The Battle According to Lenora


The episode begins with a recap of what happened in the museum, and Ash meeting Lenora for the first time. Lenora leads Ash and his friends through the library inside of the Gym, as Ash asks Lenora where the battlefield is. Cilan says that it doesn't look like there is one. Lenora says that they will find out soon. Hawes puts his hand on a hand scanner and the doors open, as he says that the general public isn't allowed into the next room of the library. When they walk inside, they see a lot of rows with various books lined on the shelves. Lenora tells them that it is an archive full of valuable books and research papers and that people need permission to read something in there. Hawes says that the library has the most books in the Unova region, and that they can find out anything about the Unova region, no matter whether it's history or culture.

Cilan is excited to see history books on Pokémon Connoisseurs. Lenora says that Connoisseurs have originated from the Unova Region, as she asks him if he is interested in it. Cilan says that he set off on his journey as a Pokémon Connoisseur, so that he can meet many different Pokémon and Trainers. Lenora says that experience is very important, and says to Cilan to do his best. Lenora asks Ash if he wants to learn something about the Unova Region prior to the battle. Ash says that they came here for a Gym battle, as Lenora says that it is why she brought them to the archives. Lenora says that the only ones who come to the archives are those who want to use it for examinations or research and Gym match challengers.

She says that knowledge is very important for Pokémon battles, as she walks over to a book shelf and knocks on a certain book that she recommends. Ash says that he didn't come to study though, as Iris asks him if it would be better for him to just read it. Cilan says that the Gym match may have begun already, and that every word she says and her behavior may be her way of testing him. Ash says that if it's for the Gym match, then he'll read anything for her. Ash pulls on a book, as the doorway opens to reveal a stairwell leading down to the battlefield. Hawes says that the challenger is very straightforward, as Lenora says that Cilan was right about her testing Ash from the moment they entered the library.

She says that after she recommends the book, most challengers search for a book they are most proficient in first. She says that they do that even though she shows them the shortest way to get to the battlefield. She says that everyone reads too much into her actions and ends up taking a detour. She says that since they want a Gym match, they try to get a book that they are interested in, or a thin book so they can finish reading it as fast as possible. Flashbacks of a girl reading through a book and a boy grabbing a book with Lenora saying oh well. She says that she can figure out the trainer's inclinations just by the way the trainers act in the library.

Iris asks what kind of Trainer Ash is, as Lenora says that his personality is exactly how he looks and that he lets her push his buttons easily. She wonders how his battling will reflect his personality. She says that she will study him thoroughly, as Hawes says that he can predict how it will go. Iris says that Ash is the type of person who gets told off all of the time. Ash gets frustrated as he asks Lenora to study him thoroughly, as she is sure that he can be reliable. They head downstairs into the basement, turn on the lights, and check out what the battlefield looks like. Ash runs over to the other side of the battlefield and says that they should start the battle right away. Lenora says that Ash is very impatient, as she suggests that he study what kind of Gym Leader she is.

She brings out her Watchog, as she says that he already has seen it before. Ash says that he knew that she would use Watchog in the battle. She brings out her Lillipup, as Iris says that it is very cute. Iris walks up to Lillipup and pets it on the head, as it jumps into her arms and they hug each other. Lillipup licks her, as she says that it is very friendly. Pikachu jumps off of Ash's shoulder to play with Lillipup, as Ash scans it with his Pokédex. Ash notices that they are both Normal Types, as Hawes says that they are great Pokémon and are very obedient to Lenora. He says that they also server as guards of the museum.

Ash picks up Lillipup and says that it's very energetic, as Lenora says that she finds Normal Types to be very interesting. She says that they are not restricted by a type and have no quirks, so she thinks they're suitable for Gym matches. She says that she can test challengers as much as she wants, and see how they will try to defeat her. As she was saying that, Lillipup was lick Ash's face and he was laughing. Ash asks Lillipup to bare with him in the battle. Iris wonders if Ash is even listening to a word that Lenora is saying. Cilan says that showing her Pokémon before the battle starts, shows that she is very confident. He says that a Gym Leader that tests challengers, and Normal Types who have a taste without quirks will definitely bring out a challenger's taste. Lenora says that she is very happy with what Cilan is saying, and that it's what she is looking for in a battle.

She asks Hawes to explain the rules to them, as he says that challengers choose two Pokémon that they have on hand first and that it will be a two-on-two battle. He says that both Trainers can switch their Pokémon freely, as Cilan says that each Gym has different methods. He says that Gym Leaders bring out the challenger's abilities the way they think is best. Lenora says that she is going to start with Lillipup, as Iris wonders what Ash is going to choose. Ash puts Lillipup down to go back to its trainers. Ash chooses the two Pokémon that he wants, as he tells Cilan and Iris to take care of Pikachu. Lenora returns Watchog to its Poké Ball, and they begin the battle. Hawes says that the challenger brings out their Pokémon first. Lenora chooses Lillipup, as it enters the battlefield with a fierce look on its face. Cilan says that it changed from friendly to serious, and that it must be in its fighting mode now. Iris tells Ash to do his best, as Ash says that Lillipup is very spirited. Ash brings out Tepig, as Cilan says that Tepig also has enough motivation. Iris says that Tepig wants to meet Ash's expectations, and must be happy that he was chosen.

Tepig prepares to use Ember, while Lillipup uses Roar to send Tepig back to his Poké Ball to bring out Oshawott who was sleeping inside of his Poké Ball. Oshawott is very confused as to why he was brought out of his Poké Ball, as Iris and Cilan are surprised about Lenora's tactic. Lenora asks Ash if he has been on the receiving end of Roar before. She says that Roar forces the opponent's Pokémon to be switched. Lenora recalls Lillipup to its Poké Ball and brings out Watchog. Watchog intimidates Oshawott, as he looks very nervous after seeing Watchog's facial expression. Ash tries to recall Oshawott to his Poké Ball, as Watchog uses Mean Look on Oshawott to prevent switching. Ash still tries to recall Oshawott, but the Mean Look blocks Oshawott from returning.

Lenora tells Ash that Mean Look prevents the opponent from switching Pokémon, as Iris says that she has never seen that combination before. Cilan says that Roar forces the Pokémon to be switched, while Mean Look prevents the Pokémon that came out from escaping. He says that it's a combination that aims at a psychological effect by destroying a challenger's strategy. Ash says that he wanted to distract the opponent with Tepig's Ember and then have Oshawott finish it off with Razor Shell. Lenora says that she can sense Ash's confusion, as Cilan says that Lenora is really testing Ash. He says that if a plan is destroyed, it's tough to come up with a new one. Lenora says for Ash to continue, since Oshawott has no choice but to battle now. Ash tells Oshawott that his turn just came early, as Oshawott is still very annoyed about it. Iris says that Oshawott looks like he is in a bad mood, as Cilan says that he must be mad that he was dragged out so suddenly.

While still bring annoyed, Oshawott uses a low-powered Water Gun, while Watchog uses Low Kick to trip up Oshawott. Watchog moves back really quickly, as Iris says that it is very fast. Cilan says that Watchog is very brilliant at making use of motion and stillness. Oshawott gets back up, as Ash says that the battle has only begun and to continue. Lenora says that she is fired up and will give it her all as well. Watchog uses Thunderbolt, as Oshawott uses his Scalchop to deflect the attack which surprises Lenora and Watchog. Oshawott and Ash celebrate that they were able to deflect the attack. Lenora is surprised that a Water Type Pokémon can deflect an Electric Type move like that, and says that she likes them.

Oshawott charges in close and Watchog prepares to use Low Sweep, as Lenora is surprised that Oshawott wants to fight up close. Ash says that it was what he was waiting for, as Oshawott jumps above Watchog and hits it with Water Gun. Cilan says that surprises like that are just how Ash is, as Ash tells Oshawott to charge in again since it was effective. Oshawott uses Razor Shell and Watchog swings around, as it uses its tail to collide with Razor Shell. Watchog's tail sends the Scalchop flying and away from Oshawott. Watchog uses Thunderbolt to knock out Oshawott. Ash returns Oshawott to his Poké Ball, as he says that he wanted to make Watchog flinch with Water Gun and then finish it with Razor Shell. He says that fighting up close won't work either.

Iris says that Water Gun was a very effective hit, as Cilan says that he doesn't think that it's true. Cilan says that their combination was good when it used Low Sweep's movements to gain the high ground, but he thinks that Lenora was a lot better. Iris asks Cilan if he means that she let them come closer, it was to only send the scalchop flying. Cilan says yes and that she predicted his plan completely. Lenora returns Watchog to its Poké Ball to Ash's surprise, as she brings out Lillipup. Ash says that he has no choice but to have Tepig give it his all. He says that they should rampage as much as they can, as he brings out Tepig for battle. Iris says that Tepig is fully motivated again. She says that since he was recalled due to Roar in the beginning, he thinks that his turn will definitely come this time. Cilan says that he thinks that Tepig will want to do its best to cover for Oshawott, but he can't beat Lenora with ordinary methods.

Tepig uses Tackle and Lillipup dodges the attack, as Ash notices how fast Lillipup is. Lillipup uses Shadow Ball to hit Tepig, but Tepig is able to stand back up. Tepig uses Ember, while Lillipup uses Take Down to charge through the attack and to hit and knock out Tepig with it. Lenora wins the Gym match. Lillipup is very happy that it won, while Tepig is sad that it let Ash down with a loss. Ash thanks Tepig and says that he did well, as Tepig looks up at Ash and then looks back down with a sad face. Ash tells him not to be sad, and that it's not his fault that they lost. Ash says that he was no good, and that he's sorry that Tepig has him for a trainer as Tepig looks back at him. Cilan says that it is too bad that Ash couldn't win, as Ash says that both Oshawott and Tepig did their best and that he still has a long way to go. Ash thanks Lenora for the battle, as Lenora says that she doesn't dislike him for facing them head on, and that they should come back to challenge her any time.

As the sun sets, Ash and his friends sit inside of the Pokémon Center while waiting for the treatment of Oshawott and Tepig to be finished. Ash rests his head on the egg case, as Iris says that he is not himself and that it is unusual for him not to be himself. Ash says that he's upset that he didn't do well in the Gym match. Cilan says that the Roar in the beginning was tough, as Ash says that not being able to escape from Mean Look was tough as well. He says that after that they couldn't set up a proper strategy. Iris says that if he's forced to switch right at the beginning of battle, it's not surprising that he became startled and couldn't respond. Cilan says that it's a lot of tasks to fulfill, and that like Lenora said, he needs to become able to respond to any situation himself. Ash agrees, as Cilan says that they need to also raise his Pokémon's speed and power. He says that Tepig and Oshawott are unable to catch up with the other two Pokémon. Iris says that he lacks the decisive power, as Ash becomes frustrated and says that he knows that. He says that he won't let it end like this. He says that he now knows what type of battle Lenora sets up, and that he won't put today's loss to waste. He says that next time he will definitely win.

Nurse Joy and Audino bring out a cart with Oshawott and Tepig on it. Nurse Joy says both Pokémon have fully recovered, as Ash thanks her. Tepig and Oshawott are both fired up, as Iris says that they are both motivated as well. Ash says that they must be frustrated as well, and that they should power up and challenge Lenora again. Everyone is excited about that, as Nurse Joy suggests that they go to the Pokémon Battle Club for some training. Ash says that he didn't know he could use it to train there as well, as Iris says that it does specialize in battles. Cilan says that he can also get advice on his practice, as Tepig and Oshawott are psyched for that. Nurse Joy says that Don George may even give him a hint for a strategy to use against Lenora.

That night, Team Rocket uses the communication code of A1 to A2, to say that they were able to hack into the security system and that James has seized control of everything. James says that he can manage the security system freely, as he is working with the computer system. Jessie says that she understands the mission, and will move onto the mission right away. Jessie and Meowth enter the museum, and see that the infrared laser beams are surrounding the artifacts. Jessie sees the Meteorite, as she tells James to disable the security system. James turns off the lasers for 20 seconds, as Meowth says that they could do it in 10 seconds instead. James does a countdown before turning off the security system, as Jessie and Meowth run inside while the case with the fake meteorite opens. Jessie grabs the meteorite, Meowth pulls off the casing for the real meteorite, and Jessie exchanges both meteorites before they close the case and exit the room. As they are outside of the room, Jessie puts the Meteorite away and the look back to watch the lasers turn back on. Jessie and Meowth head back outside to go inside of James' van and she tells James that the mission is complete. Meowth says that they are one step closer to the Meteorite, as the drive off with the van and head to their next destination.

The next day, Ash and his friends arrive at the Pokémon Battle Club, as Don George says that they should leave everything battle related to him and welcomes them to the Battle Club. Ash says that the Don George there has the same face as the others. Don George asks him what kind of battle he wants to have today, as Ash explains that he challenged Lenora yesterday. Don George continues what he said and says that he was deceived by her. He says that Lillipup's Roar and Watchog's Mean Look are a tricky combination to handle, as Ash says that they could not keep up with their speed either. Don George says that he understands.

Iris asks if the combo is famous, as Cilan says that everyone must have had their pace thrown off by it. Cilan says that if they can cope with that, then the way to victory will become visible. Don George says that he understood their request very well, then with fire in his eyes, he says that they should get fired up today. Ash asks him to bear with him, as Don George asks him if he is well-prepared. He says that Ash won't be able to withstand the training if they take it on half-heartedly. Ash says yes, as Don George opens the doors to the training room and a light shines through to them.

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Nurse Joy
Don George


Ash's Pikachu Ash's Tepig Ash's Oshawott

Iris's Axew

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Nurse Joy
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