusle points over to a trash can with a worried face, Tory happens to see that Minun is stuck! Tory decides to help the poor Minun and gets a stick to force the trash can open. After he frees the Minun, Minun jumps onto Tory, but Tory gets out of the way. Ash finds Tory there and catches up to him. He thinks that Tory is "cured" of his problem since he's near the Plusle and Minun, but Tory runs off. Ash chases after him.

Munchlax comes by again to the trash can, picking it up as well as a bottle. Then Munchlax stops, drops the bottle, and kicks it to the trash can. The bottle goes in and Munchlax calmly walks away, a few steps later he makes a happy face.

Tory is in the indoor park talking to a green wisp. He talks about his day, about how he helped Minun and was in a battle (and he's hapyp about it). Once more Ash tries to get Tory over his fear of Pokemon. Pikachu holds out his hand and Tory tries to grab it but he just can't and backs off.

Deoxys lands on a pole of a very high building, releasing a purple sphere that soon explodes into the bright purple aurora. May and Max see it, but Max is a little skeptical.

They both walk along a pier where a bunch of Wingull are perched on a scafolding. They scare the Wingull away which scares Tory. Ash gets frustrated and takes a bit of anger out on Tory. Brock, May, and Max arrive on the scene to stop Ash. Ash apologizes and Brock suggests to Ash maybe they should have lunch with their Pokemon. On their way they get stopped by a Blocky who asks for a passport. Tory gives Blocky his and then it goes on its way. Tory explains that "Blocky" is part of a very extensive security system developed by Lund.

Brock soon whips up a cheese fondue. After Brock tastes it, everyone but Tory starts to dig in. Ash insists on Tory having a piece so Tory tries it out. Soon afterward Plusle and Minun reach approach the area and Pikachu offers them his lunch. Soon Zigzagoons and a Shroomish come out. Brock offers them some food and says to Tory that Pokemon aren't so bad. They try to get Tory to get over his fear, but it's interrupted when they find Munchlax eating their fondue! They decide to just call it a day.

It's now night out, Ash and co. at the hotel of the Pokemon Center. He finds Rafe who teases him about the battle that they had a while ago. Ash says that it wasn't a real match. Before the two could go on further, Tory comes in with a box. He opens it up and there are Pokemon shaped cookies inside. The other trainers come by and everyone decides to have a little party. Deoxys once more makes an Aurora which seems to make the night a little more magical. Rebecca finds this weird and decides to study it with her laptop. The others release their Pokemon and they all play on a playground. Some of them go on a slide, some play around with the playground cubes (the squares that are hollowed out). Ash takes Tory out to play as well, going on a swing first then swinging the rope for the Pokemon to jump. Tory is having a good time. Beside them is a table full of sandwiches. Team Rocket sees this and tries to sneak up on it, but something else is there! Munchlax is already snagging up the sandwiches and soon jumps on top of Jesse and runs away. Later that night Ash finds Tory sitting by a canal nearby the playground. He tries to cheer him up some more and once more tries to get Tory to overcome his Pokemon fear by petting Pikachu. Just before Tory can, Corphish jumps in and practically scares the living daylights out of Tory. Ash jumps in to calm Tory down, then scolds Corphish, who apparently has no idea what's going on.

Up in the sky Rayquaza flies high to search for its target... Deoxys.

The next day Tory decides to take Ash and co, as well as Rafe, Audrey, Catherine, and Sid, to the aboretoreum to show them something. When they arrive, Tory calls out and a green wisp appears from a pond and flies around him, thn it flies around the group. Seeing this everyone releases their Pokemon, including Rebecca, who releases her Metagross. Rebecca records the wisp as it moves around, reacting by stretching and thinning, changing its shape differently. When it goes up to Ash and Pikachu it seems to grow big as if it senses something between them.

Deoxys starts exploring around. It lands at a plaza, scoping out the place with a purple beam. The beam starts to mess with the electricity. In one case it spots a group of Seel and Dewgong on the shore and simply blasts them away into the water. Deoxys trails his beam across various areas of La Rousse, the moving sidewalks starts speeding up before it shuts down. Rayquaza has its sights on La Rousse and homes in. The security HQ spots it on radar and calls Lund. They wonder why Rayquaza is here, but then one of the cameras of the city catches something. Yuko rewinds the footage and then stops it when the thing is in view. After a image intensifier, the find out it's Deoxys. Lund and Yuko know that Rayquaza is after Deoxys, and things are going to look ugly. Lund orders Oficer Jenny, the head of security, to call a full evacuation of the city.

Every monorail and boat gets packed full heading off to cities across the shores. Lund realizes that Tory might be in danger so he goes out and tries to find him. Lund however gets caught in the traffic of people evacuating. Blocks start going out to make a large bridge to the other side, complete with a moving sidewalk. Lund gets pushed back as far as the bridge and the snakes his way to the edge where he jumps off. Officer Jenny waits by on a boat and picks him up to evacuate. Deoxys senses that Rayquaza is coming and it goes into defense mode, creating a giant barrier around the city. This barrier stops even the wind, causing La Rousse City's main power to die out, forcing almost all automated systems (including the Block security force) to shut down. When Rayquaza tries to fire a Hyper Beam, it briefly reveals the barrier to everyone. Rayquaza tries to see if there's a way through the barrier, but there's nothing it can do.

As Deoxys still flies by, it stops on a lightpost, but there happens to be people still here! Deoxys creates shadow clones of itself and sends them off. The shadows start to pick up the people, including a stray Jesse, James and Meowth. They start carrying the people some place on the island...

Back at the indoor park, the group tries to leave but the panel is off. The door will only open if the panel can read a passport. They're trapped in the park! Lund finds out that many people didn't get a passport check, and that includes his son Tory. He starts to get a little worried since he has doubts about his son's fear passing over.

Sid and his Blastoise try to pry the doors open. After they get it open enough, Deoxys appears on a frame of the glass indoor park. Seeing them, it splits up and begins sending shadows to them. The group tries to run back in but one of the shadows grabs Sid and his Blastoise! Rafe sends out his Blaziken and attacks the clones, easily varporizing them, but it was too late for Sid. But now their only way out is through them! Tory says that there's a door in the back that they can use, so Ash and Rafe stay at the door to use it as a bottle neck while the rest get the door open. Rebecca bypasses the lock and opens up the door, Brock warns Ash and Rafe and they start to run. The shadows flood the indoor park. Ash barely makes it through the door, as well as a shadow. It grabs onto Ash, Ash tells Pikachu to use Thunderbolt and Pikachu does, the shadow releases. The group walks out and finds themselves under some good cover.

Yuko finds the group right at the exit. Yuko says that the observatory is safe for now. That night the shadow Deoxys continue their hunt, this time they go after regular Pokemon. The Plusle and Minun are running away from them as well and they find a low hidden path, seeking cover there. They bump into Munchlax, but they go into a nearby drain. Munchlax just follows them.

The group takes shelter in the observatory, a circular dome with computer consoles. Yuko explains the situation to Ash and co. as well as the trainers. However, they have a problem. First its the supplies. Because there's no power, food and water can't be accessed. The other is finding out where the shadow Deoxys is taking the people. Ash, Brock, Tory, Rebecca, and Rafe agree to go. Before they go out though, something starts to rattle. They find out its a vent cover, Ash and Rafe go up to see what might pop out. After the vent shutter opens, Plusle and Minun appear! Then Munchlax who gets stuck in the opening. Max, Audrey and Catherine help pull Munchlax out. Max and the twins find out Munchlax has stolen their sandwiches when Munchlax pulled them out. They watch Munchlax eat and their stomachs grumble. Munchlax offers them a last one, but when they see him scratch and all this dirt and dust come off, they decline. They decide to split up, Ash, Brock, and Tory on one team, Rebecca and Rafe on the other. Ash's group decides to find supplies while Rebecca's team goes out to find where Deoxys is taking the people.

Ash and co. find a busted hotdog vendor, but the powers out and the passport won't work. Pikachu gives it a jolt and it soon starts shooting out hotdog treats. But the shadows find them and they run for it. When the shadows pass over the area, one grabs the hotdog vendor (it's sparking) and flies off. One of them grabs Ash, Pikachu zaps it, then another grabs Pikachu but another Pokemon gets it. It's Plusle and Minun! But as they run off, Minun gets captured and taken away. Tory is shocked from this event, but Ash gets him so they can go on. They hide out in a warehouse, waiting for a group of following shadows to pass. Tory starts to become sad because he couldn't help Minun. Ash cheers him up, as well as Plusle who is saddened by the loss of its friend. Brock finds out that there's some water here, so it looks like their hunt for supplies is over.

Rebecca and Rafe find their target as well, the building Deoxys is taking the people and Pokemon. One of the shadows drops the hotdog vendor as it stops sparking. With their mission accomplished, they head back. After a while, everyone but Yuko and Rebecca sleep. Rebecca is showing the various things she caught on her laptop camera about Deoxys and Tory's "friend", the green wisp. Suddenly Audrey's Surskit wakes up, noticies something, and walks over everyone else to get them awake. When they all wake up, everyone hears a noise coming from above. They see the vent cover on top is being hit! The shadows are making their way into the observatory. Yuko shows them a back way to saftey, and everyone runs in. Munchlax on the other hand tries to grab a bite or two before Max tells him to come on. By the time the shadows break through, they see nothing but an empty building. But Yuko has lead them to the laboratory where they experimented on the green gem. Yuko explains that it was found with Deoxys, and it probably has some connection to it.

Then Rebecca discovers something. When she studied the aurora, it showed a specific energy pattern. But then she took a look at the green wisp, that too showed the same exact pattern. The wisp and Deoxys must have a connection. Then when Rebecca showed Yuko the video of a shadow dropping the hotdog vendor, Yuko pieced it together. Deoxys has a reaction to electricity, possibly a reaction or an attraction. But she tells them that the gem reacts when they fired the laser beams on it. Perhaps the green wisp has a connection to the green gem. Perhaps the gem is something of Deoxys itself! Or maybe another one! But they'll need to fire the laser beams to find out for sure. The power is out though, however they have a plan brewing to restore the power to the city.

The next day, Ash, Tory, Rafe, and Plusle set off to rescue the people. The rest will be going to the wind power plants. Ash's group takes the open road though, leaving them open to the shadow Deoxys. When they spot them and go after them, Ash and co. make a run for it. They can find cover in a subway but Rafe stays behind to draw the shadow's attention. Rafe says that even if he loses, he'll meet him over there. After Ash and Tory escape, Rafe has Blaziken stop attacking and the shadows carry him off. Meanwhile at the wind power plants, Brock has tied two of the generators with two ropes. When Ash rescues everyone, they just pull on the ropes to turn the generators while the other Pokemon find a way to turn the others, it'll supply power to the city.

The building with Deoxys' captives appears somewhat filled with people and Pokemon unharmed. Rafe is at the elevator entrance trying to fix the circuitry to open up the way. Ash finally makes it to the building, Rafe says that he needs power and Minun itself won't cut it. So Plusle, Pikachu, and Minun start shocking the elevator to give it enough power. Once it has enough Rafe tells them to stop and flips the switch. Sid jumps down first, then Minun and they have short reunion. When everyone goes to the wind power plants, Sid runs with excitement to May, but May steps aside and Sid slams right into Metagross' face. Though Metagross is unhurt, it finds it funny.

Now the plan is put to action. Ash, Tory, Yuko, Pikachu, Plusle, and Minun stay at the lab to monitor what goes on. The others are at the wind power plants. The people start pulling on the rope to turn the generator. The water Pokemon spray water to turn the power propellers. Flying Pokemon make wind as well. Even Team Rocket is doing their part by cycling. The wind power plants soon generate energy and the lab becomes active. In fact, the whole city becomes live again, the moving sidewalks, the automated vendors, and the Blocky security force. Yuko starts the process up and the laser beams start to fire on the gem, but at a lower output than usual. Suddenly the beams weaken out and Yuko goes to check the system. Just as she expected, there's not enough power. The three electric Pokemon step up and provide electricity to the circuit box and soon the lasers are back up full blast. The gem starts to glow brighter and brighter and then, the case shatters. After the everything clears up, a Deoxys has formed. It appears that the green gem is sort of life source of Deoxys. Then the Deoxys creates a green wisp, the same one Tory talks to. This one is friendly to them and understand the situation with the other Deoxys.

Note: At this point, the Deoxys on a rampage will be referred to as the purple Deoxys, the one made just now is the green Deoxys. It's mostly due to their gem color.

The green Deoxys starts to fly up and uses its telekenetic power to lift Ash (Pikachu is on his shoulder) and Tory and head to the wind power plants first thing. But Rayquaza's attempt at the passing the barrier has finally succeeded as a Hyperbeam made a hole in the barrier. And now Rayquaza's fury towards the purple Deoxys ensues.

Another round of fighting begins between Rayquaza and the purple Deoxys fight on. Though most of the city doesn't get destroyed (except for a few buildings that get their glass shattered). Rayquaza is sucessful in the first round in the battle and successfully destroyed the barrier, but the purple Deoxys goes into an attack only mode (it was mostly in defense mode) frenzy on Rayquaza. The green Deoxys flies towards the scene with Ash and Tory, setting them on a roof before heading out. The purple Deoxys sucessfully puts Rayquaza out for the count. It tries to finish it off but the green Deoxys intervenes. The purple Deoxys suddenly stops and both of them float up. The green Deoxys creates a green energy orb and sends it up, exploding in a green aurora. Everyone marvels at the green aurora. Then the purple Deoxys releases its aurora as well an the two mix together as they move closer together. They start to spin around, mixing the aurora's further but they're suddenly interrupted by Rayquaza!

By this time, Lund and Jenny make it back to the city where they find Yuko. The question on his mind is, where's Tory?

The fight's a little too close for Ash and Tory's comfort but the green Deoxys helps them get away towards the Battle Tower, but the purple Deoxys and Rayquaza soon follow. Both Deoxys take on the dragon, occasionally slamming into the building. In one instance, Rayquaza slams into what looks like a pretty important machine and messes it up a bit. Meanwhile a Blocky nearby notices the fight and sees Rayquaza charging up a Hyperbeam. Suddenly it goes from happy to angry as it turns red. Suddenly it sends a swarm of cubes after the building, and bad timing as is, the Deoxyses fell Rayquaza right in their path. Rayquaza is about to get caught in the swarm, but suddenly the Deoxyses go into defense mode and block the incoming onslaught. The blocks though just move right over them as it starts to climb up the tower.

Nearby a screen turns on and its Lund. Ash and Tory look at it. Lund says that the security has gone haywire and it's on an absolute defense mode. The only way to stop it is to give it a passport and Jenny can reset the system from there. Suddenly a few blocks destroy the screen. The only problem was that the main Blocky was way out, they could not get through the torrent of blocks. They see the hotdog vendor and decided to climb on and "sail" their way down stream. It was going close enough to a support, but Ash barely missed grabbing on. Then the vendor tilts over, revealing a sleeping Munchlax who happens to fall off into the stream of blocks. But it evolves into a Snorlax! Ash has an idea and uses Snorlax as a step (Apologizing of course).

Once high enough, they notice some blocks floating. Suddenly Pikachu gets an idea and hops from box to box until he reaches the Blocky. Ash tries the same and barely makes it across. Once on the Blocky he whips out his passport but the robot suddenly shakes, making him drop the card. Tory throws his card to Ash but it just barely misses. Pikachu dives after it and in midair smacks it back up enough for Ash to catch it. This time he makes sure he holds on as the Blocky starts shaking some more. After the shaking, Ash puts the passport in front of Blocky and accepts the card. Jenny from the security HQ hits the override button and instantly the Blocky refrains from its actions and shuts down, as well as all the other blocks. Tory, who's pretty high up, calls down to Ash but the block he's sitting on suddenly tips over and falls. Just in the nick of time the green Deoxys catches Tory and flies off. The purple Deoxys also emgerges from the blocks as well as Rayquaza. Rayquaza heads upwards, pretty much disregarding any feud with the Deoxyses and flies off. The purple Deoxys soon flies with the green one, picking up Ash and Pikachu along the way as they head off. Everyone meets a plaza, Tory excited to see Plusle and Minun. When Lund and Yuko arrive they're amazed that Tory was able to over come his fear of Pokemon.

Once more the Deoxyses release their auroras. After a brief goodbye from Tory, the two head off back into the sky.

However back at the wind power plants, Team Rocket apparently is still pedaling.

Ash and co as well as the other trainers board the monorail back to the mainland. They say their goodbyes to Lund, Yuko, and Tory, then the monorail takes off. They converse while the monorail goes on. At the first stop, Rafe, Audrey and Cathrine leave. Ash and Max especially saying good bye. While waiting for the next stop, May and Sid converse a bit more. Then at the next stop, Sid leaves, chasing the monorail along the station as it starts to move to keep his eye on May as long as possible (before he runs into a post). Finally Ash and Co. talk with Rebecca before she gets off at the next station. Brock is saddened to see Rebecca go. After Ash and Co. get off, they continue on their journey.

For the next part, all the Pokemon that participated in the motion picture, with the exception of Rayquaza and Doexys, dance to the ending them with pom poms. On a personal note, seeing Blaziken and Metagross dance it out with poms poms is quite funny.

Some terms:
Passport - A universal ID card used in La Rousse City. All visitors have their picture taken by a "Blocky" robot and their pictures are processed at the security HQ. The "Blocky" robot makes the passport and gives it to the visitor. Passports open doors and give access to the vending machines.
"Blocky" - A nickname somebody gave the block like robot in La Rousse city. Blockies could possibly consist of a central robot or a few robots. Blockies have the abilty to manipulate anti-gravity cubes which hold various tools for their security or civic operations. Blockies are generally friendly and won't be mad unless you give them a reason to. They were developed by Professor Lund.
Gem - It appears to be the life force of Deoxys. Has a high attraction to energy. As long as this is intact, Deoxys will always regenerate.

Destiny Deoxys

Visitor of the Space Fissure!


LaRousse City

Officer Jenny

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Forretress Mudkip Lombre
Bulbasaur Combusken Beautifly Skitty
Seel Zigzagoon Seedot Plusle Minun Spheal Sealeo Walrein Rayquaza Deoxys Munchlax Ivysaur Venusaur Charizard Pidgey Rattata Raticate Raticate Arbok Nidoran♂ Vulpix Ninetales Golbat Parasect Primeape Growlithe Arcanine Bellsprout Geodude Rapidash Doduo Dodrio Muk Onix Voltorb Electrode Lickitung Weezing Rhyhorn Tauros Magikarp Eevee Vaporeon Vaporeon Jolteon Chinchou Lanturn Xatu Umbreon Mantine Wingull Pelipper Ninjask Carvanha Wailord Swablu Tropius Gorebyss





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