Scare at the Litwick Mansion!!


On their way to Nimbasa City, Ash and his friends are walking through intense heat. Ash says that if only it would rain, the coolness would really help them. Iris' nose twitches, as she points her finger in the air, and says that there's a southerly and it smells of water. She says that it is about to rain outside. Ash says that the sun is shining very brightly, and that if it rains then he'll walk on his hands for her. Thunder and lightning strike, as it begins to pour outside. They decide to take shelter somewhere, as they find a mansion in the middle of the road. They knock on the doors to see if anyone's home, as the doors eventually open on their own. They enter the mansion and call out to see if anyone is home so that they can ask to take shelter from the rain.

Upstairs, Team Rocket sees them on the computer screen. James says that they finally found a hideout away from people and now Ash and his friends show up, as Meowth says that they had just managed to make communication. Jessie says that it seems that it was all for nothing. James says that they always seem to get in their way. Jessie says that they should grab Pikachu and chase the others away. James suggests that they let the Litwick handle it, as Jessie says that they were the ones that were settled there before they came along. Meowth says that the Litwick will listen to what Yamask tells them to. The Litwick and Yamask were playing while Team Rocket was talking. James tells Yamask to have the Litwick capture Pikachu and chase Ash and his friends away. Yamask tells the Litwick what to do, as they agree to do it and go off to where the others are.

Ash and his friends continue searching for the owner of the mansion, as they check the study area. Cilan suggests that they stay there until the rain stops, and that it should be fine if they tell the owner what happened afterwards. As the rain continues to pour down, Ash comments that it is raining really heavily. Iris says that she said that would happen, as Cilan says that it should be called the instincts of the wilderness. Ash remembers the promise that he made, and stands on his hands. Iris says that he doesn't have to do that, and calls him a child. The windows fly open, as Ash falls to the ground. Cilan comments that it's starting to get very windy. Cilan closes the window, but it opens on its own. A desk drawer with a vase on it almost hit Ash and Iris, as it crashes into the wall. Iris says that the mansion feels strange, as if somebody is watching them. As she is saying that, a couple of Litwick are watching them from the top of the stairs. Cilan says that it was just the wind, as Iris asks if the wind could really move such large objects.

Cilan and Ash look up, and have ghostly terrified looks on their faces. Iris asks them why they look like Pidove who were just hit by Water Gun. Iris looks behind her, as they see several objects with a head statue moving towards them. The objects and the statue attack Ash and his friends with an umbrella, and chase them around the mansion. They try to go outside, but a desk drawer moves in front of them to block the doorway. The objects and the statue attack them again, as they all crash to the ground. The statue lands in front of Cilan, as he freaks out about it. Meanwhile while watching them, Jessie says that they told the Litwick not to block the doors, but to chase them outside and get Pikachu. Meowth says that the Litwick have not understood their orders, and says that he'll speak with Yamask about it.

Ash and his friends sit on chairs in the dining room, as they notice that the table has been set. Cilan wonders if someone really is there after all. A bell floats up into the air and rings, as Ash and his friends float into the air along with the other objects in the room. They float around the room in roller coaster movements, as silverware flies towards them. They are barely able to avoid the silverware, as they are placed outside of the dining room door. Ash looks up, and sees that a hand is being offered to them by clothing that is being controlled by Psychic. They scream in terror, as they are being forced to move around with the clothing inside. Pikachu uses Thunderbolt to stop everything that is going on, as the four Litwick appear and try to run away.

One Litwick falls, as Ash looks at it with a very angry face. Ash scans Litwick with his Pokédex, as it breaks off in the middle of the info about Litwick. Cilan says that he is sure the Litwick is responsible, since it most likely knows Psychic. Ash asks Litwick if its Trainer is inside of the mansion. Litwick is unsure of how to answer their question, as Ash says that they are not going to hurt it. Iris tells Litwick that they are not burglars, as Cilan says that they just wanted to rest for awhile. They realize that they cannot understand what Litwick is trying to tell them. Ash and his friends walk down the hallway, as they ask Litwick where its friends are. Yamask appears in front of them while scaring Ash and disappears, as Meowth and Litwick walk by while telling them directions to get rid of Ash and his friends. Meowth sees them, and runs away from them. Ash and his friends follow them, but Meowth and the Litwick disappeared. Cilan wonders why Team Rocker is in the mansion, as Ash says that the must be plotting something. They decide to go check things out.

Meanwhile, Meowth returns to Jessie and James and says that Ash and his friends spotted him. James asks Meowth if he is okay since he is looking very thin, as Meowth says that James looks the same way. Jessie comments that they both look haggard, as James tells her that she looks the same way as well. Meowth says that it's because they've been working so hard without a break. As they are talking, the Litwick are playing around. Jessie says that they have to get Pikachu, and chase the others away as soon as possible since the mansion is a perfect secret base. James says that for them to be active in the Unova Region, they need to have a front-line base to work with. They drop to the ground, as the Litwick walk up to them. James notices that their flames look bigger than before. Jessie says that it is just his imagination. A flashback is shown of what their flames looked like before. Jessie tells Yamask to let the Litwick know that they need to send Ash and his friends away. The Litwick turn away from Team Rocket, and have an evil grin on their face.

In the main hallway area, Ash and his friends call out for Team Rocket to come out. They say that if Team Rocket is planning something bad, that it will not work. They see another Litwick, as it uses Psychic to send a couple of drawers and vases over their heads. Ash says to the Litwick that they are not its enemies. With an evil grin, Litwick uses Psychic to drop the chandelier almost on top of everyone, as they run away. More Chandeliers keep dropping as they are running away. Litwick comes closer to Axew, and is able to take him away from the others. Ash and his friends wake up and realize that Axew is gone. Cilan wonders why the Litwick are doing that to them.

Meanwhile, Team Rocket notices that Yamask is no longer in the same room as them. Meowth says that Yamask is most likely supervising the Litwick's work, as James says that he hopes that it is the case. Ash and his friends continue searching for Axew, and cannot find him anywhere. Pikachu hears something and looks behind him, as a Litwick sneaks up behind him to grab him while Pikachu is very scared. Ash turns around to see that Pikachu is now missing too. They call out for Pikachu and Axew, as Iris wonders if Team Rocket took them. Team Rocket contacts Dr. Zager to tell him that they found a place for a base in the Unova Region, and asks him to collaborate with them. Dr. Zager asks them what type of building it is. Jessie says that it is a very big mansion with a kitchen, bathroom, elevator, a walk-in closet, and an army of Litwick as well. James says that they are very nice and obedient Pokémon that listen to everything that they say.

Dr. Zager tells them to be careful, since the Litwick are said to absorb life energy of both humans and Pokémon. He says that he has always wanted to analyze that himself, as the they are cut off from communicating with him. James says that it must mean that their life energy must have been absorbed by the Litwick that whole time. Jessie looks in her mirror, and is shocked by how her face looks. James says that it must be why they look so haggard. Jessie says that she is having trouble breathing, as James says that they need to leave the mansion immediately. They wonder where Meowth is, as they remember that he went to check on the Litwick which worries them. Meanwhile, Meowth is walking down the hallway and wondering why he is having so much trouble walking. Meowth sees a Litwick, and tells it that they need to hurry up and chase Ash and his friends away. With an evil look on its face, Litwick uses Psychic to life Meowth.

Ash and his friends go back into the main hallway, and continue to call out for Axew and Pikachu. Cilan asks Ash if the Pokédex entry was cut off halfway before, as Ash says that it has never happened before though. Cilan tells Ash to look up Litwick on his Pokédex again. Ash looks up Litwick on his Pokédex once again. The end of the Pokédex entry says that they pretend to be a guide, but instead tries to take them to the spirit world. Lightning flashes, as they are shocked about what they just heard. It also says that they absorb the life energy of humans and Pokémon, as it lights up the flame on their heads. They realize that their lives are on the line, and that the Litwick from before switched off the Pokédex halfway through the information so that they wouldn't know about that important information. Iris says that they need to find Axew and Pikachu quickly. They head off to find them again, as the computer screen that displays them has no one watching the mansion anymore.

Jessie and James walk down the hallway, as they continue to search for Meowth, and say that he'll be harmed by the Litwick if he approaches them. They both look completely exhausted, as Jessie begs for her life energy to be returned to her. The elevator in front of them opens, as an Inferno attack hits them. Ash and his friends arrive at a stairwell and spot two of the Litwick, as they demand to know where they took Axew and Pikachu. They follow the Litwick down the stairs to the basement, as they see Pikachu, Meowth, Yamask and Axew passed out on the floor. The doors to the stairwell close behind them, as an Inferno blows through the door. Team Rocket busts through the door and try to say their motto, but they are completely worn out and have trouble finishing the motto. Jessie says that they need to get out of the mansion and quickly, as Meowth says that this is their chance to get Pikachu. James says they are in trouble with the Litwick taking all of their energy.

The Litwick and Lampent show up, with very large flames on their heads, and in Lampent's lamp. James comments that their flames are even bigger not, as Team Rocket is completely terrified. Ash scans Lampent with his Pokédex. The Litwick and Lampent use Inferno to break the wall as the everyone dodges, and opens up the pathway to the spirit world. They say that if they get sucked in, then it will be goodbye. The Litwick use Shadow Ball and Lampent uses Inferno to try and send them through the pathway. Everyone tries very hard to hold on and not be sent through, but Lampent uses Inferno to fully break open the walls to have them go to the spirit world. Cilan says that they won't be able to escape unless they defeat the Litwick and Lampent.

Ash brings out Oshawott to attack them. Oshawott uses Water Gun, as the Ghost Pokémon use Protect to block the attack. Cilan brings out Dwebble to also attack the them. Dwebble uses X-Scissor, while the Ghost Pokémon dodge the attack. Jessie brings out Woobat to also attack them. Woobat uses Air Slash and Yamask uses Shadow Ball, but the Ghost Pokémon dodge both of the attacks. The Litwick uses Psychic on Yamask and Woobat to send them into Team Rocket, and try to send them into the spirit world. Team Rocket hold on to the edge and are about to slip, as Jessie and James say that their life energy is being absorbed and at this rate the situation is going to become even worse. Jessie slips, but Ash grabs and saves her. The Litwick hit Cilan with Shadow Ball, but James grabs to save him. Jessie says that they should have a temporary truce, as James says that they need to combine their powers and battle. Cilan says that it's Blending Time.

Yamask uses Shadow Ball, while the Ghost Pokémon use Protect to block the attack as James gives Cilan a cue. Dwebble uses X-Scissor on the Litwick. Lampent uses Inferno and Oshawott uses Water Gun, as both attacks collide to create steam. Woobat uses Air Slash to hit the Lampent. Pikachu uses Electro Ball to hit the Ghost Pokémon and send them back into the spirit world, as the walls return and enclose the area. Team Rocket is finally back to normal, as all of their life energy has returned. Jessie says that they need to hurry up and leave this awful mansion. Cilan says that they should leave as well.

Ash and his friends head outside, and look back to see that the mansion looks completely torn up and ripped apart. They realize that the Litwick must have made it look like a nice mansion on purpose. Iris says that it felt strange as soon as they entered it in the first place. Team Rocket arrives on the roof in jet packs, and Jessie says that the next time they meet, there will no longer be a truce. James says that they will definitely take Pikachu. Team Rocket blasts off into the sky in their jet packs. Iris's nose twitches and she points up to the sky, as she says that she smells water in the air again. It begins to thunderstorm again, as Ash and his friends turn away from the mansion and take shelter underneath a tree.

Special Thanks to Gaylen50 for writing these for us



Professor Zager


Ash's Pikachu Ash's Oshawott

Iris's Axew

Cilan's Dwebble

Jessie's Woobat

James's Yamask

Rocket's Meowth

Wild's Litwick Wild's Lampent