Beheeyem, Duosion and the Dream Thief!


On their way to Nimbasa City, Ash and his friends stop to have dinner as the sun sets. Meowth volunteers to gather firewood. As they are setting up for dinner, a man named Leon spies on them from behind some bushes. He comments that a talking Meowth is very exceptional, and that Pikachu being present in the Unova region is rare as well. He brings out his Beheeyem while telling it that it has been awhile since their last scheme. As Meowth is looking for firewood, he notices that there isn't much firewood around. Beheeyem floats towards Meowth, and gives him more firewood. Beheeyem and Meowth introduce themselves to each other.

Meowth returns to Ash and his friends, along with Beheeyem and introduces it to them. Meowth tells them that Beheeyem gave him firewood that he had so much trouble finding. Ash looks up Beheeyem with his Pokédex. Beheeyem says that it wants to do something that is useful for people. Iris asks Beheeyem what it can do. Beheeyem says that it can grant any wish, that they can ask for whatever they want. Leon continues to look on as he thinks Beheeyem will do a good job for him. As Cilan looks at a few Wiki Berries in front of him, he comments that he could use some spicy ones for the meal he is making instead. He says that he wants some Figy Berries instead of the Wiki Berries. Meowth asks Beheeyem to arrange for them to get some Figy Berries. Beheeyem uses the lights on its hand to change the berries to Figy Berries, which surprises everyone. Cilan calls the change miraculous, as Beheeyem scratches its head.

As the Pokémon eat their Pokémon food, Ash and his friends are eating the very spicy food that Cilan made. Ash makes a very weird face because of how spicy the food is. Iris tells him that he's a child for not being able to take the spicy food well, as she tears up and sweats from how spicy the food is. Iris says that the spicy food is perfect for the taste buds of a grownup like her. As Iris eats, she breaths fire out of her mouth and has a bright red tongue, with how spicy the food is. Cilan says that it is amazing that Beheeyem was able to change the berries to Figy Berries, while at first he thought it was done by magic. Beheeyem asks if anyone else has a wish that they desire. Iris suggests to Ash that he ask to have all of the Gym badges. Ash tells Iris that they are meaningless if he doesn't win them by linking his heart with his Pokémon. Cilan says that Ash is correct about that. Iris says that she has no wishes that she can think of at the moment. Meowth says that he is happy, as long as he has delicious food to eat. Meowth loves the spicy food and isn't affected by it.

Leon is disgusted that they don't have any desires, and thinks that his plan may be ruined. Cilan says that since they have been sleeping outside lately, that he would like to sleep in a room with a roof over their heads. He says that he's not talking about a luxury hotel, but a place with a king-sized four-post bed, with fluffy feather blankets, and that they would have a good night's rest until morning. Cilan asks Beheeyem if it would grant a large dream like that. Meowth says that it is an extravagant dream. Ash says that it is impossible. Beheeyem says that it can grant that wish. Beheeyem takes Ash and his friends off to where it will grant their wish in the field. Leon is glad that everything is going well. As they are walking, Iris skeptical that there is a hotel in the wilderness where they are at. Beheeyem lights up its light on its arms to make a large hotel appear right in front of them. Iris wonders if that was there when they passed the location awhile back. Cilan says that it will be fine, and that it is a miraculous day.

Ash and his friends enter the hotel, and notice that the place is empty. Iris wonders if they are out of business. Cilan finds it very mysterious. Beheeyem leads them to their room, as Iris wonders if it's okay to enter without asking first. They enter their room, as Cilan is very surprised to see the bed that he wished for is right in front of him. Everyone jumps on the bed and immediately loves it, while beginning to fall asleep on it. Iris says that if someone comes in, that they will just apologize to them. Beheeyem watches them fall asleep, as it has an evil smirk on its face and begins to laugh. Officer Jenny and her Duosion enter the dream, as her eyes glow red. She puts a small bomb on the hotel window, as it blows a hole in the window. She enters the hotel room, as Ash and his friends frantically apologize for entering the hotel just to sleep.

Officer Jenny introduces herself, and says that she specializes in Psychic crimes. Cilan wonders if she came to crack down on them because they entered without permission. She explains that it's a department that cracks down on Psychic crimes done by Psychic Type Pokémon. She introduces her Psychic Pokémon Duosion to them. Ash scans Duosion with his Pokédex. She asks them if they are missing anything. Ash notices that Pikachu is gone, as only a Pikachu doll remains on the bed. Iris notices that Axew is gone, as only an Axew doll remains on the bed. Cilan notices that Meowth is gone as well. Ash realizes that all of his Poké balls are gone. Cilan and Iris also realize that all of their Poké balls are gone as well. Ash and his friends exit the room and begin searching for them. Iris spots them with Beheeyem, as they follow it with Iris' eyes glowing bright red. Beheeyem uses Psychic to create a caged barrier in front of them.

Leon appears in front of them while complimenting his Beheeyem for being successful. He introduces himself and says that he is a grand dream thief. Officer Jenny explains that they are inside of a dream that Beheeyem has created. She asks them to remember what has happened before, and asks if there were any other mysterious things that happened. Ash remembers that the Wiki Berries turning into Figy Berries was another mysterious incident, as he again looks up Beheeyem in his Pokédex. Officer Jenny explains that Beheeyem takes advantage of its Psychic powers to lure people into a dream, and that she used Duosion's powers to enter the dream. Cilan asks her if all of the strange things that happened were only happening because of Beheeyem. Leon laughs as he reminds them that he did call himself a grand dream thief. He says that as a reward for giving them the dream, he will be taking everyone's Pokémon.

Officer Jenny says that unless they can escape the dream, they cannot go after them. She explains that there are two conditions that must be met to exit the dream. The first condition is that everyone that the dream was shown to must realize that it is a dream. The other condition is to find the emergency exit to the dream and use Psychic power on it. She says that the dream world may look like it is constructed well, but there is always an exit leading back to the real world. Iris spots the green emergency exit sign, as Duosion uses Psywave to hit the sign and take them back outside. Iris thinks that they are already out of the dream, as everyone notices that Leon is tying up their Pokémon. Leon calls them a persistent group. Beheeyem and Duosion prepare to attack each other. Duosion uses Psywave, which hits its mark on Beheeyem. Duosion uses Psyshock, which also hits its mark. Duosion uses Flash Cannon, which hits Beheeyem as well. Cilan calls it the wonderful taste of victory. Officer Jenny says that Evil will always perish. The smoke clear, as Beheeyem is perfectly fine after taking the attacks, with its eyes glowing green. Everyone wonders why it didn't work, after the attacks hit, but they were still ineffective. Leon comments that the attack are very weak against Beheeyem.

Beheeyem uses Energy Ball, while Duosion uses Protect. Protect doesn't work, as the Energy Ball sends it flying into the air and back to the ground while getting knocked out. Everyone wonders why Protect doesn't work. Cilan says that it is another thing that is mysterious. Everyone looks up and sees two different moons in the sky. They realize that they are still inside of Beheeyem's dream, and that's why Duosion's attacks and Protect had no effect. They notice that the Pokémon have not woken up yet. Officer Jenny says that they won't be able to exit until they wake everyone up and tell them that it is a dream. Ash and Iris are able to wake Pikachu and Axew up. Cilan tries to wake Meowth up, but he won't wake up. Cilan says that it won't be easy to wake Meowth up. Pikachu uses Thunderbolt to wake Meowth up, which makes him angry as he yells at him. Cilan tells them that they are inside of a dream, and that they can't escape unless they are awake. Meowth says that he is not okay after being shocked by the Thunderbolt. Leon decides that he will only take the Poké balls instead, as he runs away. Iris spots another emergency exit, as Duosion uses Psywave on the sign to try and have them exit the dream.

A large UFO appears above them, as everyone wonders what is going on. Leon and Beheeyem come out of the UFO, as Leon is dressed in a spacesuit and pretends to be an alien. He says that he will take everyone's Poké balls. Ash thinks he is a real alien, as Iris says that he is not. They looks up into the sky and see three moon, as they realize that they are still in the dream. They notice Meowth is sleeping, which is why they cannot exit the dream. Leon leaves in his UFO, as Pikachu uses Thunderbolt to wake Meowth up. Iris notices a brown colored emergency exit sign, as Duosion uses Psywave on the sign so that they can try and escape.

A giant Beheeyem shows up, as Leon says that it will squash everyone. Beheeyem tries to squash them, but they are able to run away. Everyone looks up into the sky and sees a lot of moons and Meowth still being awake. Pikachu uses Thunderbolt, Axew uses Dragon Rage, and Duosion uses Psywave to try and wake Meowth up. Meowth hits the ground, and is unconscious instead of awake. Beheeyem moves closer, as Cilan pulls out a lot of Figy Berries and stuffs them into Meowth's mouth. Meowth's mouth is burning up as it runs around while breathing fire. Ash notices the emergency exit on a moon, as Duosion hits the exit with Psywave.

Everyone has finally woken up from the dream, as they notice there is only one moon in the sky and Meowth is awake. Leon tries to make his escape and is spotted by them, as he says they are very persistent. Beheeyem tries to again lure them into its dream. Pikachu uses Electro Ball to knock Beheeyem out. Leon tries to make his escape, but is stopped by a very cranky and exhausted Meowth. Leon tells Meowth that they should be business partners, and that they would make a lot of money. He shows Meowth a contract, as Meowth yells at him for putting him into the terrible situation to begin with. Meowth uses Fury Swipes to shred Leon's clothes and the contract, as Leon is shown to only be wearing boxer shorts after the shredding. Leon's glasses break, as he falls to the ground.

Leon is taken away in a police car, as Officer Jenny thanks everyone for their help with catching him. She tells them that he will be punished for his Psychic crimes. Iris wonders at what point they started dreaming, as Ash is relieved that everything is back to normal. She wonders if they really ate dinner after all, and says that she is hungry. Cilan says that he can't cook anything, since he has no more food stuff to cook with. Meowth realizes that they should have asked them to drive them to the Pokémon Center. A Tympole jumps in and out of a small pond nearby. In the underground railway,

Team Rocket is testing out the Ghost Train, as Jessie says that likely no one has noticed that they are doing it in the middle of the night. Team Rocket switches the tracks, as they head into another direction. Ingo is doing last minute preparations for keeping an eye on the underground railway, as Emmet tells him that there is a train running much earlier than the first scheduled train. On a graph they see a train suddenly disappear, as they decide to investigate further. They say that those who mess with the underground railway will not be forgiven.

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Officer Jenny


Ash's Pikachu

Iris's Axew

Rocket's Meowth

Officer Jenny:
Officer Jenny's Duosion

Leon's Beheeyem

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