Here Comes The Trubbish Squad


Ash and his friends continue on their journey to Nacrene City, as they stop on a country road to look at a map of where they are going. They look up and see a group of young children riding bicycles with a Trubbish with them. Two adults run after them, as they try and stop them from going after Ash and his friends. They ask Ash and his friends to help stop the children, as the children throw mud balls at them. The mud balls hit Cilan and Ash, as Iris is able to get out of the way. As the children pass by, the Trubbish grabs Ash's hat. The children ride passed, as Iris wonders what is up with them. Cilan says that pranks have their limits, as Ash is mad after what happened. Daniela apologizes and tells them that they are children of her Kindergarten, as she asks Ash and his friends to forgive them. Karena also apologizes, as a Sandile appears and disappears from underground to look around at the Day Care Center.

Ash and his friends are taken to the Day Care Center, as they are excited by all of the Pokémon Eggs. Cilan says that they are filled with the kindness of raising Pokémon. Karena says that she runs a Day Care, as she introduces herself and Daniela to Ash and his friends. Daniela says that she works as a Kindergarten Teacher, as Ash and his friends introduce themselves to them. Daniela again apologizes for the actions of the children earlier, as she explains that yesterday the children brought the Trubbish here without permission. She says that they found it in a scrapyard in the outskirts of the town, as a flashback is shown of them finding a sad and lonely Trubbish in a pile of scraps. Ash looks up Trubbish in his Pokédex, as Iris notices that it likes garbage. Ash says that it is not garbage, as Cilan says that it is a Pokémon with a slightly strange taste.

Daniela says that when she saw the Trubbish, she grimaced right away, as a flashback of the children showing her the Trubbish is shown. She was surprised that they brought it to the Day Care, as the children said it was because it was crying and ask her if they can keep it. Daniela says that it is impossible, since it is a Pokémon that loves garbage. She says that they can't have the Kindergarten filled with garbage, as the children say that they will clean it up. She says that no means no, and to return it to the scrapyard. The children beg to keep it, as she yells at them and Trubbish uses Stench on everyone. Daniela can't stand the smell, as the children say that they will be able to handle the Stench and that it doesn't smell. Daniela says that it's enough already and that she will return Trubbish to the scrapyard. To the children's horror, Daniela picks up Trubbish and brings it to the scrapyard. She tells Trubbish that it must understand that they can't keep it at the Kindergarten, and then walks away as Trubbish has a sad look on its face.

Karena says that Daniela returned Trubbish to the scrapyard where it used to be, but this morning something unbelievable happened. Ash and his friends are brought to the scrapyard, where they see a huge pile of scraps and a tree house in a tree. Daniela says that the children and Trubbish have gathered scraps and created it, as Cilan says that it looks like a secret base. Ash says that the children are impressive for making it, as Iris says that it isn't time to be impressed and calls him a child. Daniela is worried that it may collapse, and that they have to clean it up quickly. Karena asks Ash and his friends to help them, as they all say that they will definitely help and Karena says that they will be of great assistance.

The children come out with swords and boxes covering them and say that they are in the secret base of the Trubbish Squad. Avery says that adults are not allowed to come in, as Cilan says that they are playing the squad game. Daniela yells to them to stop the secret base game, as Ash asks her to let him go after them. Ash says that he used to play the squad game often so he thinks he can understand how the children feel. Daniela asks if she can count on him, as Ash says to leave it to him. Ash and Pikachu climb the garbage pile, as Avery commands the squad to start attacking. Trubbish uses Sludge Bomb, as it lets out a horrible stench. The rest of the squad throws mud balls at Ash, as he says that he just wants to talk. Ash is hit in the face with a mud ball, as Avery says that it's time to turn on the electric fan. One of the children turns on the fan, as the pile of scraps collapses. Ash slides down and lands in a rubber tire. The children go up to Ash with play weapons, and take him hostage.

Daniela asks Ash what happened, as he says that he got caught. They tell Ash to pull himself together, as he says to just wait a big longer. Avery tells him to behave, as the children squirt Ash and Pikachu with water guns. Ash says that they understand already, as the children stop squirting them. Ash is taken up into the tree house, as he looks around and says that it is well-made. Ash asks if they built it all by themselves, as one of the children says that Trubbish helped them out. Avery says that they can't make friends with the enemy, as the girl apologizes. Avery introduces him self, while Ash introduces himself and Pikachu to the children. The children say that they have never seen a real Pikachu before, it's cute, and ask if they can pet him. Ash says it's okay and Pikachu jumps onto the ground, as the children rub his stomach, his head, pull on his tail, and pull on his cheeks while Pikachu says not to do it so hard. Ash tells Avery that he is not their enemy, and that he just came to talk. Avery decides that he wants to touch Pikachu too, as he pulls on Pikachu's tail and a child pulls on his arm.

Ash says not to be reckless with Pikachu, and that if they get hit by electricity that he won't be responsible. The kids move away, as Pikachu prepares to use Thunderbolt. Pikachu stops and smiles, as Ash picks up Pikachu and explains that Pikachu is an Electric Type Pokémon and can use a move called Thunderbolt. Pikachu demonstrates Thunderbolt on Ash, while the children say that Pikachu is cute and strong. Trubbish smiles and winks, as Ash reluctantly says that maybe it's cute as well. Avery says that Trubbish is cute too and the children agree with him. Ash says that the children really love Trubbish, as the children say that they really love it. Avery gives Ash back his at while calling him "Big Brother Ash and apologizes," as Ash thanks him and puts it on his head.

Meanwhile, Team Rocket is in the train station, as the overhead speaker says that there was an incident last night that a big amount of waste vanished from the scrapyard. The person also says that since the Trubbish has disappeared as well from the scrapyard, the people concerned say that it might be related to the incident. A man walks by Team Rocket, and leaves a briefcase for them. Jessie asks him when the the limited express departs, as he says at 7pm. They ask what the business is about, as he asks if the mission is going well. Team Rocket says obviously and that they don't make mistakes. The man places the briefcase next to them and says that headquarters told him to bring it to them. James opens the briefcase as it shows a meteorite, and the man says that it's a dummy of a certain stone. He says that he will contact them and give them more details later on, as James says that he has received it. The man says that Giovanni has a high opinion of them lately, as he walks away and Team Rocket leaves.

Back at the tree house, Ash suggests that they stop all of this, and made up with Daniela. He says that he will go and apologize with them, as the children say that it's not their fault and it's the teacher's fault. Ash asks if it's because the teacher told them to take Trubbish back, as Avery says yes and that she threw Trubbish away without warning. They say that it wasn't Trubbish's fault and that it didn't do anything bad. Ash says that it exhales a Stench, as the children agree that it's smelly. Avery says that it's not smelly though, and then the rest of the children agree. Trubbish is happy and releases some of the Stench with Ash and Pikachu not liking the smell, but the children say that it's not smelly. Ash yells that it is smelly, as his friends outside hear his voice.

Ash and the children go outside, as Ash says that it's a powerful Stench. The children say that it's not smelly at all, as Trubbish looks very sad. Ash tells Avery that he has a good friend in Trubbish, which makes Trubbish very happy. They see a hole forming outside by the scraps, as Sandile appears from underground. Avery says that there's an intruder, and tells the children to prepare to attack. Ash remembers the Sandile with sunglasses from the hot springs and sand baths from before, where it ran off with Pikachu and Oshawott. Sandile uses Stone Edge, as Ash tells the children to run away. The children run away from the attack, and Ash and Pikachu get hit with the attack. The children attack by throwing mud balls, as they hit Sandile. Sandile uses Stone Edge, which hits the children. Trubbish launches a purple orb into the air as it turns into Toxic Spikes and hits the ground. Sandile walks forward and is hit by them, as Pikachu hits Sandile with Iron Tail. Trubbish uses Sludge Bomb to hit Sandile, and sending him flying high into the sky and disappears. The children all celebrate their victory, as they told Ash that they did it. Avery says that it's the Trubbish Squad's victory, as they cheer. Ash says that he's starting to have fun as well.

Daniela notices that Ash is having fun with the children, as Iris wonders what he is doing. Daniela says that she has to do it, as Karena agrees with her. They climb over the scrap pile, as Daniela says that they should talk about it properly. Iris asks Ash why he is friends with the children now, as he says that he happened to get into the flow of things. Daniela asks how long they are planning to stay barricaded there, as Avery says until she says that they can keep Trubbish. Daniela tells the children that they must understand that she can't do that, as the children say that they don't understand it. Ash suggests to Daniela that she listens to what the children have to say first, as she tells Ash to be quiet and that it is her Kindergarten. Ash says that it's the children's Kindergarten as well, as Daniela says that she has to protect the children. She says that she will have to use force to make Trubbish leave, as she takes out a Poké Ball and brings out a Spring Deerling. Ash steps forward and says that he will be her opponent in the battle, as Cilan and Iris are both shocked by his decision.

Ash chooses Pikachu to battle Deerling, as Daniela wonders what this is about. Ash says that he is a part of the Trubbish Squad as well, as the children cheer for Ash. Deerling uses Tackle to hit Pikachu. Pikachu uses Thunderbolt, while Deerling dodges the attack. Deerling uses Tackle, as Pikachu dodges the attack. Deerling runs into a part of the scrap pile, as the pile begins to move and Deerling is the only thing holding it up. Karena tells Deerling that it can't move, and that if it does move then the pile of scraps will collapse. Karena says that the battle is cancelled, as Ash tells the children to get away from the area and tries to hold the pile up. Iris and Cilan jump down, as Ash tells them to take care of everyone. Daniela says to Avery that it's dangerous and that they should run away from here, as Avery says that he wants to stay with Trubbish. Daniela asks Avery to do what she says, as a bookcase falls and she steps in to protect him.

Daniela asks him to please move away from there, and that it'll crumble. Iris has everyone climb up the tree, as Cilan tells them to hold on and Karena helps as well. Ash says that he can't keep holding the pile, as Trubbish launches several Sludge Bomb attacks to make the pile not collapse and to save everyone. Ash says to Trubbish that it saved everyone, as Iris says that Trubbish isn't bad. As the sun sets, the children apologize to Daniela, and that it was their fault while they begin to cry. She tells them that it's fine, and that she's sorry too for not listening to them properly. She hugs Avery and says that she's glad they are safe. Ash tells Daniela that the children really love Trubbish, and that he is also asking on their behalf. He asks her to please keep Trubbish in the Kindergarten, as Karena asks her what she will do. Daniela contemplates her decision, and goes up to Trubbish to ask it to bear with her from now on. Trubbish and the children are happy, as they all hug each other in celebration.

Karena says that Trubbish will stop exhaling a Stench when it befriends Daniela, and that she needs to raise it well. Cilan asks her if she knew it the whole time, as Karena says yes since she's a Day Care worker. Iris says that she should have said something sooner, as Karena says that whether it's children or Pokémon, one must find out how to raise them on their own. That night, Pidove, Ash, Pikachu, Tepig, Iris, Axew, Cilan, Pansage, Dwebble, Snivy, Oshawott, and Trubbish all help return the scraps to the scrapyard. Ash says that they should have everything organized by morning.

The next morning, Daniela thanks everyone for their help, as Karena hands Ash a case with a Pokémon Egg in it as a reward for Ash. She says that they'll see what Pokémon it is when it hatches and winks at them, as Ash grabs the egg and thanks Karena for it. Karena tells him to raise it into a good Pokémon, as Ash says to leave it to him. The children say to Ash that they should play together again, since he is a part of the Trubbish Squad. Ash tells them that they should battle again some day, as everyone cheers for him. With his Pokémon Egg, Ash and his friends continue their journey towards Nacrene City.

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Ash's Pikachu Ash's Snivy Ash's Tepig Ash's Oshawott Ash's Pidove

Iris's Axew

Cilan's Pansage Cilan's Dwebble

Rocket's Meowth

Daniella's Deerling

Wild's Sandile Wild's Trubbish