Beartic Mountain Feud


In a forest, a storm is brewing while a group of Cubchoo and Beartic try to shelter themselves from the storm. Lightning strikes, as the Cubchoo are terrified of the storm. One lightning strike hits a tree, knocking it down and setting it on fire. The Beartic check what is going on outside of the cave, as they see the fire, they run away from the area. As they are running, one of the Cubchoo falls off of one of the Beartic, and is hanging off the end of the cliff. The Cubchoo looks down as it becomes terrified, as a Beartic runs over to try and rescue it. The Cubchoo slips and falls off of the cliff and hits the ground. The Beartic roars after the Cubchoo falls down.

Ash and his friends are walking around the mountains, as they are headed to Nimbasa City. Cilan says that once they pass the mountain, they will be at Nimbasa City. Ash wonders what kind of city, and what kind of Gym Leader there will be. Ash is looking forward to seeing Nimbasa City. Iris comments that the pathway is very ragged. Meowth explains that it looks that way because of the storm that happened two days ago. Ash looks over and sees an injured Cubchoo on one of the rocks. Ash holds Cubchoo, as they wonder what happened to it. Ash scans Cubchoo with his Pokédex. Iris notices that Cubchoo has lost a lot of strength. Meowth comments that Cubchoo looks like what a person looks like when they collapse on the road. He says that they need to feed Cubchoo something that provides a lot of energy. Ash and his friends look around for some food, but there are no berries or fruit anywhere. Iris thinks that they may have been blown away by the storm. Meowth finds an Oran Berry which is great for recovering health.

White eyes peer through the bushes, as a Beartic jumps out with three more Beartic, as everyone is scared. Iris looks terrified, as she says that the Beartic are Ice Types and the worst. Meowth suggests that maybe the Beartic are Cubchoo's friends. Ash thinks that they may have come to get the Cubchoo. Cilan puts Cubchoo down to go to the Beartic, but Cubchoo runs back as it is terrified of them. The Beartic roar, which makes Ash and his friends even more terrified. The Beartic are becoming more agitated and angry, as Ash tries to calm them down. Meowth decides to step in, and asks the Beartic to talk about what happened. He tells them to cool their heads and calm down, but they use Icy Wind to freeze him. He tells the Beartic that they don't need to cool his head. The Beartic are about to attack, when a Mienfoo spins to knock them out. Ash scans Mienfoo with his Pokédex. A man named Cliff shows up and says they need to run away while they still can.

They end up in a cabin, as Cliff introduces himself and says that he is the Chief Ranger at the mountain. Ash and his friends introduce themselves. They thank cliff for saving them from the Beartic. Cliff is surprised to see a talking Meowth. Cubchoo is finished eating and is feeling better, as everyone is glad it is feeling better. Cilan wonders why Cubchoo collapsed where they found it. Ash asks what happened to it, as Cubchoo explains. Iris nudges Meowth to translate what Cubchoo is saying. Meowth translates that Cubchoo was close to the top of a mountain, with other Cubchoo and Beartic. On the night of the storm two days ago, it was separated from its friends, and fell off the cliff. It doesn't remember what happened after it fell, as the flashback shows that it climbed on the rocks and collapsed.

Cliff explains that the Cubchoo is part of a different group than the ones they saw before. He explains that there are two groups of Beartic on the mountain. One lives near the summit, while the other lives close to the base. Cilan realizes that it was the Beartic from the base who attacked them. Cliff says that it is strange, since he hasn't heard any reports of the groups not getting along. Cilan wonders why the Beartic were so angry. Iris says that there must be a reason for them to be so agitated. Ash says that they need to hurry and find Cubchoo's friends. Cubchoo is happy that they are going to look for its friends. Cliff asks them if Meowth belongs to any one of them, as they shake their heads no. Cliff says that a talking Meowth is very useful, and that he should capture it. Cliff throws a Poké ball at Meowth, as it shakes for awhile, but Meowth pops right back out. Meowth says that he is an independent Pokémon that doesn't belong to anybody. Cliff apologizes for trying to capture Meowth.

Once outside, Cliff shows Ash and his friends how far the Beartic group of the base extends their territory. He says that as a detour, they can go through the forest, they should be able to reach the Beartic at the summit without running into them. Ash tells Cubchoo that it will see its friends soon. As they walk through the forest, they notice base Beartic there as well. Meowth says that Cubchoo says that the Beartic are not its friends either. Cliff wonders why the base Beartic are in the forest. a Beartic comes up from behind them, and roars while everyone is terrified. Ash brings out Tepig, as it uses Ember to block their Icy Wind attack, which creates steam. Oshawott comes out of its Poké ball, as Meowth says that he is not needed. Mienfoo holds off the Beartic, as everyone runs away from them. As Iris runs away, she says that she has had enough of the Beartic and the Beartic, as the others follow her as well. As they are running, they run into more Beartic and are surrounded again. Meowth steps in to try and talk to the Beartic again. He asks the Beartic why they are so angry, and says that being agitated is bad for their health. The Beartic use Icy Wind, as Meowth dodges and says that the same trick won't work on him twice. Meowth says he's not naive, as he asks them what happened and for them to hit him with their honest statements.

The Beartic use Icy Wind, to send Meowth flying into the air as Meowth says that he didn't mean for them to strike him with Icy Wind. They use Icy Wind, as Everyone else tries to get away, but they slip. Meowth bumps into Oshawott, as they roll into the other Pokémon and roll together down the hill. Cilan and Iris call out to the Pokémon while they are rolling down the mountain. In Nimbasa City, down in the underground railroad, the Subway Bosses are checking out the tracks to investigate the Ghost Train. They head to the area where it was running the night before. They wonder who is invading the underground railway. Emmet says that those who drive trains without permission won't be forgiven. They are determined to find out the truth. They spot a couple of shadow figures of people, and try to run after them. They lose sight of them as they say that they should be the only ones there at that time. They head back to investigate things further. James says that they finally were spotted, but Jessie says they are too late, since things are already prepared and in place. She says that they just have to wait for Dr. Zager now.

At the bottom of the mountain, the Pokémon get up and are okay. Oshawott blames Meowth for them falling down the mountain. Meowth and Oshawott begin arguing with each other, as Pikachu and Tepig break it up. Pikachu tells them that it isn't the time to fight, and that everyone must be worried about them. The Pokémon call up to Ash and his friends, but there is no response, only an echo. Cubchoo looks very worried, as Pikachu tells it not to be worried. Pikachu tells Cubchoo that they will make sure to help find its friends, but first they need to meet back up with Ash and the others. Meowth says that they need to go with their heads up high. Cubchoo and Axew's stomachs growl, as they are too hungry to walk. Pikachu says that they should find food for them. Pikachu tells Tepig to look after Axew and Cubchoo.

As Ash and his friends are walking around a mountain, Iris wonders if the Pokémon are alright and hope they don't run into and Beartic. Ash says that he is sure they are safe. They reach the forest, as Cliff explains that it is where the base Beartic group harvests their food. Mienfoo checks to see if the area is safe to go through. They realize that the berries and fruit are all a mess in the forest. Cliff thinks that the storm caused that to happen to the berries and fruit. In another part of the forest, Beartic and Cubchoo are near a tree stub that has some fruit and berries on it, as the rest of the Beartic and Cubchoo bring more berries and fruit to them. They head off to find more berries and fruit. Meanwhile Meowth, Pikachu, and Oshawott search for some food to give to Axew and Cubchoo. Oshawott looks over, and they find the same tree stub, berries and fruit. Meowth says that their efforts have paid off. Oshawott is also happy that they found the food as well. Pikachu says that someone may have collected that food, and that they shouldn't take them. Meowth says that it is their fault for leaving it there. Oshawott hands Pikachu an apple as they head off, and Pikachu is really unsure about taking them. The Beartic and Cubchoo return with more food to find out that the berries and fruit missing, and they are very mad and upset about it.

Axew and Cubchoo eat the fruit, as Cubchoo thanks Meowth by rubbing him with its snot. Meowth tells Cubchoo that he'd rather not be rubbed by snot for expressing gratitude, as he is grossed out by it. Both Pikachu and Tepig are very worries about whether the Pokémon did the right thing by taking the food. Oshawott hands them a couple of fruit, as both Tepig and Pikachu refuse to take them. Oshawott eats the food instead. Meowth says that as long as he's around, nothing will happen to them and that they should leave everything to him and follow him. Oshawott nudges Meowth and says that he was the one that found them. Meowth tells Oshawott to not say it and eat more food. The Beartic and Cubchoo angrily go after the Pokémon.

Meanwhile, Ash and his friends notice that the berries have been blown from the trees in the next area as well. They realized that the base Beartic group lost all of their food. Iris asks if that means that they are desperately searching berries and fruit right now. Cilan thinks that the because they showed up when they did, the base Beartic group must have thought the summit Beartic group were stealing their food, so they attacked Ash and his friends. Ash says that they have to clean up the misunderstanding right away, and that Pikachu and the others are in danger. The summit Beartic group appear above Ash and his friends.

The base Beartic group yells at the Pokémon to not invade their territory, and to give back the food that they stole. Meowth tells them to stop making false accusations and that they would never steal. A Beartic tells them that the food that Meowth and the others are holding was collected by them. Pikachu and Tepig are disgusted by Oshawott and Meowth's actions. Oshawott pushes Meowth towards the Beartic as he says to them that Meowth will take any type of reprimand. Meowth says to them that he understands how they feel, and that they should pretend that it didn't happen, hold hands, and begin a bright future together. Beartic uses Icy Wind to freeze Meowth and send him backwards. Meowth says that resolving the situation isn't possible. Pikachu and Tepig try to reason with the Beartic, but they just keep getting more angry at the Pokémon.

The Beartic look above and see the summit Beartic group on top of the small rocky hill. Cubchoo is very happy to see its friends again. Ash and his friends show up and are glad that the Pokémon are all okay. The base Beartic group roars very angrily, as Cliff tries to explain to them that the summit Beartic group doesn't want to steal their food and that they only came to get Cubchoo. The base Beartic use Blizzard, while Mienfoo uses Quick Guard to protect the summit Beartic. a couple of Beartic from both groups use Sheer Cold at each other, as the attacks collide and create a big explosion. The explosion creates a seismic wave that sends the Pokémon backwards, and makes large boulders fall from the mountain. Everyone sees the boulders falling towards the Pokémon, as Ash tells them to use their attacks to break the boulders. Pikachu uses Thunderbolt to shatter one boulder, Oshawott uses Water Gun to shatter another boulder, and Tepig uses Ember to shatter the third boulder. The final boulder heads towards the Pokémon as a base Beartic covers them, one summit Beartic stands in front of the Pokémon, and the rest of the Beartic use Sheer Cold to freeze the boulder to the mountain.

Ash asks Meowth, Cubchoo, and Axew if they are okay, as they say that they are fine and that thanks to the Beartic, their lives were saved. They thank everyone for saving them. Cliff comments that the Pokémon on the same mountain combined their powers to overcome a critical situation, and that they should be able to clear up the misunderstanding that they had before. Meowth says that he's had enough of the experiences like the crisis they went through. Cubchoo rubs Meowth with its snot, as Meowth tells it that its gratefulness is enough already, as everyone laughs. Everyone waves, as the summit Beartic and Cubchoo leave and go back to their home. Iris asks Meowth if he is lonely, as Meowth denies it. Cliff says that both he and Mienfoo will look after the base Beartic group, and will take them to an area that wasn't harmed by the storm. Cilan tells Beartic that they'll move to a new home to search for food. Ash and his friends continue on their journey to Nimbasa City.

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