A Venipede Stampede!


The episode begins at night with Team Rocket's helicopter flying overhead and scanning the ground for a meteorite. They are using energy from the one from the museum to find the other meteorite. At first they are getting no response, as Dr. Zager says that the energy pulse at land is already 1226, and that everything is going as planned. Meowth and Team Rocket are looking at a computer screen that shows where they are at and what the scan is showing of the land. James says that the computer screen is showing that they are picking something up on the censor, as Dr. Zager says that they have finally found the meteorite. The Helicopter is shown flying above where it is at, as the underground cave is shown with an shining orange meteorite inside.

Ash and his friends arrive in Castelia City, as Ash says that he is going to finally challenge the Castelia Gym. They notice that the city is very big, as Cilan says that it is very famous for having Casteliacones and that he would like to have one. Iris suggests that they eat one before heading to the Gym. Ash angrily says that they shouldn't until after the Gym battle. Cilan says that if they take the path through the central area, they should be at the Gym. Cilan asks Ash if he is ready for his Gym match, as Ash says that his plan is to face Burgh with a passionate impression. They look over to the side of the park, and see Burgh thinking.

Ash tells Burgh that they were just on their way to the Castelia Gym, as Burgh tells them that they will have to wait awhile since there is something bothering him. Burgh says that he can hear a commotion from the Bug Type Pokémon since last night, as Iris says that Bug Type Pokémon do make noise when disaster approaches. Burgh says that Bug Pokémon can sense Electromagnetic Waves, which humans are unable to do. Iris says that she can feel something too, as she points in a certain direction. They head in that direction to only find an ice cream stand. They notice that it is closed, as Iris is very embarrassed about it. Ash says that she just wanted to treat herself to some ice cream, as Iris says that it wasn't why she brought them there. Pikachu hears something coming from the sewer, as Burgh explains that it has an underground canal that connects to the river by that is quite a ways from the city. He says that Pokémon have moved through it from the desert. They decide to go down into the sewer to take a look.

They walk through the sewer, as they spot a Venipede with its head stuck in a pipe. Ash scans Venipede with his Pokédex. Cilan says that Venipede has its head stuck and is trying to get out of the pipe. Ash decides to help it out, as Burgh warns that its ability is Poison Point and that by a slight touch, Ash will be poisoned by it. Ash sees that it is struggling, as he decides to pull it out anyway and hits the ground. Venipede lands on its head and backs away, as it uses Screech out of fear towards everyone. Venipede stops the attack and collapses since it is hurt. Ash says that it was being reckless knowing that it has that injury, and that they need to treat it right away. Cilan warns him that Venipede might attack again. Ash says to Venipede that they won't harm it, and asks it to calm down. Venipede uses Tackle on his head, as Ash says that they just want to help it out. Pikachu tells Venipede the same thing, as Venipede finally calms down.

Ash's face turns purple and he tells Burgh to take care of Venipede, as Ash collapses to the ground. They realize that he has been poisoned, and wonder if they have an Antidote. Cilan feeds Ash the Antidote, as he feels a whole lot better and thanks Cilan since he is the reason Ash is still alive. Iris uses a potion on Venipede, and Burgh applies a bandage to its back. Burgh says that what Ash did set off his pure heart. Iris hands Venipede an Oran Berry and says that it will make it feel better. Venipede eats the Oran Berry and feels a lot better. Everyone is relieved that it is feeling better. Burgh wonders why its head was stuck in the pipe in the first place. They hear something, as they see a large swarm of Venipede walking through the sewer. Burgh says that they are supposed to be in the desert outside of Castelia City. The Venipede use Screech on everyone, as Burgh says that they are mad about something. The Venipede almost hit everyone with Sludge Bomb, as Burgh says that it is a bad situation and that they need to get out of there. Ash wonders about what to do about the injured Venipede, as they run out of the sewer and Ash leaves it there.

As they head back outside, they see the swarm is attacking the city by knocking over a truck, carrying a woman, and using Sludge Bomb on the people and buildings. Officer Jenny arrives in her motorcycle with Herdier, as she says that it is dangerous there, and that they should evacuate the city. She says that the city is surrounded by a swarm of Venipede, and that Professor Juniper is trying to figure out why this is happening. They hear an explosion, as smoke is coming from the Pokémon Center. They decide to check out what is going on over there, as they head over to the Pokémon Center. Once they get to the Pokémon Center, they see Trainers that have a Darmanitan, Pansear, and Pignite that are attacking the Venipede. Ash and his friends see that Trip is there as well. Trip brings out Lampent, as Ash scans it with his Pokédex. The Pokémon all use Flamethrower to hit the Venipede, as the Venipede use Sludge Bomb towards everyone. Trip tells the Pokémon that they must keep continuing to use Flamethrower on them.

Ash tells Trip that they must stop attacking the Venipede, as Trip tells him to get out of the way or else he will have to become their opponent as well. Ash asks him why they are attacking the Venipede, as Trip says that they are barricading the humans and that it's only natural that they take things into their own hands. Ash tells him that Professor Juniper is investigating what the cause is, and that they need to hold off their attacks. Trip calls Ash naive, and says that Castelia City is very different from Kanto.

The mayor walks by as he says that it needs to be taken care of quickly and that if it continues, there will be chaos in the city. He says that the Venipede's poison is dangerous, and that they need to either contain them, or evacuate the people. Burgh says to wait, as he says that if they try to contain the Venipede, they will resist and rebel. He says that if they resort to fighting, it will not do either side and good. The mayor asks if they really do have another option. Burgh says that if they were able to gather and place all of the Venipede in the central area, they could find out the cause as to why they are acting so strangely. Officer Jenny says that Professor Juniper and the police are investigating the cause as well. The mayor asks how they will gather them into the central area. Burgh says that if they locate the leader of the swarm and have it follow them, he is sure that the others will comply and follow as well. The mayor decides that they will try Burgh's plan. The mayor says that if they are unable to gather the Venipede into the central area, then he will take extreme measures. They head off to find the leader of the swarm, as he asks Cilan to go get Nurse Joy since they need Audino's help and to join them later.

Back at the lab, an assistant of Professor Juniper says that the data from the EXA Observation Satellite has been received. As the professor looks at the graph, the assistant asks why it is important to use the EXA Observation Satellite to diagnose the actions of the Venipede. Professor Juniper says that the Venipede burrow underground and build their nests there. She says that the cause of them moving might be because of a reaction within the earth's ground. Meanwhile in the city, Ash asks Burgh how they will find the leader of the Venipede. Burgh says that wild Pokémon are side by side in times of danger, and that if they find a swarm gathering around a certain one then that's where the leader might be. He says that a leader will always be in a place where they can monitor their way with the swarm. Iris spots a Venipede with a large body on top of a clock tower building and surrounded by others that are in the swarm. Burgh says that it is another way to find the leader, and if it is the leader, it will come down first and approach them for a challenge.

The leader jumps down from the top of the clock tower building, and in front of everyone. Burgh tells Venipede that the swarm will be in danger if they stay here, and asks that it follows him. Venipede uses Sludge Bomb which almost hits Burgh and hits a building, as Burgh tells it to please calm down. Trip decides to attack the leader of the swarm. Lampent uses Flamethrower, while Venipede dodges the attack. Ash tells Trip to stop attacking it. Venipede uses Sludge Bomb, while Lampent dodges the attack. Ash tells trip not to attack for no good reason, as Trip says that if they defeat the leader then the swarm will fall apart, which is what his intention is. Iris asks how he could say that calmly, as Ash says that they agreed that they would move them to the central area without any means of attacking. Trip says that it is pointless, and that the leader will not agree to those conditions. Lampent uses Shadow Ball, as Ash jumps in front of Venipede to take the hit and Trip calls it pointless.

Burgh tells Trip to stop already, as the Venipede that was stuck in the pipe before, crawls up to Ash to see if he is okay. Ash tells Trip that the Venipede can be gentle Pokémon, which is why there is no reason to attack them. Trip says that it has nothing to do with the reason but the outcome, as Burgh tells him that he is being unjust. He says that their pure hearts have yet to bloom and reach the Venipede, as Ash says that until then to please wait. Cilan arrives with Nurse Joy and Audino, as Trip returns Lampent to its Poké Ball and says that they can do what they want. Trip says that he doesn't understand their motives for doing what they are planning. Burgh asks Nurse Joy to have her Audino use Heal Pulse to reassure the Venipede, and to calm their nerves.

Audino uses Heal Pulse on several Venipede, as Burgh tells them to follow him and starts playing a bug flute. The Venipede start heading towards the central area, as Burgh tells everyone to round up the remaining separated Venipede and lead them into the right direction. Burgh heads off, as the Venipede follow them and Ash and his friends round up the other Venipede. Ash goes to three Venipede in an alleyway, and brings out Pidove. Pidove uses Gust to send the Venipede where they are supposed to go. Iris goes to the roof of a building where some Venipede are sleeping. Axew tries to use Dragon Rage, but it doesn't work and explodes. The Venipede still head down the building to where they are supposed to go, as Iris and Axew are happy about it. Cilan tells Pansage to use a gentle Bullet Seed on the Venipede on the ground. Pansage uses a light Bullet Seed, as the Venipede are scared and go to where they are supposed to go. Two Venipede are butting heads with each other, as Audino uses Heal Pulse to calm them down and lead them where they are supposed to go to.

Ash sees four Venipede on a small roof on the side of a building, and has Pidove go after them. A Venipede uses Sludge Bomb towards Pidove, as Trip's Tranquill uses Air Slash to block the attack and saving Pidove. Ash sees Trip, as he has Tranquill use Air Cutter. Tranquill uses Air Cutter to lead the four Venipede back to where they are supposed to go to. Pidove uses Gust on three Venipede, as they go back to where they are supposed to go. Pidove flexes its wings like muscles, glows a blue aura, and evolves into Tranquill. Ash scans his Tranquill with his Pokédex. Ash's Tranquill uses Gust to send a few more Venipede back to where they are supposed to go. Trip's Tranquill uses Aerial Ace to send a group of Venipede back to where they are supposed to go. Ash looks over to Trip and smiles, as Trip looks away and Ash is disappointed.

Back at the lab, an assistant tells Professor Juniper that they have picked up a signal on some unusual energy as they see it on the computer screen, and Professor Juniper tells them to follow it through. A satellite is shown floating over the entire Pokémon world. They see that there is a strange energy occurrence in the Resort Desert, and that two unfamiliar energies are beginning to fuse. Professor Juniper wonders what is happening in the Resort Desert. As Giovanni is flying in a Team Rocket airplane, a Team Rocket Grunt informs him that they will be arriving in the Unova Region shortly. Giovanni grins as he mentions the Meteorite, and says that everything will be done for the glory of Team Rocket as the plane flies away and the sun sets.

That night, all of the Venipede have gathered in the central area, as a couple of Herdier are watching over them. Ash is glad that they were able to get the Venipede to the central area. The mayor says that it is a relief to the city's residents. He says good work to Burgh, as Burgh says that he should be thanking Ash and his friends. Ash says that they were just following what Burgh was saying, as Cilan says that they knew that it would lead to this outcome. The mayor says thank you to everyone for their help. Trip says that he is going to the next town, since the Gym isn't going to be available for awhile. He says that he doesn't want to waste his time, when he could easily go to another Gym. Iris calls him a very impatient lad, as Cilan says that his mellow taste only lasted a few seconds and that when it comes to Trip, he has his own strange taste.

Ash tells Trip that the next time they meet, they should have a Pokémon battle, as Trip asks if Ash has any chance of winning the next time they battle. Ash has a disgusted look on his face afterwards. Professor Juniper's Helicopter lands on the roof of a building, as she tells Ash that she heard about everything that happened from Officer Jenny and tells them good work. Burgh asks her if she knows the cause of the Venipede's mass movement. The Professor shows them a diagram of the Resort Desert, as she says that they are in the wilderness surrounding Castelia City where they found a mysterious energy flow. She says that the traces of the flow lead to a large amount of energy from the Resort Desert. Burgh says that the energy bothered the Venipede swarm, causing them to flee in fear. The mayor asks her if she knows what the energy is, as she says that she is making her way to investigate that now. Officer Jenny decides to go with Professor Juniper to the Resort Desert. Burgh says that he wants to go with Professor Juniper, but the Venipede are still in the central area, so he must wait alongside of them. Ash tells him to take care of the Venipede swarm.

Japanese Ending - Ash asks that they accompany Professor Juniper to the Resort Desert. She says that it would be too troublesome He says that he has befriended one of the Venipede that is being affected by it, and that's why he wants to help the Venipede swarm and bring peace to their nest. The professor agrees, and tells them that it's under one condition. She says that if they run into any trouble, they will listen to Officer Jenny's instructions. As the sun rises, everyone waves goodbye to Burgh as they fly away in the helicopter and head towards the Resort Desert.

Dub Ending - As the sun sets, Professor Juniper leaves everyone to head to the Resort Desert with Officer Jenny, as they wave goodbye. Ash is now ready to challenge the Castelia Gym.

Special Thanks to Gaylen50 for writing these for us



Officer Jenny
Nurse Joy
Professor Juniper
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Officer Jenny's Herdier

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Nurse Joy's Audino

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