Dancing With the Ducklett Trio!!


On their way to Castelia City, Ash and Iris are having a battle between Scraggy and Axew. Scraggy and Axew stare each other down prior to the battle. Some Pidove fly above them and the wind blows, as Cilan sees the battle between Ash and Iris. Axew approaches Scraggy to use Scratch, while Scraggy approaches Axew and hits him with Headbutt. Axew holds his head in pain, and then uses Scratch to make Scraggy's rubber pants fall down. Scraggy picks his rubber pants back up and Axew laughs, as Iris and Ash laugh nervously. Scraggy uses Leer which at first doesn't do anything, but when Scraggy move closer, Axew flinches. Ash and Pikachu wonder if the attack worked, as they laugh nervously. Iris tells Axew to use Dragon Rage, which surprises Ash, and Cilan covers up their food. Axew uses Dragon Rage which doesn't work, as it creates a blue and white explosion affecting everyone.

Cilan tells them that the meal he prepared is finished. Ash says that they've trained enough for now. A Ducklett watches them from the grass nearby, as Ash and Iris tell Axew and Scraggy that they did a good job. Oshawott comes out of his Poké Ball to go and eat, as Ash brings out his Poké Balls before the ground collapses underneath him. Ash and Pikachu go through an underground tunnel, as Cilan notices that the hole is very deep. Rocks fall in, and dust flies out of the hole, as the hole is completely covered now. Cilan suggests that they use Dig, as he brings out his Pansage. Iris gets Excadrill's Poké Ball out and says that in times like this, that she believes Excadrill will listen to her.

Ash and Pikachu scream, as they continue down the tunnel and Sandile finishes making the hole end on the side of the cliff. Sandile jumps out of the hole onto the ground, as Ash and Pikachu both come out of the hole and crash onto the ground. They look up and see that Sandile was waiting for them. Ash notices that it's the Sandile with glasses from before, as he remembers that Sandile was at the hot springs and sand baths awhile back. Ash realizes that Sandile was the one who dug the hole that they fell through. Sandile kicks up dust, as Ash realizes that it wants to battle Pikachu which is why it followed them. Ash accepts Sandile's challenge, as they get ready to battle.

Meanwhile, Iris brings out Excadrill with it still in Drill Mode, and asks it to please go after Ash and Pikachu. Excadrill refuses to listen, as Iris returns Excadrill to its Poké Ball. The Ducklett that was watching them before, appears out of the cloche and Cilan notices it. Ducklett walks off with the cloche, as Cilan and Pansage try to go after it. Ducklett uses Scald, as it deflects off of Oshawott's scalchop and hits Iris in the face. Oshawott can't hold the attack off any longer, as the attack hits him as well. Oshawott's face turns red, as he runs around in pain and throws his scalchop down. Oshawott looks sad and then picks up his scalchop to put it on his chest again, as he smiles afterwards. Oshawott looks at Ducklett angrily, as Ducklett laughs, waves, and flies away. Axew, Scraggy, Oshawott, and Iris all chase after the Ducklett and Cilan decides to go look for Ash.

Another Ducklett is watching Ash, Pikachu, and Sandile as they are getting ready to battle. Pikachu uses Thunderbolt on Sandile, but it doesn't have any effect on it. Ash realizes that Sandile is part Ground Type, so Electric attacks won't work on it. Sandile uses Bite, while Pikachu hits it with Iron Tail. A Ducklett appears in front of Pikachu and Sandile, as Ash scans it with his Pokédex. Sandile pushes Ducklett out of the way, as Sandile opens its mouth, and Ducklett puts it head inside of it. Sandile gets off of Ducklett, as it hacks and coughs. Ducklett puts its wing into one of Sandile's nostrils, as it sneezes and sends its sunglasses flying onto Ducklett's face. With a sad face, Sandile asks for its sunglasses back. Ducklett begins to walk away and pretends to give them back to Sandile which surprises it. Ducklett uses Water Gun on Sandile to send it backwards into Ash and Pikachu, and then flies away. Sandile is knocked out from the attack.

Ash, Pikachu, and Sandile search for the Ducklett. Sandile looks sad with its head down, as Ash tells it that they will make sure to get the sunglasses back. Several Woobat fly by overhead, as Sandile becomes scared and jumps onto Ash. Ash calms down Sandile by saying that they were just wild Woobat, and says that Sandile gets very timid without its sunglasses. Ash tells Sandile to not be depressed and to cheer up with Pikachu by their side. A Ducklett that was watching them dives down to steal Ash's hat, and puts it on its head. Sandile jumps onto Ash's leg, as Ducklett runs away. Ducklett uses Ice Beam, as Ash dodges the attack and an ice pillar is formed. Ash grabs Sandile, as they chase after the Ducklett to a lake where a second Ducklett is standing with Sandile's sunglasses.

The two Ducklett high five each other, as Ash realizes that the one that took the sunglasses is there too. Pikachu uses Thunderbolt to knock both Ducklett out. Ash tells Pikachu that they now have a chance to retrieve the items. The third Ducklett who has Cilan's cloche, dives in and uses Wing Attack on Ash. The other two Ducklett get back up, as all three wave and laugh at them. Ash is surprised that there are actually three of them. The Ducklett with the cloche uses Scald to burn Ash's face, as the Ducklett with his hat freezes him with Ice Beam. Ash says that it is cold, while the Ducklett Trio wave and laugh at them. Sandile uses Bite to break the ice, as Ash's purple face normalizes and he is relieved. The Ducklett Trio again laugh at them, as Pikachu prepares to use Thunderbolt again. The Ducklett Trio fly away, as Ash, Sandile, and Pikachu chase after them. They chase the Ducklett to a tree, where the Ducklett have entered a hole in the base of the tree.

The Ducklett Trio throw several items out of the tree at them, as Ash dodges the items. The Ducklett Trio fly out of the tree with more, items. Pikachu uses Thunderbolt, but the Ducklett drop an umbrella on him during the attack, and a soccer ball on top of Ash's head. Pikachu continues his Thunderbolt in the umbrella, as Ash tries to pull the umbrella off of him but is shocked by the attack. Sandile uses Bite to get the umbrella off of Pikachu. Pikachu gives off electrical sparks, as Ash picks him up and the sparks continue to come out and the umbrella is also giving off electric sparks. The Ducklett Trio use Water Gun which almost hits Sandile, as Ash, Pikachu, and Sandile run away into the forest. The Ducklett Trio laugh at them, wave, and wink.

Meanwhile, Oshawott, Scraggy and Axew continue to search for them, as Iris swings on a vine and lands in front of them. She says to the Pokémon that they should not run off without asking first. She says that they should now continue searching for Ash and Pikachu. Cilan climbs down the side of the cliff, as he says that it isn't necessary for them to go back. Cilan says that they went through the hole, and ended up where Iris and the other Pokémon are. Iris says that there is no doubt that Ash and Pikachu passed where they are at now. The Ducklett Trio play around with the items they stole, including a horn that one Ducklett blows into one of the other Ducklett's ears as it stands on Cilan's cloche. They look over at Ash and the others, as Ash notices that they stole a lot of items and tells Sandile that they will get the sunglasses and hat back no matter what. Pikachu continues to let off electric sparks, as Ash realizes that he doesn't have his Poké Balls with him so they will have to confront the Ducklett Trio by themselves. One Ducklett continues to blow the horn into the Ducklett with Ash's hat's ears, as Ash approaches them.

The trio wave, as Ash tells them that the don't want to fight and that they just want their items back. The two Ducklett with their items look at each other, as Sandile and Ash explain that the sunglasses are very precious to Sandile. The Trio look at each other, as the Ducklett with the sunglasses walks up to Ash and the others to give the sunglasses back. Sandile cries and Ash tries to grab the sunglasses, as Ducklett hits them with Water Gun and puts the sunglasses back on its face. The Ducklett laughs and then the others laugh as well, as Ash says that he won't forgive them anymore. Ash tells Pikachu to use Thunderbolt, but Pikachu tries and is unable to launch the attack. Pikachu tries and fails to use Thunderbolt again, as Ash realizes that the umbrella being stuck on Pikachu made it unable to use Electric attacks.

Sandile goes in front of them to fight, as Ash tells Sandile that the Ducklett are Water Type Pokémon. Ash tells Sandile that they will cheer it on as it attacks the Ducklett. The Ducklett trio laugh, and send the items they are holding to a spot on the ground by the lake. The trio come in to attack, as Sandile uses Stone Edge and they dodge the attack. One Ducklett uses Ice Beam, while Sandile dodges the attack. Another Ducklett uses Scald, as Sandile dodges the attack. The third Ducklett uses Scald, as Pikachu blocks the attack with Iron Tail. The trio plan what they are going to do next, as they fly towards Pikachu. Pikachu goes towards them, as they pass him by and head towards Sandile to attack. The Ducklett Trio attack Sandile with Wing Attack, as Ash and Pikachu go after them as they begin to fight each other. Ash, Pikachu, and Sandile are sent hard to the ground, as the Ducklett Trio land gently on the ground.

Pikachu builds up electricity surrounding his body, as the Ducklett nervously watch. The electricity that Pikachu builds up turns into an Electric ball, as he spins and sends it with his tail towards the Ducklett to send the flying into the air. Ash wonders what that attack was, as Cilan says that it's called Electro Ball and Iris calls him a child for not knowing that. Cilan says that by learning Electro Ball, Pikachu has learned a move with a new taste. Scraggy tries to Headbutt Sandile, as Oshawott pulls him back before he attacks it. Ash explains to Cilan and Iris that the Sandile is the same one from when they were at the sand baths and hot springs from before. The Ducklett return, as Cilan realizes that there were a total of three of them, as Iris yells at them for hitting her with Scald and that she won't forgive them for it. The Ducklett Trio use Ice Beam, Scald, and Water Gun each, as everyone dodges the attacks except for Oshawott.

Oshawott is hit by Scald, as he runs around in pain and throws his Scalchop down to the ground. Oshawott looks sad, picks up his Scalchop, puts it on his chest, and smiles. Oshawott gives a mad look to the Ducklett, as they laugh at him. Pikachu gives off electric sparks, as Ash wonders if he is able to attack. The Ducklett Trio dive towards Pikachu, as he uses Thunderbolt to blast them high into the sky and they wave at everyone before flying away in the sky. Sandile grabs its sunglasses to put on its head, as Iris realizes that Sandile had its sunglasses stolen as well. Scraggy grabs Ash's hat and hands it back to him, as Ash thanks him for it. Cilan grabs his cloche and says that he is glad that they have all of their items back, as Oshawott is happy about it as well and touches his scalchop.

Ash and his friends go to the Pokémon Center to fully heal Sandile and Pikachu. Ash thanks Nurse Joy, as she says that Ducklett are well known for loving to pull pranks on everyone and that they must have had a hard time. Ash nervously says yes, but thanks to the Ducklett Trio, Pikachu was able to learn a new move. Sandile smiles and is very glad that Pikachu learned a new move. Outside, Ash and Pikachu get ready to battle Sandile, as Cilan mentions that Sandile came all the way here just to battle Pikachu. Iris says that the newly learned Electro Ball won't have any affect on Sandile, since it is part Ground Type and says that Pikachu is at a disadvantage. Cilan says that he thinks Ash knows that, and wonders what secret ingredients, and what kind of spices will they show in this battle. He says that it is what they have to watch out for.

Pikachu moves in to attack, while Sandile sends him back with Stone Edge. Pikachu hits Sandile with Quick Attack, as Cilan comments that Ash's strategy is to avoid using Electric Type moves and deal firm damage with Quick Attack. Pikachu prepares to use Iron Tail, but Sandile use Dig to go underground. Sandile comes out of the ground to hit Pikachu, and then goes back down under the ground. Sandile again comes out of the ground to hit Pikachu and send it hard to the ground, as Iris says that it's very effective. Cilan says that by using Dig, it has erased the taste of Pikachu's battle. Sandile comes closer, glows white, and evolves into Krokorok. Krokorok poses after evolving, as Ash scans it with his Pokédex. Krokorok uses Stone Edge and Pikachu uses Electro Ball, as Iris wonders why Ash would have Pikachu use that move since it is ineffective. Both attacks collide, as Electro Ball pushes the Stone Edge towards Krokorok and sends it high into the sky. Iris was very surprised that Electro Ball was able to deflect the attack.

Iris says that Electro Ball has a lot of power, as Cilan says that Pikachu's battle may have ended in a draw, but he now has a nice rival. Ash says that they'll see it again, battle it again, and definitely win their next battle. As the sun sets, Ash and his friends continue their journey to Castelia City.

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