Battle-Dazzling the Nimbasa Gym!


As Ash gets ready for his Gym battle against the Nimbasa City Gym Leader Elesa, he sits on the bed with Pikachu to plan out what Pokémon he is going to use. As Iris and Cilan look on, Iris comments that Ash has been working on his strategy for awhile. Cilan says that it may be unusual for Ash, but planning out a strategies for a Gym battle is a good thing. Ash remembers that Zebstrika's Electric Type moves won't have much effect on Pikachu, since he is also an Electric Type. Ash says that Pikachu's Electric Type moves won't have much effect on Zebstrika either. Ash decides that he wants to give his other Pokémon a chance to battle, because he has relied on Pikachu, Tepig, and Oshawott a lot recently. Ash calls Professor Juniper and switches some of the Pokémon he has with ones from the lab.

Ash and his friends ride the roller coaster inside of the Gym while screaming, all of the way to the battlefield. Ash leaves Pikachu with Cilan and Iris and says that it's not Pikachu's turn to battle. Iris tells Pikachu that they should all cheer for Ash together. Pikachu walks to Cilan and Iris with a very sad look on his face. As Ash enters the battlefield, a spotlight shines on Elesa, as she sparkles. Elesa waves to her fans in the stands as they cheer her on. She says to them to watch the battle and to make sure to become dizzy during it. Ash takes off his hat and bows to Elesa with respect prior to the beginning of the battle. Elesa calls the battle is a magnificent show, and that she will shine more than Ash will during it, and make his radiance disappear. The referee says that it will be a 3-on-3 battle, and that only Ash may substitute Pokémon during the battle. Iris wonders what Ash's strategy is going to be, as Pikachu and Axew cheer Ash on. Elesa says that she will make everyone dizzy with their shining light flashes, as a colorful pink background with hearts is shown while she is talking. The crowd cheers even louder for her.

Elesa brings out Zebstrika for battle, as Iris reminds Cilan that it took down all of Bianca's Pokémon, and that it is a powerful Electric Type. Ash brings out Palpitoad for battle, as Elesa says that it isn't beautiful but he did think it through. Iris says that since Palpitoad is part Ground Type, Electric Type moves won't work on it. Palpitoad uses Mud Shot, while Zebstrika dodges the attack. Zebstrika uses Flame Charge, which sends Palpitoad flying and onto the ground. Palpitoad was not harmed much by the attack. Iris comments that Fire Type moves like Flame Charge aren't very effective on Water Type Pokémon. Zebstrika uses Flame Charge again, which sends Palpitoad flying and onto the ground. Once again Palpitoad was not harmed much by the attack. Iris wonders why Zebstrika continues to use Flame Charge, since it has very little effect on Water Type Pokémon. Cilan tells her that Elesa is trying to do something different with her strategy.

Palpitoad uses Hydro Pump, while Zebstrika dodges the attack. Iris comments that Zebstrika becomes faster the more it uses Flame Charge. Zebstrika uses Double Kick, while Palpitoad dodges both kicks. Zebstrika uses Double Kick again, while Palpitoad is able to dodge one kick, but is sent flying and to the ground by the second kick. Pikachu continues to cheer Palpitoad on. When Palpitoad gets back up, it looks very dizzy from being kicked. Elesa says that Palpitoad may not be able to take many more attacks, no matter how tough it is. Zebstrika uses Quick Attack which hits Palpitoad, as Zebstrika has a disgusted look on its face after hitting Palpitoad. Palpitoad is still able to get back up after taking the hit. Palpitoad uses Supersonic to confuse Zebstrika. Cilan calls it an excellent counterattack, as Pikachu and Axew continue cheering Palpitoad on. Palpitoad uses Mud Shot which hits Zebstrika's face, and then uses Hydro Pump to send it into the wall which knocks it out.

Palpitoad looks worn out after defeating Zebstrika, as Elesa tells Zebstrika that it looks beautiful even when covered in mud. The crowd cries after Zebstrika gets knocked out. Iris says that it is amazing that Palpitoad was able to defeat Zebstrika, even though Zebstrika defeated all of Bianca's Pokémon. Cilan says that since Ash used Tepig, Zebstrika couldn't use Wild Charge. Axew and Pikachu continue to cheer on Ash. Iris is surprised that Ash is sticking with Palpitoad. Elesa says that right now Ash is shining so much that it is making her dizzy, and that she will be making Ash dizzy next. Elesa brings out her Emolga for battle, as Iris comments that Emolga is an Electric/Flying Type. Palpitoad tries to use Supersonic, but Emolga uses Acrobatics which makes it dizzy, and then is hit by the attack. Ash commands Palpitoad to use Supersonic, but Emolga uses Attract first to infatuate Palpitoad. Elesa says to Ash that she told him that she would make it dizzy. Ash says that even though Palpitoad is dizzy, Emolga still can't use its Electric attacks. Elesa tells Ash that Emolga can use more than just Electric Type moves. Emolga uses Aerial Ace to knock out Palpitoad. Ash is very shocked as he says that Palpitoad was supposed to turn the Gym battle into a perfect victory. Ash recalls Palpitoad to its Poké ball with a disgusted look on his face. Cilan, Iris, Pikachu, and Axew are shocked that it was his strategy all along.

Ash thinks about what Pokémon he will use next, as the referee tells him that he must choose his next Pokémon or else she will consider it a forfeit. Ash tells Elesa to wait for him, as he runs out of the Gym. While the others are bored, Ash returns with another Poké ball that he got from Professor Juniper. Elesa asks Ash if Palpitoad was all he he had ready for the Gym battle. Ash laughs nervously, as Elesa realizes that is exactly what happened. Ash brings out Snivy for battle. Emolga uses Attract, while Snivy also uses Attract. Iris, Cilan, Pikachu, and Axew are all shocked that they are both using Attract. Both Attract attacks hit, but neither Pokémon becomes infatuated. Palpitoad is revealed to be a male, since Emolga and Snivy are both females. Elesa asks Ash if his Snivy is female, and Ash suddenly realizes that he forgot about that. Everyone is shocked that Ash forgot about that. Iris comments that they've gone over the fact that Attract doesn't work on two Pokémon of the same gender many times. Cilan remarks that it's just like Ash to forget that. Ash comments that Electric Type moves have very little effect on Grass Type Pokémon. Elesa reminds him that Emolga is also a Flying Type as well, as Ash remembers that Flying Type moves are super-effective against Grass Types. As Ash said that, he was in complete shock about that information.

Ash tells Snivy to use Vine Whip before being attacked by Emolga's moves. Snivy uses Vine Whip, but Emolga dodges the attack. Snivy uses Leaf Blade twice in a row, but again Emolga dodges the attacks. Snivy uses Leaf Storm as it hits Emolga, but it doesn't do much damage on her. Emolga uses Acrobatics which hits Snivy, as Cilan remarks that it's the worst possible match up. Pikachu is getting charged up about the battle. Emolga uses Acrobatics again, which really hurts Snivy. Pikachu becomes so charged up, that he unleashes a Thunderbolt, which knocks Axew backwards. Cilan remarks that Pikachu must be very agitated watching Ash battle. Pikachu looks embarrassed after doing that. Elesa says that Snivy must be very tough to take so many attacks. As Snivy looks exhausted, Emolga knocks her out by using Aerial Ace.

After the Attack hits, Pikachu's frustration shows again as he uses Thunderbolt. Elesa acknowledges the crowd, as they cheer Emolga's victory. Cilan comments that Pikachu became agitated again. Iris asks Pikachu if he is alright, as steam is shown coming out of his head and he looks a bit dazed and dizzy. Ash thinks hard about what his last Pokémon should be, as Pikachu looks on. Ash comments that he doesn't have any Pokémon that are strong against Electric/Flying Types, as the referee tells him that if he doesn't hurry up then he will be disqualified. Pikachu looks displeased as Ash still doesn't know what to do. Ash keeps pondering and pondering what to do, as Pikachu's frustration builds. Pikachu's frustration builds up so much that he uses Thunderbolt on Ash.

Pikachu yells at Ash to choose him. The referee tells Ash to hurry up and choose his next Pokémon. Ash says that he was wrong about needing to use his head and think of a strategy. Ash says that he forgot that battles are fought together with the Pokémon, and that he can't do anything by himself. Ash says to Pikachu to lend him his power and that they should do it together, as Pikachu is happy and jumps on Ash's arm. Cilan remarks that accepting a Pokémon's invitation instead of using strategy sounds more like the Ash that they know. Iris says that two Electric type Pokémon going up against each other may not be very effective, but willpower will determine who wins.

Ash chooses Pikachu to battle next. Pikachu uses Electro Ball and Emolga also uses Electro Ball, as both attacks collide creating an explosion. Elesa says that they are both even. Pikachu uses Quick Attack to send Emolga into the wall, while knocking it out. Elesa tells Emolga that she shined so much that she was blinded, as Elesa returns Emolga to her Poké ball. Elesa says to Ash that they are shining beautifully and that it is making her dizzy. As Elesa is shown in a sparkly background, she says that she must shine more than Ash and Pikachu are. A fan in the crowd comments that Ash has made Elesa serious. Another fan comments that Elesa may bring out a Pokémon that she only uses at certain times. The fans say that maybe they will see a strong Elesa today, as Cilan and Iris are listening in on what they are saying. Cilan says that Elesa may confront Ash with a powerful Pokémon. Elesa brings out Tynamo as her final Pokémon as she names it her Pokémon Queen. As Tynamo comes out, a spotlight shines on her. Everyone is surprised that the little Tynamo is Elesa's strongest Pokémon. Ash is disappointed that it wasn't a powerful Pokémon, as he scans her with his Pokédex. Ash says that even if it doesn't seem strong, they have to keep their guard up.

Tynamo uses a fast and strong Tackle to send Pikachu into the wall, as Ash is surprised by how strong it is. Tynamo laughs, as Pikachu is able to squeeze itself out of the wall. Tynamo uses tackle, while Pikachu dodges but Tynamo disappears. Pikachu looks up and sees Tynamo, as she uses Tackle on his head to put him into the ground. Pikachu becomes stuck in the hole, as Tynamo continues to hit Pikachu with Tackle. Cilan comments that Tynamo has incredible speed, as Iris says that it can't be dodged. Pikachu squeezes out of the hole, as Elesa comments that he is trying very hard. Cilan wonders how they will be able to deal with Tynamo's speed. Elesa commands Tynamo to use tackle, as she prepares to use Tackle. Pikachu and Ash look at each other, as Ash remembers that there is something they can do about Tynamo's speed. Pikachu uses Thunderbolt all across the field, creating explosions of smoke. The crowd is confused as to what they are doing. Iris comments that Electric type moves won't do much on Tynamo. Cilan tells Iris that Ash's goal is something completely different. Elesa comments that Pikachu and Ash's hearts are one right now, but wonders why they are hitting the field with Thunderbolt. As the smoke clears, there is a clear pathway between Tynamo and Pikachu. Elesa comments that the only thing they can do is attack Pikachu from the front. Tynamo uses Tackle towards Pikachu, as Elesa tries to stop her from attacking. Once Tynamo gets close enough, Pikachu uses Iron Tail to send it into the wall and knocking it out.

Ash wins the battle, as Pikachu jumps into his arms to hug and celebrate the victory. Elesa tells Tynamo that it isn't her fault that they lost and that she was sparkly and shining. Elesa congratulates Ash on the victory, as she says that she was the one that was forgetting things. She says that he made her remember that what is needed in battle isn't just beauty, but also the bond between the heart of trainers and their Pokémon. Ash says that Pikachu taught him something as well. Elesa says that Ash and Pikachu's compatibility is perfect, and that her heart was moved so much that it made her dizzy. Elesa presents Ash with the Bolt badge, as Ash and his Pokémon jump in celebration.

Ash puts his fourth badge in his badge case, as Iris says that she was dizzy and nervous wondering what would happen. Elesa asks Ash which town he is headed to next, as Ash says that he hasn't decided yet. Elesa suggests to Ash that he should go to Driftveil City next, which is just passed the Driftveil Bridge. Ash ties to leave, but Elesa remember that the drawbridge is still being prepared and that he cannot cross it. Elesa suggests that they stay in Nimbasa City until it is repaired.

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