Minccino-Neat & Tidy


Ash and his friends continue on their journey to Nacrene City for Ash's next Gym battle. Bianca yells for them to wait up, as she trips on a rock. She runs into Ash and Cilan, as she sends them into the lake. Ash and Cilan dry themselves and their clothes over a fire, as Bianca apologizes for running into them. Iris asks her who she is, as Bianca says that she has been given an errand for Ash. Bianca shows Ash her Xtransceiver, as Professor Juniper talks to them through it. She asks if Ash is well, and how his Gym challenges are coming along. Ash tells her that he has obtained his first badge. She says that it's what she would expect, as she says that she forgot to give Ash his badge case. She says that Bianca will give it to her, as Bianca turns the Xtransceiver off to introduce herself to them and they introduce themselves to her.

She looks through her bag for the badge case, but has trouble finding it with so much stuff in her bag. As Ash and his friends are getting ready to go, she is still searching through her bag. Ash asks her if she found it yet, as she finally pulls it out of her bag. She pulls it out and coughs, as it has a lot of dust on it. A Minccino is in a tree watching them nearby. Bianca blows on it, and then gives it to Ash. Ash celebrates that he has a badge case, and puts his Trio Badge inside of it. Ash says that he wants to get all eight badges already, as Iris says that he is all fired up already. Cilan says that the next Gym is in Nacrene City, and is nearby.

Bianca asks Ash to show her the badge, as Ash hands her the badge case. To their surprise, a Minccino grabs the case and runs off, as they run after it. Ash says that it is a very fast Pokémon, as Bianca is very excited about the Pokémon. Iris says that it isn't the time to smile about a Pokémon. Bianca says that she hasn't seen such a fast Pokémon, so it makes her happy. Cilan says that her personality definitely likes to change. Ash says that he has to get his badge case back, Bianca suggests that he get another badge. Ash falls off of the log and says that the badge holds the strong feelings of him and his Pokémon. Ash and his friends look through the bushes, and see a Minccino with his badge case. Minccino dusts off the badge case, as Bianca scans it with her Pokédex.

Bianca notices that Minccino is a neat freak, as Cilan says that it must have seen how dusty the badge case was. Bianca says that its troublesome personality is perfect for her. Ash stands up to go after the badge case, as Bianca moves in front of him to go after Minccino. She says that she has decided to capture it. Cilan says that she likes to do things at her own pace, as Iris says that she is being self-centered. She says that she is going to get the badge case back, as Minccino puts the case in its mouth. Bianca brings out Pignite for battle, as Cilan tells Ash that it's the evolved form of Tepig. Ash scans Tepig with his Pokédex.

Pignite uses Tackle, while Minccino dodges the attack and Cilan says that it really is fast. Pignite jumps right back in front of Minccino. Pignite uses Flame Charge, as Iris and Ash are surprised at how strong the attack is. Pignite collides with Minccino, but it runs up a tree. Bianca is throwing a fit that she almost had it, as Pignite does the same thing. Cilan says that the way she battles seems to be a surprise coming from someone like her. Ash is impatient as he tells Bianca to get his badge case back already. Minccino puts the badge case down, and turns to face Pignite and Bianca. Pignite prepares to use Flame Charge, but Minccino hits it with Hyper Voice. Cilan says that it sealed Pignite's movements. Minccino jumps on top of Pignite and uses Tickle to make it laugh. Iris is annoyed that it used Tickle, as Bianca returns Pignite to its Poké Ball. Bianca says that Minccino is strong for a small Pokémon, and that it makes her want to catch it more.

Ash decides that he is going to have to get the badge case back himself, as Minccino dusts itself off and Pikachu moves forward for battle. Oshawott comes out of his Poké Ball on his own to battle, as Bianca asks if all of Ash's Pokémon do that. Bianca says that Oshawott is interesting. Pikachu is upset, as Ash tells him to let Oshawott battle. Oshawott uses Tackle, while Minccino dodges the attack. Minccino runs away, while Oshawott tries to catch up to it to use Tackle. Oshawott corners it, as Bianca says to use Hydro Pump. Bianca keeps saying to use Hydro Pump, as Oshawott is very confused by that. Ash tells Bianca that Oshawott doesn't know that move, as he tells him to use Razor Shell. Oshawott tries to use Razor Shell, but Minccino is gone already. Minccino climbs up the tree again, as Bianca tells Oshawott to use Razor Shell again.

Minccino jumps behind Oshawott to surprise him, and uses Tickle to make him laugh. Minccino then uses DoubleSlap to knock Oshawott out. Iris says that Minccino used Tickle to give it an opportunity to use DoubleSlap. Cilan says that Minccino has a mellow taste for moving around and confusing its opponents in circles. Oshawott looks down while disappointed, and pushes Pikachu to battle next. Minccino grabs the badge case and runs away. Ash tells Bianca that she shouldn't be talking during a battle. Bianca says that she's going to take Ash's advice and capture the Minccino, and asks if Ash could give her a Helping Hand to do it. She says that by doing that, he'll be able to get his badge case back. Ash says that he has no other choice but to help her out, as Bianca becomes excited and says that she'll catch the Minccino. Ash thought that they would already be on their way to Nacrene city after obtaining the badge case, as Cilan says that it's just across the mountain and that he shouldn't be so hasty.

Meanwhile, Team Rocket has arrived in Nacrene City, as Jessie wonders where the warehouse is in the city. James uses a device to find the warehouse, as he notices that there was a railroad that was built awhile ago. Meowth says that they need to locate the museum, as they use the device to find it. Jessie says that they should make good use of escape routes while they are still available. Back where Ash and his friends are, they wonder where Minccino ran off to. Bianca asks Cilan if he has any bright and shiny objects with him. Cilan hands her a spoon, as he says that it's always sparkling. Bianca grabs the spoon and makes it dirty, which makes Cilan very upset. Bianca says that they'll use it to lure out Minccino, as Iris says that it will want to clean the dirty spoon. Bianca uses a cloche, a stick, and a rope to create a trap over the spoon, as Cilan is still upset about his items being used. They wonder if it will work, as Bianca tells them to be quiet.

They hide behind the bush, as Minccino comes out and smells it, with Iris saying that it noticed how dirty the spoon was. Minccino takes the bait while dusting the spoon, as Bianca is happy and triggers the trap which surrounds Minccino. Minccino crawls away with the pan over its body, as Bianca is very disappointed. Cilan is upset that it took his spoon and cloche, as Ash says that they have no other choice but to battle it. Iris says that he can't get close to Minccino though, as Cilan says that if it gets close and uses Tickle, he will be in a predicament and Ash says leave it to him. Ash and his friends go after Minccino, as they run through a stream to go after it.

They hide behind some rocks and see Minccino in a tree with the items and cleaning them off. Bianca tells Ash that the rest it up to him. Ash says that he knows what to do, as he brings out Snivy to attack. Minccino jumps onto the ground for battle, as Bianca says that Ash has a lot of Pokémon. Cilan asks if she has Pokémon other than Pignite, as she says that she only has Pignite which surprises them. She says that she saves until the end with Flame Charge, as Cilan asks her how long she has been traveling. Bianca says that she has been training at home, but only recently started traveling. She says that her father wouldn't let her travel, so she had a tough time bargaining with him. Cilan calls Bianca a vintage, as Iris says that she is a princess instead. She says that she only has two badges, as Iris says that she is still ahead of Ash.

Snivy prepares to use Attract, as Cilan says that it's a good plan and Iris says that it will slow down its opponent and stop its moves. Snivy launches the attack, but Minccino dodges the attack. Minccino uses its own Attract which infatuates Snivy, as she thinks that Minccino is very handsome. Ash is surprised that Minccino can also use Attract, as he returns Snivy to her Poké Ball. Pikachu gets into the battle next, as Cilan says that Attract won't work between two male Pokémon and Bianca finds it interesting. Pikachu uses Iron Tail, while Minccino dodges the attack. Pikachu uses Quick Attack to catch up to Minccino, as Cilan says that they are trying to match up to Minccino's speed.

Pikachu uses Iron Tail and Minccino uses DoubleSlap, as both attacks collide with waves splashing below. Both Pokémon land in the water and Minccino uses Hyper Voice, which hits Pikachu. Iris says that's how Minccino was able to stop Pignite's movements before, as they say that Pikachu is resisting the attack. Bianca says that if Minccino uses Tickle, then Pikachu will be in trouble. Minccino uses Tickle, but Pikachu is able to resist it and Bianca says that he's the best and strong. Minccino stops the attack because of exhaustion, as an excited Bianca tells Pikachu to use Zap Cannon. Ash tells her that Pikachu does not know that move, as Ash says to just watch as he and Pikachu are both annoyed. Pikachu uses Thunderbolt on Minccino, which makes it very dizzy.

Bianca says that it is her turn, as she tries to find a Poké Ball but has trouble finding it. Ash tells her to hurry up, as Minccino runs away. Bianca pulls out the Poké Ball, as Iris says that it is also full of dust. Minccino runs back which spins Pikachu around, and tries to clean the Poké Ball. Minccino accidentally activates the Poké Ball, as he is captured. Everyone is shocked by what happened, as Cilan says that Minccino sensed dirt and managed to get himself caught in the Poké Ball. Iris says that everything was okay after all, but wonders if the pair will be okay after this. Cilan says that Bianca is reckless and Minccino is well put and firm, and that they would make an interesting couple. Iris says that she didn't understand what Cilan just said, as Bianca celebrates that she caught Minccino. Ash grabs his badge case, but falls out of the tree and the cloche lands on top of him. He falls to the ground, but says that he is alright as the spoon hits him as well.

Later they arrive at the Pokémon Center, as Nurse Joy and Audino return Pikachu and the Poké Balls to them. Nurse Joy says that they have been restored to full health, as Bianca and Ash thank her. She says that the checkup with the egg is finished, and says that it is healthy. Bianca wonders what type of egg it is, as Ash says that he doesn't know. Bianca suggests that they have a Pokémon battle, as Ash agrees to it. They decide to have a one-on-one Pokémon battle, as Iris says that Bianca should have the advantage since she has two badges already. Cilan says that no matter what the type of battle is, he is looking forward to it. Bianca brings out Pignite, as Cilan and Iris are shocked that she didn't choose Minccino. Ash tries to decide what Pokémon to use, as Bianca demands that he use Pikachu. Bianca tells Pikachu to hurry, as he comes onto the battlefield. Ash asks Pikachu if he wants to battle, as Pikachu says yes.

Pikachu goes towards Pignite with Quick Attack, as Pignite uses Take Down to hit him. Pignite uses Heat Crash to send Pikachu to the ground, as Iris says that Pikachu has been pinned and Cilan says that for Pikachu it's too much. Pikachu gets back up, as Bianca says that it is the way Pikachu is. Iris is annoyed that Bianca is talking again, as Cilan wonders if Pikachu will be able to last any longer. Pignite uses Flame Charge and Pikachu uses Volt Tackle, as both attacks collide and send both Pokémon backwards. Pikachu is okay, but Pignite is knocked out. Ash wins the battle, as Iris says that the losses aren't decided by the number of Gym badges, and that it puts Ash in the lead.

Bianca returns Pignite to its Poké Ball, and goes up to Ash to tell him that she may have lost today, but he needs to keep in mind that her journey has only just begun. She says that the next time they meet, her Minccino and Pignite will be even stronger. She wishes Ash luck with his Gym battle in Nacrene City, as she says goodbye and leaves. Cilan says that she really goes about at her own pace, as Ash is glad that he has his badge and his badge case. He looks at his shiny badge case, and celebrates that he has it while saying that he will win his next Gym match and get the next badge.

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