Cilan Versus Trip, Ash Versus Georgia!!


The episode begins with a recap of the previous episode. The announcer says that the Don Tournament battles are getting more and more exciting, and wonders who will win the complete set of seven Driftveil City feathers. Luke is filming the competitors, and getting ready to film more battles of the tournament. The next match up between Trip and Cilan is about to begin. Don George mentions that Cilan was a Gym Leader of the Striaton Gym before. He says that Cilan will be a strong opponent to contend with. Cilan says to Trip that he would like to get a taste of his Striaton Gym battle in his battle today. Trip says that he and his Pokémon have become stronger since the Striaton Gym battle. He says that he'll show a better battle than back then against Chili at the Striaton Gym. Ash wonders what kind of battle they will have. Iris says that she can't see Cilan losing, but Trip looks very confident that he will win. Burgundy startles Iris and Ash, as she says that Cilan had better lose. She wants Trip to take revenge, with a hard and powerful punch. She doesn't believe Cilan is really an A-class Connoisseur, and wants him defeated badly.

Cilan brings out Dwebble, while Trip brings out Gurdurr to battle. Ash scans Gurdurr with his Pokédex. Ash remembers the Timburr that they battled before with Oshawott, and notices that it had evolved since the last time that they battled. Dwebble uses X-Scissor, while Gurdurr uses its beam to dodge the attack. Gurdurr spins around on the beam before getting down, and laughing at Dwebble. Dwebble tries to use Slash, but Gurdurr uses it's beam to take Dwebble and send it flying into the air and back to the ground. The announcer comments that Gurdurr is making good use of its steel beam, and that Dwebble cannot go near it. Don George says that it is a great defense to use the beam that way. Gurdurr uses Rock Smash on Dwebble's rock, as it causes large cracks to appear on the rock. Stephan mentions that there are cracks in the rock. Burgundy tells Gurdurr to keep attack with that same power. Ash and Iris give Cilan and Dwebble some encouragement.

Gurdurr uses Rock Smash again, while Dwebble dodges the attack. Gurdurr uses Stone Edge, as it hits Dwebble and sends it backwards. Burgundy is very happy that it hit. The announcer says that Gurdurr is attacking fiercely. Don George mentions that Stone Edge is super-effective against Dwebble. Luke is very happy with the battle as he is filming, and says that he will make the movie about the tournament into a masterpiece. As he is looking at Dwebble, Bianca steps in front of the camera, and asks where Zorua is. Luke tells her not to interrupt him when he is filming the battle. Bianca says that it isn't the time to be filming, since Zorua is gone.

Trip says that he has to commend Cilan for Dwebble being able to hang in there and have so much strength left. Cilan says that Trip has gotten better, and that his battling has exceeded his expectations. Cilan says it's tasting time, as Iris is not very thrilled to hear it. Burgundy is very angry, as she says that the tasting time must fail. Cilan says that Gurdurr's attacks are full of harmony that is put together by power and technique. Cilan says that Gurdurr has physical beauty, and gives off a fresh and powerful stimuli. He says that he will be the one to win in the end. Cilan says that he is going to show a great combination of attack and defense, as Dwebble jumps up into the air. Iris is still disgusted by Cilan's tasting time. Gurdurr uses Dynamic Punch, as Dwebble keeps on dodging the attack.

Meanwhile, Bianca is down the hallway, as she sees who she think is Georgia. She asks her if she has seen Zorua, as the fake Georgia shakes her head no. Bianca walks away as she sees the real Georgia, and asks her the same question. Georgia sees Zorua, Zorua hugs her, and Georgia pulls Zorua off of her. Zorua laughs and turns into a Zorua again. Bianca runs after Zorua as she says that they should watch the battles together. She tells Zorua that she has delicious Pokémon food to give to her. Georgia sighs and says that Bianca is really noisy.

Gurdurr tries to get closer to attack Dwebble with its beam, but Dwebble dodges and uses Shell Smash. Dwebble uses Rock Slide, as large rocks piles on top of and around Gurdurr. The announcer calls the attack awesome, while Don George says that Rock Slide is much stronger because Shell Smash was used first since it lowers defense but raises attack power. Burgundy is mad, as she wonders if that was even possible. Iris is happy to see that Dwebble learned Rock Slide. Ash says that they should finish it with one shot. Gurdurr is stuck between the rocks, and is able to get out of them before Dwebble uses Slash to knock it out. Cilan moves on to the second round after defeating Trip. Don George comments that it was an exciting and admirable battle. Cilan tells Dwebble that it did well in the battle, as a flash comes from Trip's camera. Trip says that he's taking pictures to record his journey. He says that he won't forget his loss to Cilan.

Zorua disguised as Luke holds Luke's camera to film Cilan, as he thinks that it really is Luke filming him. From a distance, Luke yells at Zorua to give him his camera back. Zorua disguised as Luke turns back into Zorua while laughing, as Cilan is very surprised to see that it really was Zorua. Burgundy is angry that Cilan won, and says that he will definitely lose in the second round. She pounds on the side wall and throws a tantrum. Bianca returns and notices that Zorua is back in the stadium. Ash asks Bianca where she has been, and says that her battle is up next. Stephan tells Bianca that he is her opponent, and that he is very motivated for the battle. Stephan tells Ash that he will win as well. Bianca is disgusted by Stephan saying he would win.

The next scene begins in the middle of the battle between Bianca and Stephan, as the announcer calls it a fierce and heated battle. Minccino uses Tickle, as Zebstrika laughs from being tickled. Minccino uses Doubleslap, which hits Zebstrika both times. Minccino uses Hyper Voice to hit Zebstrika, as Stephan tells it to endure the attack and show guts. Stephan says that it is their turn to fight back. Zebstrika uses Thunderbolt to hit Minccino and send it to the ground. Zebstrika uses Stomp to knock out Minccino. Bianca picks up Minccino to see if he is okay, and is very upset that she lost.

The next scene also begins in the middle of a battle, between Luke's Golett, and Scooter's Darmanitan. Golett and Darmanitan both hit each other, and go backwards. Golett uses Shadow Punch on Darmanitan to knock it out. The next scene also begins in the middle of a battle, between Jimmy Ray's Watchog and Iris' Emolga. Emolga uses Attract to infatuate Watchog. Emolga uses Hidden Power to knock out Watchog. The announcer says that all of the first round battles are over, and that the eight competitors moving on to the second round have been determined. Don George says that the battles of the second round will be the next day, and that competitors should go to the Pokémon Center to take a long rest and prepare for battles.

Later on at the Pokémon Center, Trip picks up his Gurdurr from Nurse Joy, as Ash walks up to him and asks where he is going. Trip says that with Gurdurr already having recovered, he has no business staying at the tournament. Ash tells him that the tournament isn't over yet, and the next matches are the next day. Trip says that he doesn't care, that watching other competitors with his Pokémon won't make them any stronger, and is a waste of time. Cilan says that everyone has a different way of thinking, and that they can't do anything about it. Iris says that she just doesn't understand Trip. Ash yells to Trip that they should battle the next time that they meet, as Trip signals back to him.

In the dining room, Ash and his friends are eating their dinner. Cilan says that the meal is perfect for participants of the Don Tournament. Stephan agrees, as he sits down and says that he'll eat and eat so that he'll win the next day. Ash says that there's a possibility that they could face each other the next day. Ash grabs more food, as he chows down on it. Iris is disgusted that they are battling over food. Iris looks behind her with a scare, as she sees Zorua disguised as her. Bianca walks up to Zorua and asks what food she would like, as she offers Zorua salad, Pizza and dessert. Zorua transforms into Axew, and pulls the real Axew as they run around the table. The real Axew yells at Zorua, as Zorua mimics her actions. Bianca grabs one of the Axew, but ends up picking up the real Axew instead. Bianca thinks it is Zorua. Bianca and Iris yell at each other over who Bianca is carrying. They pull back and forth, as Axew is getting hurt by it.

Luke is filming the dining room area, as the fake Axew turns back into Zorua and lands in front of Luke. Luke tells Zorua not to wander around too much. Zorua runs out the door, as Bianca chases after her. Ash and Stephan continue to battle over eating their food. Ash and Pikachu lay down in their bed with full stomachs, as Ash says that he will battle with all his strength the next day. Dwebble is fixing its rock home with a spray from its mouth, which Iris finds very cool. Cilan tells Dwebble that he might need its help in the second round as well, and if that happens he wants Dwebble to do its best.

Burgundy says that it doesn't sound like Dwebble really needs to do its best. Burgundy says that the battles the next day will prove that Cilan's tastings are completely wrong. She says that he will lose with an uncool and pitiful taste. She says that it is what her new tasting time has taught her, as she walks out of the room. Ash says that she is just like before, as Cilan says that she has a really noisy taste. The next day as Ash is very excited, he jumps up and in front of the stadium. He says that they'll win no matter what. Iris says that Ash really is in high spirits. Georgia comes up to them and says that she saw Iris' battle, and that notices that Iris has grown a little stronger. Iris asks her if she has a problem with that. Georgia says that it is very convenient, and that she has become an opponent that can resist her a little bit. Iris calls her pesky for thinking that she will win, as Georgia asks if she has a problem with that. Iris calls her a child, as Georgia admits that she is indeed a child. Georgia calls Iris a child, as sparks fly between them. Cilan tells them to not be so serious.

Zorua disguised as Georgia hops over to Iris, as she has a great idea. Iris uses the fake Georgia to say that Georgia is worried, she is in a bad condition today that she battles Dragon Master Iris, then she will certainly lose. She add a question of what should she do. The real Georgia asks what they are doing, as the fake Georgia turns back into Zorua. Georgia says that when they battle for real, that she has more talent than Iris. Day two of the Don Tournament starts, as the competitors are shuffled to determine who will face each other in the second round. Ash is paired up with Georgia, as he remembers that she used Beartic in round one and wonders what she will use for round two. Dino is paired up with Antonio, Cilan is paired up with Luke, and Iris is paired up with Stephan.

The first battle of the second round begins, as Ash faces off against Georgia. Ash brings out Snivy and Georgia brings out Pawniard to battle. Ash scans Pawniard with his Pokédex. Don George wonders how Snivy will fair against Pawniard, who is proficient in close combat. Snivy uses Leaf Storm, while Pawniard uses Metal Claw to destroy the attack. Don George says that Pawniard has an excellent defense, which surprises Snivy and Ash. Cilan comments that he's never seen a Metal Claw that fast before, and that Georgia has gotten stronger. Iris says that the battle has only just begun, and for them to pull themselves together. Snivy uses Leaf Storm, while Pawniard dodges the attack and gets closer to Snivy. Pawniard uses Metal Claw to slash Snivy, and send her to the ground. Luke says that it is bad, with Pawniard's speed being too much for them, and wonders how Ash will fight back. Stephan tells Ash to fight with guts and to use his willpower.

Pawniard rushes in to go after Snivy, as Snivy uses Attract to try and infatuate Pawniard. Everyone is shocked that Attract doesn't work, as Ash realizes that the Pawniard is female. Pawniard flirts like a female with flowers in the background, and does one of Georgia's poses. Georgia calls them naive for not knowing that Pawniard is a girl. Pawniard uses Iron Head, while Snivy dodges the attack. Pawniard's Iron Head hits the ground, which sends rocks flying. Snivy uses her Vine Whip to send the rocks towards Pawniard, as one gets stuck on her head blade. Georgia is in shock about that, as Pawniard has trouble getting the rock off of her head. The announcer says that Pawniard is stuck while being unable to move, and wonders if the tables have turned now. Stephan says that it is time to fight back, show their reserve power, and win to battle Stephan. Snivy uses Vine Whip to continually hit Pawniard over and over.

Snivy uses Leaf Blade to try and finish off Pawniard. Pawniard gets up, and jumps into the air so that the Leaf Blade would break the rock and free Pawniard. The announcer says that Pawniard performed an excellent escape from the trouble she was in. Georgia says that they are giving her a lot of trouble, and that this is as far as they will get. Georgia calls upon Guillotine, the move that guarantees a one-hit KO if it hits. Pawniard uses Guillotine, while Snivy dodges the attack. When Guillotine hit the ground, it looked extremely powerful. Iris is shocked as to how powerful the attack is, as Cilan explains that Guillotine will knock out the opponent in one hit if it succeeds. He says that Ash needs to be careful.

As the dust clears, Pawniard is shown to be giving a very mean look. Georgia says that she won't let them get away. Snivy uses Vine Whip to try and hold Pawniard back, as she wraps her vines around Pawniard. Pawniard turns right side up and gently lowers to the ground. Pawniard throws Snivy across the field. Pawniard prepares to use Guillotine, as Ash pleads to Snivy to get back up to end the episode.

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Nurse Joy
Don George
Jimmy Ray
Freddy O'Martin


Ash's Pikachu Ash's Snivy Ash's Oshawott Ash's Palpitoad

Iris's Emolga Iris's Axew

Cilan's Dwebble

Nurse Joy:
Nurse Joy's Audino

Trip's Timburr Trip's Gurdurr

Bianca's Minccino

Burgundy's Stoutland

Stephan's Zebstrika

Georgia's Pawniard

Luke's Zorua Luke's Golett

Scooter's Darmanitan

Jimmy Ray:
Jimmy Ray's Watchog