Pokémon Red & Blue

Pokémon Red and Blue are the original pair of Pokémon games released in 1998. Released in Japan in 1996 as Pokémon Red and Green, the versions differ a substantial amount from their Japanese counterparts, boasting the graphics and final dungeon design of the Japanese Blue with the version exclusivities of Red and Green.

The total number of catchable Pokémon between the two is numbered at 151, with the last one only avaliable via long since ended Pokémon events (just as many Pokémon nowadays are) or through one of two glitches present in the games. In each version there are a number of exclusive Pokémon (for example, Vulpix in Blue and Growlithe in Red) as well as Pokémon the player must choose between (the fossil Pokémon Omanyte and Kabuto and the Fighting-types Hitmonchan and Hitmonlee), requiring trading with another game to truly catch 'em all.

These games are set in the Kanto region, albeit a much stripped down one from what modern players will be used to. Veteran fans may recall there being no such thing as the day/night or seasonal cycles, breeding, online trading, contests, or any other features introduced later in the series. These games seem to focus purely on catching, battling, and trading Pokémon. Being the first games, there are several glitches, however since they are so well-known by now it would be pointless to tread on old ground. This game section will focus purely on what the creators intended players to find.

In 2016, the games are released on the Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console. This re-release of the game allows for wireless communication with other players of Pokémon Green, Red, Blue or Yellow, but only of games in the same language.

Special thanks to Mr. Cifala for scribing this section