The Club Battle Hearts of Fury, Emolga Versus Sawk!


The episode begins with a recap of the battles from the previous episode, as Pawniard is shown getting ready to use Guillotine to finish off Snivy as it jumps into the air, while Snivy is down on the ground. Pawniard heads towards Snivy with Guillotine, as Snivy gets up and uses Leaf Blade to hit Pawniard while sending it away. Everyone is surprised that Snivy was able to knock Pawniard away. Pawniard's blades get caught in the ground as it hits the ground. Pawniard tries to get its blades unstuck by moving around. Snivy uses Leaf Storm to hit Pawniard and knocks it out, even though she became unstuck from the ground. Ash moves on to the semi-finals. The announcer says that he thought Pawniard would be able to pull through, but there was an unexpected twist, while Don George agrees with him.

Snivy is very proud of herself for winning the battle. Bianca says that they kept her in suspense. Stephan says that it would not have been surprising for either of them to win. Cilan says that the battle was intense, as the Pokémon fought blade to blade while keeping everyone in suspense. Ash tells Georgia that her Pawniard was great. Georgia tells Ash that the field was the reason for their victory, as Iris is disgusted that Georgia blames the field for her loss. Iris calls her a child, as Georgia angrily comes up and tells her that she heard what she said. Iris says that Georgia has great hearing, as Georgia says the loss doesn't count. Georgia says that, since she didn't lose to a Dragon Type. Iris says that it is a terrible excuse, as sparks fly between them. Stephan thinks that they are both very tiresome to watch. Cilan says that like and dislike are the same thing, and that it is very important for a good rivalry. The announcer says that the battles are very heated, as Don George says that it will continue.

The second match of the second round begins, as Dino is facing off against Antonio. Tranquill uses Aerial Ace on Cottonee to knock it out, as Dino moves on to the next round. Don George announces on the big screen that they will be taking a break before the next battle. Ash hands Snivy some special Pokémon food, and says that she can eat as much as she wants. Stephan tells Ash that he had an awesome battle. Snivy eats and likes the food, as Cilan says that it has a gem-like flavor that is perfect for Grass Types. He explains that he added extra Chlorophyll to give Snivy a lot more energy. Burgundy walks up to them and says dramatically that it must be painful to be forced to eat food made by a Connoisseur who can barely do proper tastings. Snivy uses her Vine Whip to send Burgundy away from them. Ash says that it is impossible to not like Cilan's cooking. Stephan asks Cilan to give him the recipes later. Snivy continues to eat and enjoy the special Pokémon food.

Bianca searches for Zorua, as she sees who she thinks is Georgia doing an interview. Zorua as Georgia says that she believes that Iris will win the championship, and that her Pokémon are well-raised and very strong. The real Georgia comes to yell at her, as Zorua switches back to a Zorua. Bianca hugs the real Georgia, while thinking that she was still Zorua. Zorua jumps on Georgia's head and runs away, while Iris cuts the interview. Iris yells at Georgia for messing it up, as Georgia says that she can't film fake footage without her approval. While they are arguing, they notice that the camera is still rolling. Luke says that it's a documentary about the tournament, and that he wants to film the real rivalry showdown between them.

The battles are about to resume, as Cilan reminds Luke that they are facing each other next. Ash tells them both to do their best. Luke asks Ash to film their battle, which surprises Ash and Pikachu. The third match of the second round between Cilan and Luke is about to begin. Luke is nervous that he is going up against a Gym Leader, as Cilan says for him to relax and that it is just like a filming a movie. Cilan explains that you imagine what the final product will be like before making it. Cilan says that he always imagines how his battles will go, what moves will be used so that the Pokémon will have an enjoyable battle, what they will use to finish off the battle, and what reward will be given after the battle. Burgundy is disgusted, as she says Cilan is self-righteous. Cilan says that they should imagine the moment that they are victorious. Luke confidentially says that he can imagine it now. Don George says that Cilan is showing his habit as a Gym Leader.

Cilan brings out Stunfisk and Luke brings out Larvesta, as Ash says that it's another one of Luke's friend. Ash scans Larvesta with his Pokédex. Ash notices that Larvesta is a Bug/Fire Type, as the camera is on top of Pikachu and is hurting him. Ash lifts the camera off of Pikachu, as Pikachu is relieved. Luke says that Larvesta's flames are amazing, and that it is important for helping with special effects. Cilan says that since it is a battle, it won't be easy. Cilan says that it is tasting time, as Iris is not very thrilled about it starting again. Stephan likes it, while Burgundy tells everyone not to listen to Cilan. Georgia looks disgusted, as she tells Burgundy that she is the one listening closely to Cilan as she says that.

Stunfisk uses Scald, as hit hits Larvesta while Don George comments that it is a Water Type move. He explains that it is super-effective against Fire Type Pokémon such as Larvesta. Cilan says that Larvesta did good by enduring it, and that it has guts and fighting spirit balanced. Larvesta uses String Shot, as it wraps up Stunfisk. Stunfisk uses Thundershock, while Larvesta dodges the attack. Larvesta uses Bug Buzz, which hits Stunfisk very hard. Larvesta uses Flamethrower, while Stunfisk takes the attack much to everyone's surprise. The flames surround Stunfisk, as they burn away the String Shot while Luke is surprised. Cilan says that he decided to have Stunfisk endure the Flamethrower, since he could imagine how it would turn out.

Ash says that he expected nothing less from a Gym Leader, as Burgundy is disgusted by what Ash is saying. Stephan says that Luke had momentum, but Cilan was able to turn the tide in his favor. Georgia says that the combination of Bug and Fire Type moves should be considered carefully. Georgia yells at Bianca, as she tells her that she is the real Georgia. With tears in her eyes, Bianca wonders where Zorua went off to. Bianca looks over at Iris and sees that she has two Axew with her. Thinking that one is Zorua, Bianca jumps on top of Iris. As the smoke clears, Bianca picks up Axew while thinking that it is Zorua. Iris tells her that it is really Axew. Zorua as Axew tip toes away, as Bianca realizes that it's Zorua. Zorua turns back into Zorua and runs off, as Bianca chases her.

Luke realizes that he can't beat Cilan with ordinary methods. Cilan says that one mistake can lead to a bad result. He says that he has studied Larvesta very carefully. He says that Larvesta is a beautiful Pokémon that harmonizes the intensity of its flames and the delicacy that only Bug Types posses. He says that its strength that has been trained in movies has become fragrant. He says that its flavor that takes Water Type attack easily, intoxicates everyone that sees it. Luke and Cilan blush as they are happy to be receiving the compliments. Cilan says that even though has doesn't object to Larvesta using its mobility to dodge Thundershock easily, that Larvesta's movement has limits since it crawls against the ground. Luke says that nothing can be done about that since it hasn't evolved yet. Cilan says that an excellent trainer can imagine other ways while training their Pokémon. He says that Luke can offer a battle that lives up to the desire of a Gym Battle challenger.

Stunfisk jumps high into the air to everyone's surprise, as Cilan says that creating conditions that the opponent doesn't expect is part of a trainer's skill to. He says that a Stunfisk that crawls on the ground can handle the air too, depending on how it is trained. Stunfisk uses Scald, while Larvesta uses String Shot on itself to wrap itself up. Scald hits Larvesta, but it doesn't do any damage which surprises everyone. Larvesta had wrapped itself up in a cocoon to block the super effective attack. Stunfisk uses Mud Bomb to hit Larvesta and send it into the air. Larvesta breaks free of the wrap, and floats in the air with fire that's coming out of its antennae as it looks like a jet pack. Cilan is shocked about seeing that. Larvesta uses Flamethrower on Stunfisk to knock it out.

Cilan tells Luke it was a fun battle, while Luke says that he owes it to Cilan. Luke says that he imagines that it's what Gym battles are like. Cilan says that his habits as a Gym Leader compelled him to test Luke in the battle. Cilan and Luke shake hands, as Cilan congratulates him on the victory. Luke says that he is surprised that he made it that far. Everyone applauds them for having a great battle. Burgundy is glad Cilan lost, as she mocks him for saying his habits got in the way. She says that no matter how well it ended, a loss is still a loss. Georgia sarcastically says that Burgundy has a nice personality. Luke asks Ash if he filmed his victory, Ash sees that he doesn't have the camera in his hands and panics. Ash looks over, and sees that Pikachu has the camera and was filming the battle. Stephan says that watching the battle warmed him up, as he is pumped for his next battle. Stephan rushes onto the field, while Iris follows as they arrive before their names were announced. Don George is shocked that the next competitors are already on the field.

The fourth match of the second round is about to begin between Iris and Stephan. Iris brings out Emolga, while Stephan brings out Sawk for battle. Ash scans Sawk with his Pokédex, as he calls Sawk Stephan's new friend. Sawk stands up and goes into its fighting stance before the battle begins. Iris tells Emolga that she cannot switch with the other Pokémon when using Volt Switch. She says that they should get fired up together. Iris rubs Emolga's head prior to the battle. Stephan says that he won't go easy on Emolga even though it is a female, and that they will battle with intensity and heat. Iris says that they don't need to go easy on her Emolga.

Emolga uses Attract, while Sawk uses Close Combat to destroy the hearts of the Attract attack. Iris is surprised by that, and Emolga is shocked and disgusted by that. Stephan explains that because Sawk is a male-only Pokémon species, he trained him in harsh training sessions day after day so that it could not be effected by moves that affect Pokémon of the opposite gender. As he was saying that, scenes of Sawk training were shown. Cilan says that Iris will have to have a head-on close confrontation with no tricks. Ash and Georgia find the battle interesting. Sawk uses Bulk Up to raise its attack and defense power. Emolga uses Hidden Power, while Sawk goes through the attack. Sawk uses Double Kick, as Emolga is able to dodge one. Sawk looks up at Emolga, and uses the second kick to knock her down. Cilan comments that Sawk is used to battling, and that it is looking bad. Emolga uses Hidden Power, as Sawk blocks the attack to take very little damage. Stephan wonders if Emolga has any Flying Type moves. Stephan figures out that Emolga doesn't have any Flying Type moves, as he says that she won't be able to win then.

Sawk uses Close Combat to send it flying, as Emolga's Static ability starts to take effect on Sawk and paralyzes him. Cilan points out the ability, as Georgia says that Iris has the luck of the Devil. Cilan says that the outcome of the battle is still up in the air. Sawk uses Double Kick to knock Emolga down on the ground. Iris says that she can't just lay back because of Static, since it can still move and use it's moves. Iris wonders what they can do, and figures out that Emolga's special attack is what she can do. Emolga uses Attract, as Sawk Close Combat to again block away the attack. Emolga uses Attract again, as Sawk again blocks the attack. Cilan calls it an Attract barrage. After blocking the attack, Sawk fully feels the effects of Static. Cilan realizes that it was what Iris was trying to do. Emolga uses Volt Switch, while it hits Sawk and knocks it out. Iris wins the battle and moves on to the semi-finals. They savor their victory, as Cilan says that it was both charming and intense. Georgia is upset that Iris won, and says that Iris and Ash won with the devil's luck. Burgundy also says that she only won by luck. Stephan congratulates Iris on her victory, and tells her to win it for him.

The announcer says that the four semi-finalists have been determined. Dino and Ash are are facing each other in the first semi-final, and Luke and Iris are in the second semi-final battle. Ash says that now that they've made it that far, they have to win. Luke becomes nervous prior to the battle. Cilan tells Luke to not be intense, and that he wants to wish him well. Georgia says to Iris that she hopes that she will not win by devil's luck. Burgundy says that she doesn't care who wins anymore. Zorua jumps on Burgundy's head, as she chases Dr. Zager. Burgundy says that everyone should just lose. The match between Ash and Dino begins, as Ash brings out Palpitoad, and Dino brings out Darumaka.

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Ash's Pikachu Ash's Snivy Ash's Palpitoad

Iris's Emolga Iris's Axew

Cilan's Dwebble Cilan's Stunfisk

Trip's Gurdurr

Burgundy's Stoutland

Stephan's Sawk

Georgia's Pawniard

Luke's Zorua Luke's Larvesta

Dino's Tranquill Dino's Darumaka

Antonio's Cottonee

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Jimmy Ray's Watchog