Cottonee in Love


As Ash and his friends are headed to Nimbasa City, they have a practice battle between Scraggy and Axew. Scraggy uses Headbutt, while Axew dodges the attack. Axew uses Scratch to hit Scraggy, and then knocks him out with Dragon Rage. A strong wind blows through where they are at in the field, as a Cottonee floats down right above Scraggy. Cilan tells Ash that it is a Cottonee, as Ash scans it with his Pokédex. Scraggy gets up and stares at Cottonee, as it shoots cotton spores to keep Scraggy distracted. Cilan says that it is unusual to see a Cottonee by itself during this season, since they are often in groups at this time and couples are often formed in those groups. Iris asks if it is like group dating, as Cilan says that they ride off in the seasonal wind for their honeymoon. Iris says that it sounds romantic while she is eating apple, as Cilan says that it is not something to say while she is eating an apple. Ash wonders if couples are compatible friends, as Iris calls him a child for saying that.

Cilan scans the area, and sees that the Rainbow Valley is nearby. Cilan explains that there is a seasonal wind called the Diamond Breeze that blows there. He says that the wind glitters, and that the valley is famous for the Cottonee to gather and set off while riding the Diamond Breeze. Iris says that it is even more romantic, as Cilan says that the Cottonee in front of them is most likely on its way to the Rainbow Valley. Scraggy points out that there is another Cottonee headed their way. As the Cottonee comes closer, the other Cottonee begins to blush. Cilan wonders if the male Cottonee left its group to go after that female one. Cilan says that it's Confession Time, as he tells Cottonee that he needs to tell how he feels to the female. Iris says that when it comes to love, being aggressive is very important, as Cilan says that she didn't talk about love when eating an apple while Iris says that she is hungry though. Ash wonders if the Cottonee just needs to ask her to be its friend, as Iris calls him a child for saying that.

The male Cottonee goes up to the female, as everyone wonders what will happen between them. The female rejects the male, and uses Stun Spore to paralyze him. The female hits him with Razor Leaf, as Cilan says that it has become Battle Time instead of Confession Time. He says that the female is most likely testing out his strength in battle. The female hits him with Energy Ball, as Ash says that he needs to dodge the attacks. The male uses Razor Leaf and Energy Ball but both attacks miss, as Ash wonders where he is aiming at. The female knocks him out with Energy Ball, and leaves him behind in rejection. The male Cottonee cries after being rejected by the one that he loves. Iris says that if he is weak in battle, then the female will keep rejecting him. Iris says that when it comes to love, it needs to be settled beautifully and very well done, while Cilan says that eating while talking about love isn't a good thing. Cilan puts a bandage on Cottonee's head, and says that for him to form a couple with someone, they must be a strong battler. Ash says that they will have to do special training, as Scraggy volunteers to be Cottonee's opponent.

Scraggy uses Leer, but Cottonee becomes frightened and hides behind a tree stump. Ash tells Cottonee that it can't run away from the battle. Scraggy uses Headbutt, while Cottonee uses Cotton Guard to protect itself. Ash tells Cottonee that he needs to watch the opponent closely while not averting his eyes, and then dodging the attack. Ash says that if Cottonee averts his eyes, he won't be able to dodge the attack. Scraggy moves in to attack, as Ash tells Cottonee to watch closely. Scraggy uses Headbutt to hit Cottonee, since Cottonee watched for too long and was unable to dodge the attack. Ash says to him that he can't watch the opponent for too long, or else he can't dodge the attack. He says that Cottonee needs to watch closely and then dodge the attack quickly, as Ash physically shows him how to dodge the attack. Scraggy uses Headbutt, as Cottonee is finally able to dodge the attack. They decide to practice dodging upwards next. Scraggy uses Headbutt several times, while Cottonee is dodging every single one of the attacks. Cilan says that Cottonee appears to be a fast learner, as Axew tells Iris that he wants to battle Cottonee next.

Meanwhile, Team Rocket is looking at a group of Cottonee with binoculars and counting them, as Jessie says that five isn't enough since they usually form in groups of one hundred. James says that if they are not in large groups than they are useless to them. Jessie says that they need to capture them before they ride the seasonal wind and break off into small groups in all directions. James scans the area for larger groups of the Cottonee. Ash reminds Cottonee that he needs to watch his opponent closely and then dodge the attacks. Axew uses Scratch while Cottonee dodges each attack, as Cilan says that his movements are becoming smoother. Cottonee tries to use Energy Ball, but he falls over and misses the target with the attack. Ash tells Cottonee that he needs to aim properly before firing the attack. Iris comments that it's like Axew was before, he couldn't fire Dragon Rage for a long time either, as she tells Axew to teach Cottonee how to aim properly.

Axew explains to Cottonee how to aim an attack, and then demonstrates by smashing a tree stump with Dragon Rage. Axew puts a rock on the stump, and has Cottonee aim at that. Cottonee uses Energy Ball, but loses his balance and the attack misses the target. Ash says to Cottonee that he needs to aim before firing the attack. He says that Cottonee needs to be very still when launching the attack since the aim will be off if he moves at all, as Ash physically shows him how to stay still. Ash holds Cottonee still, while Cottonee uses Energy Ball and it succeeds in hitting the rock this time. Cilan says that Dwebble is the next opponent for Cottonee. Dwebble uses Slash, while Cottonee dodges the attack. Dwebble uses X-Scissor, while Cottonee uses Cotton Guard to bounce it away from him. Cottonee uses Razor Leaf to hit Dwebble, as everyone cheers him on. Cilan brings out Pansage next to battle the Cottonee. Cottonee uses Razor Leaf, as Pansage dodges the attack. As Pansage is coming down to the ground, Cottonee hits him with Energy Ball. Cilan says that with that much skill gained, Cottonee should do fine in battle.

Iris tells Cottonee not to mope around after being rejected only once, and that he should attack again and again, as Cilan says that a normal girl wouldn't be able to swallow food if she thought about love. Iris says that for some reason she gets hungry when thinking about love and that she is famished. Cilan says that it is time for them to look for the other Cottonee, as Ash says that it is possible that it already headed towards the Rainbow Valley. Cilan explains that the Diamond Breeze only appears over Rainbow Valley after a full moon, which is why he thinks that it hasn't gone there yet. Iris says that there wasn't a full moon yet the day before. They decide to go and look for the other Cottonee. Ash tries to return Scraggy to his Poké Ball, but Scraggy says that it wants to stay since it is worried about the Cottonee. Ash says that they will all head to the Rainbow Valley together. Ash sends Tranquill out to search for the Cottonee.

Tranquill returns and says that she hasn't been able to find the other Cottonee. Ash returns Tranquill to her Poké Ball, as he wonders where the Cottonee went off to. Cilan says that the Cottonee can't fly by themselves, and suggests that if they find the path of the wind, they should be able to find the Cottonee at the end of it. Cilan uses a scanner to look for the wind, while Iris uses her abilities to track where the wind is. Iris closes her eyes and says that they have a south wind, as Cilan sees that the wind will blow towards the mountains. They head towards the mountains. Meanwhile, Team Rocket had sent Woobat to search for the other Cottonee, but Woobat was unable to find them. James sends a few devices out to track where the Cottonee are.

Ash and his friends find where the wind comes in contact with the area, as Iris says that reading the wind is very difficult and complex. Iris finds that the area that they arrive at has a west wind blowing. She looks through the clouds, and notices a north wind blowing towards the forest area. Cilan realizes that it means that the wind ends northwest towards the mountains. Jessie notices that the scanner that James is using shows the temperatures and humidity levels of the surrounding area. James says that it also tells the direction and strength of the wind. James figures out where the Cottonee are headed, and they head towards that area.

Ash and his friends arrive in a field where the Cottonee have gathered. They look around and see the female Cottonee from before. Cilan tells the Cottonee to do his best, and Iris says that it should be strong and aggressive, as she is pictured as being fired up with flames around her. Cilan says that what she is saying sounds like Martial Arts, as Iris says that they are very similar. Cilan says that he'd prefer if she chose between eating and talking about love. The Cottonee goes up to the female, as Cilan says that the Confession Time has returned. As the male Cottonee is talking to her, a strong gust of wind from a large machine with a fan blows the Cottonee into a large bag that encloses as they are put inside of it. Everyone realizes that Team Rocket is behind it, as Team Rocket recites their motto.

Cilan demands to know what they are planning to do with the Cottonee, as Meowth says that it is none of their business. Meowth clicks a button that sends the fan in their direction and blows them away, so that Team Rocket can try and make their escape. Pikachu uses Thunderbolt to destroy the large fan. Ash brings out Tranquill to help them out. Tranquill uses Air Cutter on the bag, as the bag is too strong to break open. Team Rocket says that they expected it, and had a countermeasure to use against that. The large bag begins to grow larger, as the Cottonee used their cotton spores to break through the bag and escape. The cotton spores make it so that Team Rocket cannot see, as they run into a large rock. Once they collide, there is an explosion and they escape in their jet packs.

The Cottonee return to the ground, as the male gets ready to approach the female again. Cilan says that there shouldn't be anymore interruptions, so he can go confess to the female. Iris tells him not to hesitate and to be confident about it. The male approaches her, but two more male Cottonee appear and try to get him to get away from her. The other males push him away, as they get ready to battle. The other males use Razor Leaf, but he uses Cotton Guard to block the attacks. Cilan tells the Cottonee to counterattack now. The other two males use Energy Ball, as he is able to dodge both attacks. While they are battling, the female is watching very closely. The male hits the other two with Razor Leaf, and knocks them both out with Energy Ball. Everyone is very happy that the male won the battle, as they cheer. The female blushes while looking at him, as he approaches her. A lit up heart background is shown over both of them, as they are both in love with each other. Cilan says that they have finally become a couple. Ash says that he's glad they are both best friends now, as Iris again calls him a child for saying that. Cilan tells Iris that she is a child as well. Cilan says that once they set off again, there will be a happy ending, as they head towards Rainbow Valley

Ash and his friends arrive in Rainbow Valley, where they see waterfalls in the area. The sun begins to rise, as they see that a rainbow has appeared and that the area starts to sparkle and glitter. Cilan explains that the valley is made up of minerals. The wind blows, as the Diamond Breeze heads towards them. Ash brings out Scraggy as he tells him that they should see the Cottonee come through the valley and cheer them on. The Cottonee all hold hands, as they ride the wind through the valley and Ash and his friends wave goodbye to them.

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Ash's Pikachu Ash's Tranquill Ash's Scraggy

Iris's Axew

Cilan's Pansage Cilan's Dwebble

Jessie's Woobat

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