Purrloin: Sweet or Sneaky?


In a forest, a Purrloin is in a tree searching for food to eat. It sees a nest where a Tranquill is bringing fruit to a second Tranquill that is resting. One Tranquill tells the other one with its wing that it will show where to find the berries. The two Tranquill fly off to get more berries. The Purrloin goes into their nest, and eats the berries that were inside. A Tranquill returns with berries, as the Purrloin raises its claws to get ready to battle. The Tranquill calls out for its friends, as more Tranquill arrive. The Purrloin jumps down from the tree through a bush to the ground, and runs away from the Tranquill. The Purrloin loses the Tranquill as it runs further into the forest.

On their way to Nimbasa City, Ash and his friends travel through a thick forest. Meowth says that when traveling with a different group, the outside scenery looks different and that he feels good about it. Cilan asks him if he is in good spirits. Meowth says that he is a good guy. Iris tells Meowth that it is not what Cilan meant by it. Meowth is very happy to be traveling with Ash and his friends. Pikachu still doubts that Meowth has turned over a new leaf, and is really on their side. Ash notices that Pikachu still has doubts about Meowth. He asks Pikachu to start trusting that Meowth is one of them now. Meowth cries as he says that Ash has a big heart for saying that, and that he is deeply moved by what Ash said. Cilan believes that Meowth is not lying when he says that while crying. Iris calls Meowth a good kid.

The Purrloin that was running away from the Tranquill runs into Meowth, knocking him over. Meowth immediately falls in love with hearts in his eyes, as he sees Purrloin. Cilan looks at Purrloin with fear, as he says that it is a Purrloin. Ash scans it with his Pokédex. Cilan explains that Purrloin did something bad to him one time. Iris asks what the Purrloin did to Cilan. Cilan says that he doesn't want to talk about what happened. While his face is blushing, Meowth asks Purrloin what happened to it. Purrloin looks away with a sneaky expression, and says to Meowth that it needs help. Cilan says that they cannot be fooled by its cuteness. Meowth tells Purrloin to leave it to him, and that he will help out, as Purrloin is very grateful for that. The group of Tranquill from before show up, as they use an angry Gust on everyone. The Gust blows a tree branch into Meowth's face, knocking it down. Ash brings out Oshawott, as the Gust blows him away and Ash catches him. Oshawott uses Water Gun on the Tranquil, and Pikachu uses Thunderbolt on them as they fly away.

Everyone wonders why they attacked, as Purrloin tries to sneak away. With a mark on his face, Meowth says that he is glad Purrloin is safe and that falls down on the ground. Purrloin says that he was cool trying to protect it, as Meowth blushes. Oshawott introduces himself to Purrloin, as its head turns around, Oshawott's eyes have hearts in them. Everyone is surprised that Oshawott has fallen in love with Purrloin as well. Meowth tells Oshawott to back off, as he will be the one to protect Purrloin. Ash tells them both to stop fighting with each other. Iris finds what they are doing very tiresome.

Ash and his friends stop at a stream, as Purrloin tells them what happened. Purrloin says that some berries it was eating turned out to belong to the Tranquil, and they thought Purrloin was a thief. Cilan says that it is a lie, and says that Purrloin are very sly and can cause trouble very easily. Ash asks Purrloin if it is sure that it didn't really steal the berries. Oshawott turns around to use Water Gun on Cilan and Ash to knock them down. As they hit the ground, fruit falls out of Ash's bag. Oshawott apologizes to Purrloin for their behavior, as Cilan comments that Oshawott is on Purrloin's side. Iris comments that Meowth and Oshawott are completely entranced by Purrloin, and that Purrloin is very cute. Cilan tells her not to be fooled by it. She calls the tail cute, as Cilan says that it's more like a devil's tail. She mentions the big almond eyes, while Cilan says they look evil. She says that she can understand why Meowth and Oshawott like Purrloin, while Cilan is surprised and says he doesn't get it at all.

Iris says that she likes Purrloin, as Cilan says that he doesn't care what happens to her. Ash asks him what happened, as Cilan again says that he doesn't want to talk about it. Iris decides that she wants to catch it, so that she can turn it into a good Pokémon. Iris throws her Poké ball to try and catch it, but Meowth steps in front and enters the Poké ball instead. The Poké ball shakes as Meowth pops right back out, while Iris yells at him for getting in the way. Meowth says that he won't let a Poké ball or anything else capture Purrloin, and that only his heart can. Meowth turns red, as he tries to ask Purrloin to go out with him. Oshawott knocks him out of the way while grabbing the flowers, and asks the same question. Purrloin grabs the flowers and winks at them, as hearts are shown pounding out of Oshawott and Meowth's chest before they hit the ground. Iris says that she has lost her motivation to capture Purrloin. Purrloin walks away with the flowers, as everyone wonders what to tell Meowth and Oshawott. Purrloin sees Ash's bag and plans to steal it.

Meanwhile in Nimbasa City, Team Rocket is wondering how Meowth is doing while taking pictures of the city. James comments that the tasks they are doing are normally his job. Jessie says they will carry out their task that night. Purrloin runs back to Ash and his friends and says that further down the road in a deep cave, her friends are trapped. Meowth says that he will rescue Purrloin's friends right away, and Oshawott says the same thing. Ash and Iris decide to go to, but Cilan says that he refuses to go with them. Cilan says that he just won't trust Purrloin, and that he will wait at the creek.

Purrloin, Ash, and his friends head off towards the caves where Purrloin's friends are, as Cilan says that he hopes that things won't turn out bad. They climb up the rocky mountain, as Iris climbs with ease but the others have to slowly make their way up the mountain. At one point Ash had to help Oshawott onto the next rock. Ash asks Purrloin how close they are to the cave, and Purrloin says they are getting close. Purrloin suggests to Ash that he leave his bag on the mountain while they are climbing because it's worried about him. Ash says that he doesn't need to put the bag down. Purrloin is disgusted that Ash refused to do it. Cilan shivers as he remembers what happened to him. He wonders if everyone will be alright.

A woman named Misha walks up to Cilan with a broken arm, and asks him if he's seen a Purrloin that looks exactly like the one in a picture that she shows him. Cilan recognizes the Purrloin as the same one they ran into. Ash and Iris enter the cave, as they comment that it looks a lot like the inside of a mine. They enter a small hole in the wall, as Ash has trouble squeezing through the hole. With a devious look on its face, Purrloin tells Ash to give Meowth his backpack. Meowth explains that it will get narrower as they go further, so he should be the one to carry it. Meowth says that Purrloin is very thoughtful. Ash gives Meowth his backpack, as Purrloin shows a devious look again.

They enter the center part of the cave, as Purrloin explains that its friends are trapped underneath the big rock in the large hole in the ground. Purrloin tells Meowth to put the backpack down, as Meowth places it on the ground. They jump onto one of the platforms, as they notice that it's very old. They look up and see Purrloin with Ash's backpack, as it says goodbye to them. Purrloin says that since it got their food, it has no reason to stick around with them anymore. Ash asks Purrloin if it has tricked them. Purrloin sticks out its tongue and leaves them behind. The platform falls as they land in the middle of a sand area. Purrloin hears the crash as it checks out what happened. Purrloin sees that they are okay and is relieved.

Cilan and Misha show up, as Cilan notices that they are in the hole. Misha tells Purrloin that she has been looking for it for the whole time, as Purrloin looks mad while opening its claws. Misha asks Purrloin if it has forgotten her, as Purrloin asks why Misha abandoned it. Misha says that she didn't abandon Purrloin. A flash back is shown where a young Misha feeds Purrloin, and then leaves it at the house as she heads off and says goodbye. Purrloin waited day after day, night after night, as plants were dying and there was very little Pokémon food left. Purrloin cries as it thinks that Misha abandoned it. Purrloin says that Misha can't understand how it felt waiting that long after she abandoned it. Misha says that it's true that she left without Purrloin, but on the way she got hurt, as she shows her broken arm. She explains that after she got out of the hospital, she went back home and saw that Purrloin wasn't there anymore. Cilan says that Misha heard that there was a Purrloin in the area wreaking havoc, so she looked for it the whole time. Purrloin says that it doesn't believe her story. Ash says to Purrloin to think about Misha's feelings, who came all the way there to see it. Misha apologizes for leaving Purrloin there alone.

The sand where everyone is standing begins to suck them in, as Ash says that the more they move the more they sink in. Iris tells everyone to hold still. Cilan grabs a rope and throws it to them, as everyone holds onto it. Misha grabs onto the rope too, as they try to pull everyone back up. Cilan and Misha also fall in and begin to sink. Purrloin tries to run after them, as Misha tells it to stay back. Misha tells Purrloin that there's no way it can help, as Purrloin remembers the good times they had when Misha was a young girl. Flashback of Misha and Purrloin playing and running in a grassy area, Misha giving Purrloin medicine when it was sick, and both of them sleeping together. Purrloin runs out of the cave, as it leaves the backpack behind.

Ash brings out Snivy to help them out. Snivy uses Vine Whip to grab the rope and try to pull them up, as they keep sinking. Meanwhile Purrloin continues running outside of the cave. Oshawott and Meowth fully sink underground, as Iris brings out Excadrill and Cilan brings out Pansage to help pull on the rope. The rope breaks, as Ash, Pikachu, Cilan, and Misha also sink underground which scares the other Pokémon. The group of Tranquill from before dive down and pull everyone out from under the ground. Purrloin shows back up as Cilan comments that it must have asked the Tranquill to help out. Everyone thanks Purrloin for helping them, as Meowth says that Purrloin is kind-hearted after all.

Back at the stream, Purrloin says that it went to the Tranquill that it made angry and asked them to rescue everyone. A flashback is shown of the Tranquill using Gust at Purrloin as it tries to ask them for help. Purrloin falls and gets back up to ask again, as it begins to cry. Misha thanks Purrloin for helping them. Purrloin says that it became desperate after it thought Misha abandoned it, which caused it to treat everyone terribly as it apologizes to everyone. Everyone is glad that the misunderstanding is cleared up. Iris tells Misha to make sure to get along with Purrloin now. Misha thanks everyone for their help. As he blushes, Meowth holds flowers and asks Purrloin to go out with it. Oshawott with a blushed face also holds flowers, and asks Purrloin to go out with it. Misha explains that Purrloin is a male, as Oshawott and Meowth have very shocked looks on their faces and are completely embarrassed. Purrloin winks at them, as Meowth and Oshawott look down. Team Rocket is shown calling in a helicopter to the ground, as they prepare to carry out their evil deeds.

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Ash's Pikachu Ash's Snivy Ash's Oshawott

Iris's Excadrill Iris's Axew

Cilan's Pansage

Rocket's Meowth

Misha's Purrloin

Wild's Tranquill