Reunion Battles In Nimbasa!


The episode starts with Team Rocket in Nimbasa City in front of the ferris wheel at night, where they are planning to carry out their next operation. They say that just like the brightly lit ferris wheel, their aspirations will also be bright. James says that they must do it for Giovanni's sake. The next day, Ash and his friends arrive in Nimbasa City and notice the giant ferris wheel. Luke says that it will be the site where he records the battles of the Don Tournament. Ash asks Luke where the Gym is located, and whether they are in Nimbasa City or not. Luke says that they are in Nimbasa Town. Ash and his friends are shocked to hear that they are in Nimbasa Town instead of Nimbasa City. Cilan checks the map, and realizes that they are indeed a distance away from Nimbasa City. Luke tells them that historically Nimbasa Town is older than Nimbasa City. Iris asks Luke if it will be where the battle Tournament is held. Luke says that the local Don Battle Club will host the tournament. Ash says that it is his chance to test his skills prior to the Gym battle, and decides to enter the tournament.

Bianca runs down the street, runs into Ash, and sends him right into a fountain. Bianca remembers that she knocked Ash into a creek before. Ash dries off his clothes with a small fire in the street, as he tells Bianca to be careful. Bianca apologizes, as she says that she was in a hurry because she wanted to participate in a battle tournament. She thinks that she may have missed the registration deadline. Cilan says that she's okay, since they are about to register for the tournament as well. She walks towards the registration area, while Cilan comments that she is the same as always. Iris feels that something is going to happen again. Ash sneezes after being soaked in water.

As Luke's camera rolls and he holds a microphone, Luke says that in order to participate in Don Battles, a tournament is going to be held in Nimbasa Town. He says that more and more strong competitors are gathering to sign up. Bianca steps in front of the camera, and asks Luke what he is filming. Luke tells her that he is making a documentary of the battle tournament, as he says that he is going to make it into a masterpiece. Zorua disguised as Bianca steps in front of Luke, as he tries to interview her since he thinks she is really Bianca. The real Bianca says that she is by the camera, and not in front of Luke. The fake Bianca laughs, as she turns back into a Zorua. Bianca is very excited to see a Zorua, as she says that it is true that they can turn into humans. Bianca throws a Poké Ball to try and catch Zorua, but it bounces off of her head which surprises Bianca. Luke tells Bianca that Zorua is his Pokémon, as Bianca requests that they trade Zorua for Pignite, so that she can get Zorua. Bianca tries to grab Zorua, but she runs gets away before being grabbed. Luke says that Bianca seems like a very busy person.

Ash and his friends walk up to the registration area, and ask to register for the battle tournament. They see that the person at registration is indeed Don George. Don George says that they should leave anything battle-related to him, since he is dojo manager of the Battle Club that is hosting the tournament. Iris comments that each Don George has the same face, as they aren't shocked that he looks the same. Don George's assistant hands them a registration form, as they go over to fill it out. Ash looks at the registration form, and sees it has hometown, name, and says that three Pokémon can be used. Ash wonders which Pokémon he should use, as Pikachu appears in front of him to volunteer. Ash rubs Pikachu's head and says that of course he'll be used.

Burgundy shows up behind them, and says that Ash still has the same Pokémon from before. They remember that Burgundy said that Ash's Pokémon were all horrible, and that he should replace all of his Pokémon the last time they saw each other. Ash asks her if she is going to participate in the tournament. She says yes, and that his taste will be ignored though. She says to Cilan that the time to take revenge on him has come. Cilan tells her that she is being arrogant, and asks her if she has become a higher class Connoisseur yet. Burgundy says not yet, and that she will show him her true self this time. Burgundy starts her tasting time ritual.

A Zebstrika walks in front of Burgundy, as Stephan says hi to Ash. Ash remembers Stephan from when they had a battle with Blitzle and Oshawott. Ash asks Stephan if he is going to enter the tournament as well. Stephan says that he is going to participate, and that he will become stronger. Stephan introduces Ash to his newly evolved Zebstrika. Ash scans Zebstrika with his Pokédex. Stephan says that he is looking forward to facing Ash in the tournament. Georgia holds her nose, as she says that she knew that she smelled a Dragon Type. Iris remembers when they battled before. Georgia tells Iris that her head is huge. Iris says that Georgia wouldn't be able to understand her aggressive hairstyle. Georgia reminds Iris that she is a Dragon Buster, and that she won't lose to her no matter what. Iris calls Georgia a child, as Georgia says that she is a child just like Iris. Zorua gets frustrated with the arguing, and turns into Georgia. Iris grabs the fake Georgia, and pretends to have her say that she doesn't stand a chance against Iris the Dragon Master. Georgia becomes mad and tries to go after Iris, but Zorua turns back and jumps on Georgia's head. Georgia says that Iris is more of a child than ever before. Iris says that Georgia is more of a child than she is, as sparks fly between them.

Ash looks over and sees that Trip is there too. Trip sees Ash and his friends with his camera, as Ash waves to him. Trip asks him if he has gotten better, and walks away. Ash makes a very frustrated face, as Trip walks away. Everyone enters the stadium, as they see the large crowd and Luke films with his camera. The announcer introduces himself, and then introduces Don George, the host of the tournament and the dojo manager of the Battle Club. Don George says that if the competitors win, they can raise their Pokémon's fundamental powers with the set of seven Driftveil City feathers. Health, Pretty, Muscle, Resist, Genius, Clever, and Swift are announced as the feathers that they can win. He says they should do their best to win.

The large screen reveals the first round match ups. The first match is Georgia against Sylvester. Sylvester says that he will do his best. Georgia says to Iris that she is a child, and that she should make sure not to lose until she faces her, since Georgia will be the one to take her down. As they are arguing, sparks fly between them. Sylvester looks down and says that he is the one that is the opponent. The second match is Dino against Omega. Omega says that he won't lose and Dino is very excited. The third match is Antonio against Emmanuel. Emmanuel says that he will do his best, as Antonio says the same. The fourth match is Burgundy against Ash. Burgundy isn't happy that Ash is her opponent, and that she wanted to face Cilan. She says to Cilan that she will make him grovel at her face, and taste dirt. Cilan sarcastically says that he is looking forward to it. The fifth match is Trip against Cilan. Cilan says that before he can deal with Burgundy, he has to taste Trip first. Trip is okay with having Cilan as an opponent since he is a Gym Leader. The sixth match is Stephan against Bianca. Bianca says hi and introduces herself to Stephan, and asks how to pronounce his name. Stephan says that both ways she pronounced wrong, and says he's glad to meet her. The seventh match is Luke against Scooter. Luke puts a camera into Scooter's face, as he is very nervous. Luke tells him that he is filming a documentary of the tournament and hopes he will cooperate. The eighth and final match is Iris against Jimmy Ray. Iris wonders who he is, as she looks around and spots him. He winks at her, as Iris says that she has a bad feeling about it. The announcer asks Don George to provide the commentary. Don George says that he is both a dojo manager and a commentator.

The first battle of the first round begins with Georgia and Sylvester. The announcer says that the competitors can only choose one of the three Pokémon they registered to battle with, and they can't switch Pokémon during the battle. Ash wonders what kind of strategy he should use. Iris says that Ash never has had a strategy. Georgia calls Iris a little kid, and tells her to watch carefully. Iris tells her that she is very annoying. Iris says to Sylvester that she doesn't know who he is, but wants him to do his best and tear Georgia to pieces, as Sylvester sweats about that. Georgia brings out Beartic, while Sylvester brings out Joltik to battle. Beartic goes down to Joltik's level. Iris wonders if it impossible size-wise. Georgia calls it an easy victory, and wants to end the battle quickly.

Beartic uses Rock Smash, while Joltik dodges the attack. Beartic continues using Rock Smash, but Joltik continues to dodge the attacks. The announcer says that Beartic is unable to hit Joltik, and that Joltik is very speedy for its size. Joltik uses Thunderbolt on Beartic, as Beartic goes to its knees. Beartic falls on its side as it rolls over on its back. Joltik crawls out from underneath and faints, as Beartic scratches its head. Georgia wins the battle and moves on to the second round. Georgia yells to Iris to ask her if she saw her skills as a Dragon Buster, as she calls her Dragon Master Iris. Iris sweats and wonders if that is even possible, as she calls Georgia a child.

The second battle of the first round begins. Dino uses his Deerling to go up against Omega and hist Patrat. Deerling and Patrat both Tackle each other and land on the ground. Patrat and Deerling both jump into the air, as Deerling tackles Patrat to the ground to knock it out. Dino wins the battle and moves on to the second round. The third battle of the first round begins. Antonio and his Tranquil go up against Emmanuel and his Scolipede. Scolipede uses Poison Sting, while Tranquill flies up and dodges the attack. Tranquill uses Sky Attack to hit and knock out Scolipede. Antonio moves on to the second round.

The fourth battle of the first round is about to begin, as Burgundy goes up against Ash. Ash is very excited for his battle, as Cilan tells him that back when he battled Burgundy, she used both Sawsbuck and Dewott. Iris asks him if he'll use Pikachu, Snivy, or Tepig. Ash says that there is a Pokémon he wants to test in the tournament. Ash tells Pikachu that the captain's turn will come later, which makes Pikachu very happy. Iris wonders what Pokémon Ash wants to test out, as Cilan says that Ash does do expected things after all. Stephan is excited to see how Ash will battle. Bianca is also excited about the battle. Trip says that Ash's battle will be a mess. Luke says that he is having big expectations of the unscripted battle. Ash tells Burgundy that they should have a good battle. Burgundy says that her goal is to beat Pokémon Connoisseur Cilan, and that she has no time to taste Ash. Ash says that he has a goal too, which is to win the tournament and win at the Nimbasa City Gym with the same momentum. Burgundy says that Ash is saying impossible things. Burgundy says that if Ash loses to her, he will have to replace all of his Pokémon on hand this time.

Burgundy brings out her Stoutland, and does her tasting time ritual. Burgundy says that the bond between her and Stoutland is the greatest. Ash looks up Stoutland with his Pokédex. Iris says that Stoutland is a formidable opponent, and wonders what Pokémon Ash wants to test out. Ash brings out his Palpitoad for battle, while everyone is completely shocked. Don George points out that Stoutland is a Normal Type, while Palpitoad is a Water/Ground type, and that it is a very promising match up. Burgundy asks Ash if he replaced all of his Pokémon, and says that Palpitoad has a muddy taste. Ash says that he hasn't replaced them, that Palpitoad is his new friend, and that it is its first battle. He says it's a great chance to test out their new combo. Burgundy says that Ash has a lot of guts to be testing a new abilities on a her, a Connoisseur as an opponent. She asks Ash if it would be better to start over and try again.

Palpitoad uses Mud Shot to hit Stoutland, as Burgundy says it is rude to have smeared dirt all over his face. Stoutland uses Tackle to hit Palpitoad. Stoutland grabs onto Palpitoad with Thunder Fang, as the announcer says that Palpitoad doesn't appear to be taking damage from the attack. Don George says that since Palpitoad is part Ground Type, the move is ineffective. Cilan says that Thunder Fang on Palpitoad is a mismatched attack. Burgundy says that she knows that. Stoutland uses Ice Fang to try and cover up Palpitoad's whole body. Cilan says that Palpitoad will be completely immobilized if it is fully frozen in ice. Trip looks down and says that it's over. Stephan tells Ash not to give up. Bianca wonders if he'll lose the battle. Burgundy asks Ash what he thinks of Stoutland's ice attack, and says that it fits perfectly with Palpitoad.

Palpitoad uses Supersonic to break the ice, and free itself from Stoutland's grip. Stephan tells Ash good job, as Bianca wonders if he can do it. Cilan says that Ash and Palpitoad make a great team. Burgundy says that she saw that semi-cleaver move coming a long time ago. Stoutland uses Tackle to hit Palpitoad. Stoutland uses Fire Fang, as Ash says that the same trick won't work twice. Palpitoad uses Mud Shot to hit Stoutland and the mud lands in his mouth. Burgundy tells it to spit it out, as Stoutland spits out the mud. Palpitoad uses Hydro Pump to send Stoutland into the wall and knock it out. Ash wins the battle, and moves on to the second round.

Ash tells Palpitoad well done, while Burgundy tells Stoutland that it reminds her of Lillipup that is wet from rain. Stephan and Bianca cheer Ash's victory. Trip says that luck was on Ash's side. Axew and Pikachu cheer Ash's victory. Cilan says good job to Palpitoad, and says that it won in its debut. Iris tells Cilan that he is next up. Cilan says that as a Pokémon Connoisseur, he needs to battle with more flavor than Ash. Bianca looks under the benches, and asks who she thinks is Georgia, if she knows where Zorua is. Georgia points to her left, as Bianca runs in that direction. The real Georgia comes up behind the fake Georgia, and says not to turn into her. Luke says that Zorua has grown fond into turning into her. The fake Georgia turns into Zorua and laughs. The fifth match of the first round is about to begin, with Trip going up against Cilan. The announcer asks Don George what he thinks of the match up. Don George says that Cilan used to be a Gym Leader of the Striaton Gym, and that he he is definitely a strong opponent.

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Don George
Jimmy Ray
Freddy O'Martin


Ash's Pikachu Ash's Oshawott Ash's Palpitoad

Iris's Axew

Rocket's Meowth

Burgundy's Dewott Burgundy's Stoutland Burgundy's Sawsbuck

Stephan's Zebstrika

Georgia's Beartic

Luke's Zorua Luke's Golett

Sylvester's Joltik

Omega's Patrat

Dino's Deerling

Antonio's Tranquill

Emanuel's Scolipede

Special/Other Trainers:
Special/Other Trainers's Patrat Special/Other Trainers's Pidove Special/Other Trainers's Deerling