Lost at the Stamp Rally!


After his Gym battle with Elesa, Ash and his friends go head down to the Underground Railway. Cilan points a poster of the Subway Stamp Rally competition. Underneath the poster, is a large logo with a large Tepig stamp on it. Cilan explains that it normally takes three days to collect all 60 stamps, and that today is the final day to collect them. Iris thinks that it is impossible. Cilan says that he wants to achieve it in one day, by the four o'clock deadline. Iris calls Cilan a child for getting so fired up over the stamps. Cilan explains that if they complete the stamp rally, then they can have a battle with one of the Subway Masters, Emmet or Ingo. He says that it is the greatest honor for fans of the underground railway. Cilan says that as a Metro Connoisseur, he has dreamed about doing it for years. Cilan asks them to go with him and collect the stamps together. Iris and Ash turn Cilan down, as Ash had promised Iris that they would go sight-seeing in Nimbasa City.

The subway train they are riding arrives at its destination, as Ash and Iris head to the other attractions of Nimbasa City. As they get outside, they see the Big Stadium and Small Court. They look at a billboard sign that shows a football game that will be shown of Team Gurdurrs vs Team Darmanitan Eleven. Iris wants the Darmanitan Eleven to win. She says that she is a big fan of the team since they train at the Dragon Village. Ash decides that he'll root for the Gurdurrs since she is rooting for the other team. Meanwhile, Cilan puts the Pansage stamp on his stamp card. Cilan says that with the timetable, number of people in the station, the structure of the station, and the location of the stamp corners, he'll make sure to use all of his Metro Connoisseur knowledge to complete the task. He reminds himself that the deadline is at four o'clock.

The Darmanitan Eleven won the game, as Iris believes that her cheering for them paid off. Ash says that even though they turned the tables at the end, he still had a lot of fun. Ash and Iris decide to go to the Small Court to face off against each other. Ash and Iris begin to play tennis against each other, as Pikachu and Axew watch them go back and forth. At one point Iris hit Ash in the head with a tennis ball. After the tennis match, Ash and Iris shake hands, and so do Axew and Pikachu. Back at the Gear Station, Cilan is shown putting the Tranquil stamp on his stamp card. Ash and Iris head to the Musical Theater to watch a musical. As the curtain opens, Gothita, Gothitelle, Swanna, Cottonee, and Deerling are shown in hats and with bows on their necks. The Pokémon sing and dance as Oshawott comes out of his Poké ball to admire the musical from right in front of the stage. Ash tries to pull Oshawott from the stage, as Gothitelle uses Telekinesis to bring them both on stage. The performing Pokémon dress up Ash, Pikachu, and Oshawott. Oshawott has a blue hat, blue bow and a mustache, Pikachu has a green hat and green bow, and Ash has a pink suit, pink hat and pink bow. Gothitelle grabs Ash's hands as they dance around the stage. Deerling puts Pikachu on its back. Oshawott and Gothita dance with each other. The audience gives them a round of applause, as they acknowledge the crowd. Ash never thought that they would participating in the musical as well.

Iris points out the large ferris wheel that she says Nimbasa City is famous for. Iris says that she has been wanting to ride it at least once. Ash loses her near the ferris wheel, as he spots an Axew with a pink ribbon on its tail. Iris comes over and gives Ash and Pikachu a couple of ice cream cones. Iris sees the Axew and points out that it's a female, as she picks her up. Iris wonders if it is a stray Axew. Ash goes to check if anyone had reported that they are missing an Axew, and tells Iris that no one had reported about an Axew. Iris says that as a Dragon Master, she can't just leave it there. Ash suggests that they search for Axew's trainer themselves. Iris asks Axew where she got separated from her trainer, and she leads them to the Gear Station. Meanwhile, Cilan puts a Zorua stamp on his stamp card. He remarks that he has all stamps from line four as well.

A young girl named Erina walks up to Cilan and asks him how to get to the amusement park. Cilan tells her that she should take the express car on platform two and get off at the third stop. Cilan says that he is going to finish line three of his stamp card next. The female Axew leads Ash and Iris into the Underground Railway. Ash suggests that her trainer might still be in the station. The female Axew sees someone that she thinks is Erina and follows the person into a subway car, as Ash and Iris follow her. The female Axew looks for her trainer in the subway, as the subway shakes and a passenger falls down. Iris brings out Emolga to check what's going on with the female Axew. Cilan was able to get all of the stamps excluding one, and is excited to be very close to battling the Subway Masters.

Cilan sees Erina looking at a guide while trying to find where she is going. Erina and Cilan introduce themselves to each other. Erina tells Cilan that she got on the wrong train, and explains that she came with an Axew to play. She says that they got separated, and that she though that her friend might have boarded the train already so she boarded it and realized that it was the wrong train. Erina tells Cilan that she is terrible with trains, and that she always boards the wrong one. Cilan tells her that as a Metro Connoisseur, he will help her get where she needs to go very quickly. The female Axew sees who she thinks is her trainer, and jumps on top of her. Cilan suggests to Erina that her friend may be at the amusement park. They decide to board the next train, as a train with her Axew in it passes them by. Erina says to Cilan that her friend was in that train.

Meanwhile in the train, the Female Axew is still holding onto the female passenger as the Swadloon she's holding is mad and the passenger wonders if she will get off of her. Swadloon uses String Shot to wrap up the Axew and send her to the floor. Emolga sees what happens, and uses Discharge which hits everybody in the train. They end up at another part of the station. Ash, Iris, and their Pokémon apologize to one of the workers of the underground railway. The worker tells them that they must be careful next time. As they sit on a bench eating sandwiches, they wonder where the female Axew's trainer could be. Iris says that the trainer is probably searching for her. Iris suggests that they return to the amusement park and leave some evidence that they were at the station. Iris points to a poster of a Vanillite, and has the Axew put a hand print on a stamp card. Iris draws a ferris wheel on the card, and hang's it on the wall. Iris and Ash get onto another train to head to the amusement park, as Cilan and Erina exit another train which is right across from it.

Cilan tells Erina that the express stops there as well, and that it's possible that Axew go off there as well. They arrive at the stamp stand where the stamp card with a hand print and ferris wheel was hanging. Erina recognizes Axew's hand print, as Cilan says that someone must have brought Axew there and left the card as evidence of that. Cilan sees the ferris wheel picture, and tells her that they must have went to the amusement park. Erina runs inside of another train, as Cilan follows her into the train. The speaker overhead announces that they are arriving at the Crossroad, while Cilan realizes that they got onto the wrong train. Cilan tells her that the train move in the opposite direction of the amusement park. Cilan is upset with himself that as a Metro Connoisseur, that he made that mistake.

Back at the amusement park, Ash tells Iris that Axew's trainer hasn't left a message. The female Axew looks discouraged, as Iris tells her that they will reunite her with her trainer soon. Erina apologizes to Cilan for panicking, as Cilan says that he is the one that is at fault for not noticing that it was the wrong train. Cilan remarks that no one who uses the Underground Railway should be sad, and that he will make sure she reaches her destination and reunites with her Axew. Cilan looks at the subway map, and notices that the Crossroad is very close to the Nimbasa Central Station. Back at the amusement park, Iris can't believe they still can't find Axew's trainer after searching for so long. A worker walks up to Iris and Ash and has them take a train to the Central Station. Ash wonders why he had them go to the Nimbasa Central Station.

Ash and Iris arrive at the Central Station, as the female Axew spots her trainer, and runs to her. Erina apologizes to her Axew and says that she must have been lonely. Both of them reuniting makes Cilan very happy. Cilan explains to Ash and Iris that he met Erina, and they were looking for Axew together. Iris and Ash ask Cilan how he knew that Axew was with them and that they were at the amusement park. Erina says that the stamp card they left help them. Ingo comments that when Ash and his friends are in trouble, the Subway Masters won't leave them on their own. Emmet says that because they helped them save the Underground Railway the other day, they used their powers as Subway Masters to help. Iris asks Cilan if he finished collecting all of the stamps. Cilan looks at his stamp card and realizes that he still has the Axew stamp left to get. Cilan says that he has to go find it. Over the speakers, it is announced that because it is four o'clock, the stamp rally has ended. Cilan is very sad that he could not complete the stamp rally. Erina shows Cilan her stamp card, and says that she has the missing Axew stamp that Cilan could use. She explains that while she was looking for Axew, she got off at the station and asked a worker if he has seen an Axew anywhere. The worker points her to a Axew stamp stand, as she gets puts the stamp on the card and hoped that it would give her a hint on how to find Axew. Emmet says to Cilan that because he helped out another passenger in need, that they will give him special permission to have a battle with them. Emmet suggests that they have a tag battle, as Ingo says that they are interested in seeing their skills. Cilan asks Ash to be his partner for the tag battle.

They enter a subway car, as Ingo and Emmet signal for the walls to open up and the car turn into a battle field. Cilan explains that it is the Gear Station which is located at the Nimbasa Central Station. He says that it's an important place for fans of the Underground Railway. Emmet brings out Chandelure and Ingo brings out Eelektross, while Ash brings out Tepig and Cilan brings out Pansage. Tepig uses Flamethrower towards Eelektross and Pansage uses Bullet Seed on Chandelure, as both attacks hit the opponents. Tepig uses Flame Charge and hits Eelektross, while Pansage uses Solar Beam. Chandelure uses Smog at Pansage, as he begins coughing and the Solar Beam misses its target. Chandelure uses Will-O-Wisp, while Tepig goes in front of Pansage and counters with Flamethrower to create an explosion. Eelektross uses Acid, which causes smoke to form in front of Tepig and Pansage as they cough. Cilan tells Ingo and Emmet that their battling is great like the timetable, and doesn't have unnecessary movement.

Cilan begins his tasting time ritual, and says that Tepig and Pansage will present an in-sync battle, and then they will be victorious. Pansage jumps on the bars of the subway, and jumps across the bars and then uses Bullet Seed on Eelektross and Chandelure. Tepig uses Flame Charge, as Emmet says that Pansage is attacking from a distance, and Tepig is attacking head on. Ingo tells that that it won't work on them as Subway Masters. Eelektross uses Thunderbolt on Pansage, which causes him to fall and land on the charging Tepig. Chandelure uses Psychic on them, while Eelektross uses Thunderbolt to knock them out. Ingo and Emmet win the tag battle.

As the sun sets, Cilan comments that he truly enjoyed the battle, and Ash says the same thing and that he learned a lot. Ingo tells them, that they learned a lot from the battle too. Emmet asks Ash whether he is going to head to the Driftveil City Gym in Driftveil City. Emmet tells Ash that the Driftveil Drawbridge has been repaired and is open for use again. Cilan suggests that they stay at the Pokémon Center overnight, and leave the next day. Erina tells Axew that they should go to the amusement park and ride the ferris wheel. Everyone rides the ferris wheel, as Cilan comments that as the sun sets, the scenery of Nimbasa City looks great. Erina is glad that they could come to the ferris wheel.

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Ash's Pikachu Ash's Tepig Ash's Oshawott

Iris's Emolga Iris's Axew

Cilan's Pansage

Emmet's Eelektross

Ingo's Chandelure

Erina's Axew

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