Scraggy and the Demanding Gothita!


As Ash and his friends are headed towards Driftveil City, they have a Pokémon battle in a field. Ash is battling with his Scraggy, and Iris is battling with her Axew. Axew uses Scratch, while Scraggy dodges the attack and uses Headbutt. As they are battling, Pikachu, Tepig, and Oshawott are cheering them on. Snivy is just watching the battle and not cheering. Axew uses Scratch to hit Scraggy and send him backwards to the ground. Axew uses Dragon Rage, while Scraggy uses High Jump Kick on Axew's chin, as both attacks collide and create an explosion. After the explosion, both Pokémon are knocked out. The battle Ash and Iris compliment Scraggy and Axew on their great battle. Ash tells Axew that he is getting stronger, while Iris says to Scraggy that his High Jump Kick has improved a lot. Cilan comments that their battling skills have really improved, and that the moves were well-executed. Axew and Scraggy look exhausted as they breath out and smile about being great battling buddies. Ash suggests to them that they take a break, as they walk over to the lake. Cilan says that they are probably thirsty after the tough battle.

Scraggy and Axew drink from the lake, look at each other, smile, and begin splashing each other with water. After drinking from the lake, they run around and play in the grassy field. Axew hides behind a large rock as Scraggy looks for him. Scraggy spots him, and continue running across the grassy field. Iris comments that during battles, they are fierce rivals, but after battles they are best friends. Snivy continues watching Axew and Scraggy run around in the field. As they continue running, a Gothita runs out of a bush and they run into each other. After they run into each other, they spin around and hit a large rock. Ash and his friends go to check on the Pokémon. Scraggy stands on his feet as he is upset with Gothita, and Gothita gets back up and begins to stare into Scraggy's eyes. Ash tells Scraggy that it's not nice to use Leer at Gothita in that way. Cilan recognizes the Pokémon as a Gothita, as Ash scans it with his Pokédex. Iris comments that Gothita must be staring at Scraggy.

Katharine appears and introduces herself to Ash and his friends, as they do the same. Katharine explains that they are on a journey together to challenge Gym Leaders, as Gothita grabs Katharine's badge case and displays it to everyone. Ash notices that Katharine has two Gym badges, as Katharine asks if he is challenging gyms as well and how many badges he has. Ash displays his badge case and shows that he has four badges, which makes Gothita upset as it makes a disgusted face. Katharine points out that Ash has two more badges than she does. Axew's stomach growls, as Cilan suggests that it is time for them to eat lunch.

Katharine likes the food, as Iris tells her that Cilan is a great chef. Ash asks Katharine if she is on her way to Nimbasa City, as Katharine says yes and that Gothita is a big fan of Elesa. Ash tells Katharine that he had just won a Gym battle against Elesa and earned the Bolt Badge. Iris suggests to Katharine that when in Nimbasa City, she should ride the ferris wheel first. Cilan suggests that she ride the subway in Nimbasa City. Cilan explains that the subway system is run by Subway Masters Ingo and Emmet, and that they make sure the subways run smoothly to get people where they need to go. Katharine says it sounds great, as she doesn't look very interested in what Cilan is saying. As the Pokémon are eating, Gothita continues to stare at Scraggy, which is annoying him. Scraggy uses Headbutt, but Gothita dodges and Scraggy hits the ground, as Gothita laughs and waves for Scraggy to come at it. Scraggy tries to use High Jump Kick, but Gothita dodges and Scraggy hits the ground. Scraggy rolls around in pain, as Gothita continues to laugh. Cilan continues to explain about the subway system and how it is run automatically. During Cilan's explanation, Gothita uses Psychic to bring Katharine over to it, as Katharine asks it what it wants.

Gothita tells Katharine that it likes Scraggy, and that it wants to have Scraggy traded for one of Katharine's other Pokémon. Katherine walks over to Ash to say that Gothita really likes Scraggy, and asks if he is willing to trade Scraggy for one of her other Pokémon. Everyone expect Scraggy is shocked at her request. Katherine brings out her Darumaka, Summer Deerling, and Mandibuzz, and says that can choose whichever Pokémon he wants. Ash tells Katharine that he is not going to make a trade, and says that he wants to train the Pokémon he already has and help them become stronger. Axew is relieved to hear that, as Gothita has a mad look on its face, as it puffs out its cheeks. Gothita convinces Katharine to have a Pokémon battle to win Scraggy, as Katharine tells Ash that Gothita is really stubborn when it wants something. Ash refuses to battle and says that Scraggy doesn't have much battle experience, as Katharine says that he can use a different Pokémon instead. Axew looks more nervous as they continue discussing it. Gothita becomes even more frustrated, as Ash once again turns the offer down. Katharine becomes mad, as she tells Ash that it must mean that he doesn't think he can defeat her, and is afraid of losing. Katharine tells Ash that his badges are probably all fake. Ash tells her that he won each bad by battling hard with his Pokémon. Ash decides to finally accept the challenge, as Iris tells him that he could lose Scraggy. Axew is even more nervous after Ash accepts the battle. Ash tells Iris that he will make sure that he doesn't lose.

Gothita tells Katharine that she should use Mandibuzz, as Ash scans Mandibuzz with his Pokédex. Ash's Pokémon all jump up and down except Snivy, hoping that they will be picked for the battle. Ash chooses Tepig, as the other Pokémon are very disappointed. Axew is showing more nervousness as he watches the battle. Oshawott cheers for Tepig to do a good job, as the other Pokémon also watch the battle. Gothita is telling Katharine what to do in the battle. Mandibuzz uses Fury Attack, while Tepig dodges the attack and hits with Tackle. Axew cheers Tepig on during the battle. Mandibuzz hits Tepig with Air Slash, as Axew looks on nervously. Tepig gets back up, and is ready to continue. Mandibuzz uses Dark Pulse, while Tepig dodges and hits it with Flamethrower. Mandibuzz flies high in the air and hits Tepig with Brave Bird, which sends Tepig high into the air and back down to the ground. Mandibuzz is shown feeling the effects of recoil damage to Brave Bird.

Tepig uses Tackle and Mandibuzz dodges the attack. Tepig uses Flamethrower, while Mandibuzz again is able to dodge the attack. Mandibuzz uses Brave Bird again, while Tepig uses Flame Charge as both attacks collide. As the dust clears. Mandibuzz is knocked out, and Tepig is still standing. Ash wins the battle. The other Pokémon cheer as they celebrate the victory. Snivy is relieved that Ash won the battle. Iris comments that it is hard to tell whether Katharine or Gothita is the trainer, as they fight with each other. Katharine tells Gothita that it's just going to have to forget about Scraggy. It begins to thunderstorm, as black clouds are shown overhead, and it begins to rain. Katharine suggests that they head to a cabin that she is staying at, as they run towards the cabin. They realize that the rain won't be stopping anytime soon and that will have to stay at the cabin over night. Gothita looks over at Scraggy and has a look on its face like it has a plan. Snivy thinks that Gothita is up to something.

That night with the moon overhead, Gothita wakes up and suggests to Scraggy that they go for a walk to get some food. Axew has a nightmare that Tepig and Ash lose, and Scraggy leaves everyone much to Axew's dismay. Gothita is shown to be bigger than Katharine, Gothita has a lower voice, Iris cries, and Gothita uses Psyshock to send Axew away at the end of the nightmare. Axew wakes up in terror, as he notices that both Scraggy and Gothita are gone, and runs out the door to frantically search for them. Snivy wakes up and notices Axew leaving, so she follows them outside.

Gothita and Scraggy arrive at an apple tree, as Gothita uses Psychic to bring the apple down to give it to Scraggy. Axew shows up and notices them getting along very well, and tries to pull Scraggy away from Gothita as Gothita tries to pull him the other direction. At the cabin, Pikachu wakes up Ash as everyone realizes that Gothita, Axew, Scraggy, and Snivy are all gone. Ash brings out Tranquil and has her search for them in the air. The other Pokémon along with Ash and his friends split up to search for them. Axew and Gothita continue to pull on Scraggy, as Axew lets go and Gothita tumbles backwards. Gothita uses Psyshock, as Axew and Scraggy dodge the attack. Axew uses Dragon Rage, which sends Gothita flying as it lands on top of a Garbodor. Garbodor breathes out a Stench cloud at Gothita, who can stand the smell. Gothita hits Garbodor with DoubleSlap which makes Garbodor mad, as Gothita runs away. Garbodor approaches them as they look on in fear, while Scraggy tries to use Leer on it. Garbodor uses Sludge Bomb to attack, as Snivy uses her Vine Whip to make Scraggy and Axew dodge the attack. Gothita is hit which makes it mad, as it uses Hidden Power on Garbodor.

Tranquil returns to Ash and his friends to let them know that she found the other Pokémon, and takes them to the location. Garbodor uses Toxic, as Snivy uses her Vine Whip to help Scraggy and Axew continue to dodge the attacks. Garbodor uses Sludge Bomb, which hits Gothita a few times. Ash and his friends finally arrive and see what's going on. Ash scans Garbodor with his Pokédex. Garbodor uses Clear Smog, which hits Gothita and Snivy. Katharine says that the other Pokémon must have upset Garbodor. Pikachu tells Garbodor that it was an accident and that they didn't mean it, after Ash told him to. Garbodor uses Clear Smog which hits all three of them, as Pikachu continues to try and explain. Gothita becomes annoyed and tries to use Psyshock, but Snivy uses Vine Whip to stop Gothita. Gothita becomes angry with Snivy for doing that. Ash tells Garbodor that they do not want to battle it. Cilan asks Katharine if he Deerling can use Aromatherapy. Katharine brings out Deerling, as Deerling uses its Aromatherapy on Garbodor. Garbodor calms down after being hit by Aromatherapy and walks away. Ash and Iris tell Scraggy and Axew that they were worried sick, and that they should not have run off. Gothita looks over at Snivy, as Snivy turns her head away which makes Gothita mad. Gothita tells Katharine that it wants to have a battle with Snivy. Katharine asks Ash to have a battle with her again the next day, and Ash accepts. Axew tells Snivy that she must win, and Snivy has the look that she will make sure of it.

The next day as the sun shines above them, Ash and Katharine are ready to battle as the other Pokémon cheer Snivy on. Gothita uses Psyshock, while Snivy dodges it. Gothita uses Hidden Power, while Snivy uses Leaf Storm to block it as both attacks collide to create an explosion. Snivy uses Vine Whip, while Gothita uses DoubleSlap to block the attack. Both of their attacks keep blocking each other in the air. Snivy smiles at Gothita, and Gothita shows a mad face back at Snivy. Snivy uses Leaf Blade to knock Gothita to the ground, as Axew cheers her on. Gothita uses Psyshock, while Snivy uses Leaf Storm to knock Gothita out.

The other Pokémon cheer Snivy and Ash's victory, as Gothita get up. Gothita stomps its foot, and cries out of anger. Snivy mocks Gothita by looking the other way which upsets Gothita, as Gothita runs away while crying. Katharine says goodbye to Ash and his friends as they say goodbye as well, and she chases after Gothita. Scraggy and Axew thank Snivy for winning the battle, and Snivy accepts their thank you. Ash and his friends continue to head towards Driftveil City, as Scraggy smiles to end the episode.

Special Thanks to Gaylen50 for writing these for us





Ash's Pikachu Ash's Snivy Ash's Tepig Ash's Oshawott Ash's Tranquill Ash's Scraggy

Iris's Axew

Katharine's Darumaka Katharine's Gothita Katharine's Deerling Katharine's Mandibuzz

Wild's Garbodor