The Club Battle Finale: A Heroes Outcome!


The episode begins with Ash and his Palpitoad going up against Dino and his Darumaka in the semi-finals. Palpitoad uses Hydro Pump to one-hit KO the Darumaka. Ash moves on to the finals to face the winner of Iris and Luke's semi-final battle. Palpitoad looks proud of itself, as Pikachu cheers the victory. Cilan says that the harmony of balanced attacks won Ash the battle. Don George says that it was a good battle that constantly applied pressure, just as Ash does. The second semi-final battle begins, as Iris faces off against Luke. Luke asked Bianca to film the battle, but wonders if she will be able to handle it. On the sideline, Bianca is using her camera to film Zorua instead of the battle, as Luke yells to her to film his battle. Iris calls Luke a child, and says that he shouldn't get distracted when he is about to battle. Luke says that a movie is a movie and a battle is a battle, but both are earnest fights.

Luke brings out his Golett, while Iris decides to use Axew for the battle. Iris tells Axew that it is his first debut in a tournament, and that they should do their best together. Axew gets himself psyched up for battle. Don George says that Golett is a Ghost/Ground Type and that Axew is a Dragon Type, so compatibility will determine the outcome of the battle. Axew uses Scratch, but it doesn't have any effect on Golett. Cilan says that Scratch is a Normal-Type move, so it has no effect on Golett who is part Ghost Type. Georgia calls Iris naive and wonders if she really wants to be a Dragon master. Ash tells her that the battle has only just begun.

Golett uses Mega Punch, which knocks Axew hard to the ground. Axew uses Dragon Rage and Golett uses Double Team, as the Dragon Rage completely misses Golett. Golett uses Gyro Ball while still using Double Team, as Iris and Axew can't tell which is the real one. The Golett copies circle around each other to make it difficult for Axew to be able to dodge. Iris tells Axew to watch closely, but two of the copies separate to confuse Axew. The copies come together to land a hit on Axew. Axew uses Dragon Rage and the Golett copies come together to use Shadow Ball, as both attacks collide and create an explosion. Golett uses Gyro Ball, as Axew runs around the field while trying to avoid the attack. Luke tells Golett to keep chasing him until the attack hits.

Cilan mentions that the situation is bad, with Axew only knowing Scratch and Dragon Rage. Stephan reminds them that Scratch is ineffective as well. Ash says that Axew has no choice but to keep running from Gyro Ball. After running for awhile, Axew falls over from being exhausted, as Golett closes in on him. Iris yells Axew's name, as he closes his eyes and opens them and the eyes turn red. Golett is knocked straight into the air, as Axew turns around with bright red eyes and is surrounded by a red aura. Axew hits Golett several times while using Outrage, as Golett is sent flying into the air and to the ground hard. Georgia tells everyone that the attack is Outrage, as Iris is excited that he learned that. Georgia comments that Outrage isn't only used once. Axew uses Outrage again, as Golett is send into the wall while knocking it out. Iris wins the battle, and moves on to the finals to face off against Ash. Axew begins to flail around as Iris holds him, and then falls asleep. Iris comments that Axew becomes confused after using Outrage.

Ash is very excited to be facing Iris in the finals. Ash asks Cilan to make sure he watches their battle. As Georgia walks away from them, she says that she is interested in seeing Iris battle in the finals. Cilan says that it's difficult for him to watch and cheer, since they are both friends that he has been traveling with. He says that he will root for both of them equally. Don George announces that the finalists will rest up and not battle until the next day. That night at the Pokémon Center, Luke checks the footage on his computer, and sees that Bianca only filmed Zorua the whole time and not the battle. Bianca says that she only filmed Zorua because Luke told her to. Luke tells her that he said to film the battle. Bianca says that what' done is done, and that complaining about it won't do any good. Bianca puts Zorua on the bed and starts giving her gifts. She puts an orange and white dress on Zorua's body, a same-colored ribbon, a same-colored scarf, and a green hat that looks exactly as Bianca's. Zorua does not look pleased, as Bianca says that if Zorua comes with her, she'll give her more accessories and dresses. Zorua shakes off the accessories, as Bianca asks her why she doesn't like them. Luke tells Bianca that he doesn't intend to trade Zorua, since she is an important actress for his movies. Luke remembers that he needs to go film an interview with the two finalists.

In the dining room of the Pokémon Center, Iris tells Axew that winning his first battle in the tournament, and learning Outrage was a great thing to happen. She tells him that they should get stronger together. Cilan presents food to everyone, as he explains that it is to celebrate Axew's first victory, and to wish Ash and Iris luck the next day. He says that he wanted to have a modest dinner party, so he went into the kitchen to make the food. Cilan hands Pikachu and Axew their Pokémon food. Burgundy comes over to them, as Cilan asks her to join them. Burgundy says that she already has had a gorgeous meal, and asks Cilan to accept her Connoisseur challenge. She explains that she wants to have a Connoisseur showdown at tomorrow's battle. She wants him to show her his skills as an A-class Connoisseur certified by the Connoisseur Association. Cilan says that he'd rather watch their battle with a calm environment. Burgundy suggests that he must be too scared to do it. Cilan says that he doesn't fall for provocations, as Luke is in the corner filming them. Cilan sees the camera and says that as a Movie Connoisseur, he has no choice but to accept the challenge. Cilan accepts the challenge, as Burgundy is very surprised that he suddenly changed his mind. Stephan steps in and says that he will be the referee, as Ash is excited without knowing what is going on. Iris gets fired up, as she excited for her battle and expects to win it.

In Nimbasa City, Team Rocket is looking at a diagram of the city and is pointing out where everything is. Meowth says that they've reached the final stage of their operation, and that for it to work they need one more thing as he volunteers to make it happen. The next day, the final battle of the Don Tournament between Ash and Iris is about to begin. Burgundy says that the Connoisseur showdown should not be inferior to the final battle. Cilan tells her not to get worked up over it. He says that as Connoisseurs, they cannot lose their composure and passion. Stephan says that Cilan wins the preliminary showdown before the real showdown begins. Burgundy gets mad at Stephan for saying that. Luke sets his camera and camera stand up, as he is ready to film the final battle. Luke says that they have great expressions, and that he will make the best documentary ever. Bianca walks over to pick Zorua up, and says that they should watch the battle together. Zorua jumps out of Bianca's arms and runs away from her as Bianca goes after her. Bianca picks her back up, as Luke says for her to stop distracting him while he's trying to film. Bianca says that she was going to help him out again. Ash tells Iris that they should fight to their heart's content, as Iris says to bring it on.

Ash chooses Pikachu, while Iris brings out Excadrill. Georgia wonders why Iris isn't using her Axew which is a Dragon Type. The announcer points out that Excadrill is part Ground Type, and that Electric Type moves won't work on it. Don George says that Ground Type moves are very effective against Electric Types. The announcer says that in terms of compatibility, Excadrill has the advantage. Don George says that Ash is known to carry on without caring about compatibility, and how Iris responds will make it an interesting battle. Luke realizes that where he is standing, he can't get a good angle to shoot the battle. He says that he wants to film the battle from underneath for some low angle footage. Bianca says that Luke should move up a bit more. Luke says that they are not allowed to do that. Bianca wonders how Luke can be a good movie director if he gives in so easily. Luke gets mad and moves closer, as Bianca follows since Zorua is moving as well. Stephan says that the Connoisseur showdown starts as well. Burgundy does her tasting time ritual, and Cilan does his tasting time ritual. Burgundy says that she'll present a strong tasting time that is very forceful. Cilan says that he will bring a very beautiful and meaningful tasting time.

Pikachu uses Thunderbolt, as it hits Excadrill and doesn't do any damage. Iris asks Ash if he did it on purpose, even though he knows it won't work on Excadrill. Ash says that Pikachu's Thunderbolt is used for them to get pumped up, as Pikachu agrees. Iris says that Ash is such a child, and that they will use a super-effective move to get pumped up. Excadrill uses Drill Run, while Pikachu uses Quick Attack to help it dodge the attack. Excadrill looks at Pikachu and smiles. Excadrill grabs Pikachu with its claws by the tail so that Pikachu cannot get away. Excadrill throws Pikachu and uses Metal Claw to send Pikachu sliding across the field.

Burgundy says that by facing Pikachu's attacks, Excadrill forcefully creates intensity by using attacks that are very strong. Cilan says that while facing Pikachu who has a passion for battles and speed, Excadrill responds with power. He says that those are nice things to see at the beginning of the battle. Stephan says that he expects nothing less from them since they are certified by the Pokémon Connoisseur Association. He is impressed by how many words they can put together. Luke says he knew that the low angle would work best, as he is on the ground with Bianca and filming the battle. He says that he can make a movie with impact now. Bianca says that the sound is also perfect.

Pikachu uses Iron Tail, and Excadrill uses Metal Claw. Pikachu's Iron Tail knocks Excadrill to the ground. Excadrill uses Focus Blast, while Pikachu uses Electro Ball. Both attacks collide to create an explosion that sparkles. Burgundy says that two juicy attacks combine to create a cool effect. Cilan says that there is an extravagant abundance, it reminds him of a full battle, as they soar towards greater heights with their attacks. Burgundy looks down, as she says that Cilan really is an A-class Connoisseur, and that it may be frustrating, but his words are different. Cilan suggests that they end the Connoisseur showdown, and focus on the battle. Burgundy looks down and decides to end the showdown.

Excadrill uses Dig to hit Pikachu from under the ground. Ash tells Pikachu to keep on spinning, as Pikachu continues to keep spinning. Iris wonders what they are up to. Pikachu uses the spins to do an Iron Tail on Excadrill, sending it to the ground hard. Ash says that Pikachu is slowly reaching his limit. Iris says that Excadrill has lost quite a bit of strength. Ash and Iris both tell their Pokémon that they should finish the opponent with the next shot. Pikachu uses Iron Tail, while Excadrill hits him with Drill Run before Pikachu can finish the attack, to send him hard to the ground. Excadrill uses Dig to try and hit Pikachu, but Pikachu was able to avoid the attack. Excadrill uses Focus Blast to hit Pikachu and send him into the wall hard. When Pikachu hits the wall, he is knocked out. Iris wins the Don Tournament, as she runs and hugs Excadrill in celebration. The announcer says that the tournament was full of heated battles. The crowd cheers for Iris' Victory.

Georgia says that Iris has become a trainer worthy of being defeated. Ash hugs Pikachu and tells him that he did very well. The crowd gives Ash a round of applause as well. Don George says that it was a battle that was worthy of being the final, and that they are both admirable, as he has tears in his eyes. Iris and Ash shake hands, as Don George asks everyone to give them a round of applause once more. Iris holds up her prize of the super-valuable seven feathers of Driftveil City. The announcer asks for a few words from Iris. Iris says to Matriarch, and everyone at the Dragon Village that she is doing fine and still continuing her training journey. Iris says that she owes her prize to her training. She says that she will send them to the Dragon Village with the Pidove Delivery Service. The announcer says that Iris won with excellence, and has the crowd give a round of applause once more.

As the sun sets, Georgia tells Iris not to get overconfident just because she won a small tournament, as Iris says that she is not over confident. Georgia tells her to hurry up and become a Dragon Master, or else she won't be able to call Iris her rival as she says good bye and leaves. Burgundy tells Cilan that they will finish their Connoisseur showdown when they meet again. Cilan tells her that until then, they need to keep polishing their skills as Pokémon Connoisseurs. Luke says that he'll use the footage he filmed to make the greatest movie ever. Bianca says that she will help him with that, since she wants to be with Zorua awhile longer. Luke tells Ash to make sure to watch it when it is finished. Ash says that he is looking forward to it. Stephan asks what they are doing next, as Ash says that he is going to head to Nimbasa City for a Gym battle. He says that the tournament made him realize that he needs to become stronger with his Pokémon. Stephan says that they should both do their best. Ash and his friends say good bye to their rivals, as they head off to Nimbasa City.

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Don George
Freddy O'Martin


Ash's Pikachu Ash's Palpitoad

Iris's Excadrill Iris's Axew

Rocket's Meowth

Luke's Zorua Luke's Golett

Dino's Darumaka

Special/Other Trainers:
Special/Other Trainers's Pidove Special/Other Trainers's Deerling