Rematch at the Nacrene Gym


The episode begins with a recap of the Gym match between Ash and Lenora, and then they go to the Pokémon Battle Club to train for a rematch. Don George brings them to a workout room with weights, a treadmill, and other things to workout and train with. Don George says that he takes pride in the practice area of the Pokémon Battle Club, and that they can train as much as they want. Don George tells Ash that he should start with Tepig on the Treadmill. Ash brings out Tepig to battle, as Don George explains that in order to defeat Lenora, he needs to raise his Pokémon's speed and the power of its moves. Ash tells Tepig that they should train thoroughly, as Don George pushes Ash towards the treadmill as well. Don George says that Ash will train along with Tepig, as he says that in order to not be startled by Roar and Mean Look, and the ability to act promptly, the trainer has to improve his own skills as well.

Don George starts the treadmill using a machine, as Ash and Tepig begin to run on it. Ash tells Tepig that they should do their best, as Don George raises the speed of the treadmill. Axew is excited while watching them run on the treadmill and runs towards it, as Iris grabs Axew and tells him that the treadmill is not a toy. Don George says that the warm-up session is over and that it is time to move on to the next step. Two devices come out of the wall, as Don George says that the real training will now begin. He says that they must pretend that the released balls are Shadow Balls, and to dodge and attack them.

Tepig dodges the first ball, but Ash is hit by the second one that comes at them and is sent backwards to the floor. Everyone goes to check on Ash, as Iris says that he is a kid if he can't even dodge it. Ash says that he just let his guard down, and wants to try it again. Ash and Tepig again run on the treadmill, as Don George says to dodge and attack. He says that the Shadow Balls that Lenora and her Pokémon use are not as easy as what they are practicing with on the treadmill. Several balls come towards Ash and Tepig, as they are able to dodge all of them. Iris says that they are now starting to get in shape, as Cilan tells Ash to do his best. Don George raises the speed again, as he says that they should be prepared for Shadow Balls that are coming from behind as well.

A couple of more devices come out of the floor behind them, as they fire towards Ash and Tepig. Ash tells Tepig to attack them with Ember. Tepig uses Ember to try and block the balls, but the balls hit him and Ash as they fall hard to the floor. Ash says that the power is just not enough, as Don George helps them up and says that by continuing to to practice, Tepig's speed and power of his moves will increase. He tells Ash to reach new heights with Tepig. Ash says that he will, as he and Tepig continue practicing on the treadmill. Eventually both of them are able to dodge and block the balls. After a lot of practicing, Ash and Tepig are breathing hard and exhausted after practicing so much. Iris says that compared to when they began, their speed has gone up a lot. Cilan says that in order to win against Lenora, they need to develop a stronger and richer taste. Don George says that it is enough for now, he should let Tepig rest for awhile, and then train with Oshawott next.

Don George takes Ash to another room, which has a swimming pool for Oshawott to train in. Ash brings out Oshawott, as Oshawott looks over and is excited by the swimming pool. Oshawott jumps into the pool and begins to swim in it. Ash tells Oshawott that they are not there to play, as Don George says it is for them to train instead. Ash jumps into the pool, and says to Oshawott that they need to practice. Don George says that he is going to add a current to the pool, as he uses a machine to do so. Don George tells them to swim against the stream, and that it will increase their physical strength and explosive power.

In the cafeteria of the Battle Club, Iris and Cilan give Tepig some Pokémon food. Cilan says that Tepig has moved his body a lot, and that he should make sure to eat properly. Iris wonders where Axew went, since it was right with them. Oshawott and Ash continue to train in the pool, as Oshawott is having trouble swimming through the current. Ash tells Oshawott to do his best, as Don George says that they can't win against Lenora like that and to swim with all of their might. Axew meanwhile climbs onto the machine that controls the pool, gets excited about it, and starts pressing all of the keys. In the pool, a large wave appears above Ash and Oshawott, and sends them backwards in the pool to everyone's surprise. Pikachu looks over, and points out that Axew is messing with the machine. Pikachu scolds Axew, as Cilan and Iris arrive and spot what Axew is doing. Ash grabs Oshawott and asks if he is alright, and that they are not done practicing yet. He says that he won't lose, as he tosses Oshawott up the waterfall.

Don George tells Oshawott just to slide down the waterfall, as Oshawott glows light blue and a stream of water forms around him while everyone is shocked about it. Don George tells Oshawott to aim at the target on the wall, as Oshawott heads towards the target but hits the mat on the ground instead. Iris wonders if the attack could have been Aqua Jet, as Cilan says that it looked like it and that appeared to have a strange taste however. Ash jumps for joy that Oshawott learned Aqua Jet, as he slips and falls into the pool. Oshawott jumps back into the pool and Don George asks if Ash is alright, as Ash says that he never thought Oshawott would learn Aqua Jet. He tells Oshawott that it is amazing that he learned Aqua Jet, as Oshawott is proud of himself.

Back in the other room at the treadmill, Ash and Tepig continue to practice dodging balls while running. Don George tells them to use all of their might, to move faster, and to exceed their limits. Tepig uses Ember to finally keep the balls from hitting them. Cilan says that Tepig's speed, and the power of Ember have increased a lot. He says that the result of their practice is beginning to show. Ash says that they will definitely defeat Lenora, and says let's do this to Tepig. A red aura surrounds Tepig and he becomes surrounded by flames, while everyone is shocked and Ash is excited about it.

The next day, Ash returns to the Gym to battle Lenora, as she says that she has been waiting for him. She says that he looks like he has toughened up a lot, and that his face shows her that. Ash says that they practiced at the Pokémon Battle Club, and that today he will win and get the badge. Lenora says that she can always rely on him, and that she will provide him with her own type of welcome. She shows Ash two Poké Balls, and says that they will be battling with them. She tosses both Poké Balls, as both a Watchog and Herdier come out. Ash recognizes Watchog and wonders who the other Pokémon is, as he scans it with his Pokédex.

Iris notices that it is Lillipup's evolved form, and that Lenora will be using a different Pokémon from the last battle. Cilan says that she may have thought that it would be a better way to bring out Ash's strength with the progress he has made. Ash says that Herdier is definitely stronger than Lillipup, and that he is even more fired up now. Lenora comments that he seems to be taking a liking to Watchog, and that Herdier will be the first Pokémon that she battles with. She returns Watchog to its Poké Ball, as Ash says that he will show them the results of their practice. Ash brings out Tepig for battle. As Tepig comes out of his Poké Ball, Herdier growls at him. Tepig blows fire, as Ash says that it's the right kind of spirit from him. Hawes says that it will be a two-on-two battle, and that the challenger makes the first call.

Tepig runs forward, jumps, and uses Ember, as Herdier uses Protect to block the attack. Herdier fires four orbs of Shadow Ball and Tepig dodges the ones on the ground, as he uses Ember in the air to block the other ones. The Ember attack circles around the Shadow Balls, and creates gray smoke. Lenora says that They have sped up and increased the power of their moves. Tepig uses Tackle and Herdier uses Roar, as Tepig is sent back into his Poké Ball and Oshawott is sent out. Lenora returns Herdier to its Poké Ball, and brings out Watchog. Watchog uses Mean Look to prevent Oshawott from escaping, as Ash says that forcing Tepig to switch out and Oshawott coming out and preventing him from switching was what he knew would happen. Lenora says that since he expected it, she hopes he has a countermeasure against it.

Ash says of course and Oshawott uses Razor Shell, while Watchog tries to dodge but Oshawott is too fast and the attack still hits. Lenora says that Oshawott's speed has increased as well, Ash says that it's time for Oshawott to show off his new move. Oshawott uses Aqua Jet, but it misses and moves around the Gym out of control before he hits the ground hard. Oshawott is hurt but okay, as he tries to use Aqua Jet again, but again he misses and moves around the Gym before hitting the ground hard. Cilan says that he thinks that Oshawott's Aqua Jet has a weird taste. Lenora says that he really is something, that Oshawott has raised its speed and even learned Aqua Jet but hasn't mastered it yet. She says that he won't be able to win against her like this, as Ash says that he'll win no matter what.

Oshawott uses Water Gun, while Watchog jumps into the air to dodge the attack. Watchog uses Confuse Ray to confuse Oshawott, as Lenora says that not matter how much he trained, now that he is confused, there may not be anything that can be done about it and that it's their turn. Watchog uses Thunderbolt and Ash says for Oshawott to deflect the attack with his scalchop, but he cannot hold it long enough, so it still is able to hit Oshawott. Ash tells Oshawott not to give up, and to use Water Gun. Oshawott uses Water Gun, but it hits the walls and splashes water onto Ash. Cilan says that not only is Oshawott confused, but it took a lot of damage from Thunderbolt which he is at a disadvantage against. He says that right now Oshawott can only battle with unpleasant flavors. Iris asks if that means that they will lose again despite all of the training that they had. She wonders if that is even possible, as Ash says that he won't lose no matter what.

Oshawott snaps out of the confusion and uses Aqua Jet, as Lenora says that it's time to finish it and commands Watchog to use Thunderbolt. Watchog uses Thunderbolt, but it hits the Aqua Jet while sending it to the ceiling. Aqua Jet drops down to hit Watchog, as both Pokémon are knocked out. Cilan says that due to the Aqua Jet being hit by Thunderbolt, Aqua Jet landed a direct hit, while both attacks clashed and created harmony. He says that Pokémon battles are a lot of fun, as Iris realizes that both of them only have one Pokémon left, and that he just needs to win against Herdier to be able to earn the Basic Badge. Ash returns Oshawott to his Poké Ball and says good job and take a long rest. Lenora returns Watchog to its Poké Ball, and says that Ash surprised her since she didn't think Watchog would be defeated. She says that luck won't last forever, as she brings out Herdier for battle. Ash brings out Tepig for battle.

Tepig uses Ember, while Herdier uses Protect to block the attack. Tepig uses Tackle to hit Herdier, as its sent sliding backwards on the ground. Cilan says that the taste of Tepig's movements are sharp and rich enough. He says that they already were before, but the results of the practice really shows. A flashback of Ash and Tepig training was shown while Cilan was talking. Tepig uses Tackle and Herdier uses Shadow Ball to send four balls at him, while Tepig was not able to dodge them. The attacks hit Tepig, and create an explosion with Gray smoke. Iris says that he couldn't dodge because he was too close. Cilan says that speeding up and provoking a close combat is good, but it ended up backfiring. Lenora says that Tepig is trying really hard to live up to Ash's expectations, and that their bond is really wonderful. She says that as the Gym Leader of the Nacrene City Gym, she won't go easy on them.

Herdier uses Giga Impact to go into the air and hit Tepig hard, as everyone is shocked about what happened. Iris is amazed by Herdier's power, as Cilan says that he expects nothing less from a Normal Type user. He says that she shows many types of moves with excellence. Iris tells him that it's a bad time to say those carefree things, and asks if Ash will be in trouble at the rate the battle is going. Ash tells Tepig to not give up, that he can still fight, and that he believes in him as Tepig is able to stand back up. Herdier uses Shadow Ball, while Tepig dodges the attack and now looks very exhausted. Iris and Cilan say that Tepig is being cornered, and that if he is hit by another direct move, he will be completely drained by Lenora and lose.

Lenora says that he's on the verge of going down, and says that they should finish him off. Herdier uses Shadow Ball with 4 balls, as Tepig dodges the attack and moves on forward. Ash says that it's time to finish this, as Tepig cloaks itself with a red aura. Herdier uses Giga Impact, as Ash has Tepig use Flame Charge. Both attacks collide to create an explosion with gray smoke, as the smoke clears, both Pokémon are on the ground. Lenora and Ash both tell them to stand up, as both stand up. Only Tepig is able to stay up while Herdier collapses on the ground and is knocked out. Ash wins the Gym match, and is very excited about it.

Ash and his friends run up to congratulate them, as Ash thanks them for cheering him on. Cilan says that the main event Flame Charge was truly effective. He says that the battle has had a profound taste. Lenora walks up to them to say that Cilan is right, Ash is really something. Hawes says that he never thought that Flame Charge was going to be used at that point, and that they were both shocked by it. Lenora says that she fell in love with the way that Ash battles, as Ash thanks her for saying that. Lenora hands the Basic Badge to Ash, and tells him to keep fighting by believing in his Pokémon. Ash and his Pokémon celebrate that they won the Gym match, as everyone laughs about it.

As the sun sets, Ash and his friends are waiting for Nurse Joy to finish examining the Pokémon egg. She says that she has examined the egg, and that it is growing nicely. She is sure that it will hatch very soon. she tells them to keep raising the egg with care. They exit the Gym, as Cilan looks up the map to see where the next Gym is located. He says that Castelia City is the closest Gym. Iris confirms if Ash is certainly going to challenge the Castelia City Gym, as Ash says yes and that he'll keep it up so that he can earn his third badge.

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