An Amazing Aerial Battle!!


The episode begins with a recap of the Skyla vs Cilan battle, as Ash asks Skyla for a Gym match. Ash brings out the three Pokémon that he is going to use - Tranquil, Krokorok, and Pikachu. Skyla tells Ash that the team is very well-balanced, but she thinks that she is still going to win. Ash says to her that he will win instead, as the challengers behind them say that they want to see a gym battle between them, since the last battle was so much fun. Mile says to Skyla that she should accept the challenge with so many people wanting to see her battle. He says that he wants to see Swanna spread its wings and fly high into the sky. Skyla accepts the challenge after asking Swanna if it wants to battle. Skyla still thinks that she will win the battle. She imagines in her head with thought bubbles being shown, what each battle's outcome will be. The first battle she imagines is between Krokorok and Swoobat. She comments that Krokorok is a Dark and Ground type, and that Ground type moves won't have any affect on Swoobat. She believes that Swoobat is going to win that battle. She says that the next battle will be between Unfezant and Tranquil. She says that because Unfezant is Tranquil's evolved form, Unfezant will win even though they are both Flying types. The final battle she imagines is between Pikachu and Swanna. She says that Pikachu will be the final Pokémon that Ash can rely on to win, and that Swanna will win. Ash tells Skyla that she can't know that will happen before the battle even begins. Skyla says that the battle will be at noon the next day. Skyla leaves in her airplane as she flies off into the sunset. Ash says that he will win no matter what.

At the Pokémon Center, Ash is sitting on his head while contemplating his strategy against Skyla. Iris asks Cilan if Ash is okay, since he has been in the position for a long time. Ash comes down out of the headstand position and says that he has a plan to win with Tranquil, Pikachu, and Krokorok. Cilan asks him if he chose the Pokémon without thinking again, as Ash says that his Pokémon have something Skyla couldn't predict, which it guts. That surprises Iris and Cilan. Fireworks go off in the sky, as the roof to the gym opens up. Iris comments that the battle drew a large crowd, since they are wanting to see the excitement of real battles instead of air battles. Cilan says that if Ash wins and changes Skyla's thoughts about gym battles, then his battle with Skyla wouldn't have been pointless. As the announcer introduces Ash, the ground opens up and he jumps out of the hole and onto the field. As the announcer introduces Skyla, a cannon comes out of the ground and shoots Skyla high into the air with a pack on her back. As she is starting to head towards the ground, her pink glider which looks like wings, opens as she flies through the rings. After she flies through the rings, she spins, the wings turn into confetti, and she flips before landing on the field. When she lands on the field, more smoke and confetti go flying, as she salutes everyone. The crowd cheer for her, as Iris calls it a flashy performance. Skyla tells Ash that she will win and prove to Ash that her predictions were correct, while Ash says that he will win. Mile tells everyone that the Gym Battle will be a 3-on-3 match, and only the challenger can switch Pokémon.

Ash brings out Krokorok, while Skyla brings out Swoobat. Iris comments that Flying-type moves have a normal effect on Ground-type Pokémon, and that Ground-type moves have no effect on Flying-type Pokémon. Cilan comments that how Krokorok does will depend on how it evades Swoobat's aerial attacks. Krokorok uses Crunch, while Swoobat dodges and uses Air Cutter. Krokorok dodges Air Cutter by Digging underground. Air Cutter misses, as Ash says that Swoobat can't attack Krokorok when it's underground. Swoobat flies low to the ground to search for Krokorok, as Krokorok jumps out of the ground to use Stone Edge. Swoobat counters Stone Edge with Gust, but some of the stones still hit, and Krokorok has to dodge its own Stone Edge as the rocks came towards it. Swoobat uses Air Cutter to knock out Krokorok. Cilan comments that if Stone Edge had hit completely, the outcome of the battle might have been different. Skyla says that for a Ground-type, Krokorok did very well.

Ash says to Skyla that he will prove to her that air battle predictions are not reliable, as Ash brings out his Tranquil. Skyla comments that using a Flying-type against another Flying-type as not an unusual choice, but it is an appropriate choice. Tranquil uses Air Cutter, while Swoobat also uses Air Cutter as both attacks collide. Tranquil uses Gust, while Swoobat also uses Gust as both attacks collide which creates a dust tornado. Cilan comments that so far, both Flying-types are even. Swoobat flies quickly high into the sky, as Tranquil follows it. Tranquil uses Wing Attack, while Swoobat dodges. Tranquil uses Air Cutter, which hits Swoobat and sends it hard into the ground while knocking it out. The crowd cheers after Swoobat is knocked out. Cilan says that Tranquil's speed is what allowed it to win. Ash asks Skyla if the battle is going as she expected. Skyla tells Ash that because they are both Flying-Types and with Swoobat having already battled once, it had a disadvantage going up against Tranquil. She says that it's very rare for unexpected things to happen, so everything is going as she expected. Skyla brings out Unfezant to face Tranquil. Cilan comments that Tranquil is at a disadvantage in this battle.

Tranquil uses Quick Attack, while Unfezant dodges and climbs high into the sky quickly. Tranquil loses her balance after Unfezant flies to the sky. Unfezant uses Air Cutter, while Tranquil dodges and looks completely exhausted. Cilan comments that Tranquil is completely exhausted from her last battle. Skyla says that they won't miss again, as Ash returns Tranquil to her Pokéball. Ash chooses Pikachu next, since Electric-Types have the advantage over Flying-Types. Skyla comments that she knew Pikachu would be Ash's main Pokémon of the battle. Pikachu uses Electro Ball, while Unfezant dodges by flying up high quickly. Unfezant uses Air Cutter, while Pikachu tries to dodges, but one of the impacts of Air Cutter to the ground sends Pikachu sliding across the ground. Unfezant uses Aerial Ace, while Pikachu awaits for it to come closer before hitting him with Iron Tail. Pikachu uses Electro Ball to knock out Unfezant. Cilan comments that Electric-Type moves really are super-effective against Flying-Types. Ash asks Skyla what she thinks of the battle so far, as Skyla says that she knew that Pikachu would be relied on heavily. She said that she did enjoy it a little bit however, which makes Ash very upset. Iris comments that Skyla isn't surprised by Ash's strategy, but Cilan is certain that she felt something during the battle with Ash. Cilan wants Ash to try and change Skyla's opinion on battles.

Skyla brings out her Swanna, as Iris comments that since Swanna is a Water/Flying Type, Pikachu has a huge advantage as an Electric-Type. Cilan comments that Skyla cannot be underestimated since she is the Gym Leader. Pikachu uses Thunderbolt, while Swanna uses Aqua Ring as a defensive barrier to block the attack. Pikachu uses Electro Ball, but again Swanna uses Aqua Ring as a defensive barrier to block the attack. Cilan comments that the attacks are being blocked even though they should be Super-Effective against Water/Flying Type Pokémon. Iris comments that Skyla looks to be the one providing the unexpected twist. Skyla explains that when she first started out as a Gym Leader, she watched all of Mile's old videos, as she remembered him using that tactic back then. She explains that the reason she said she would win, is because she has a countermeasure against Electric attacks. Pikachu uses Iron Tail, while Swanna flies up too high for Pikachu to land the attack. Ash notices the ring right in front of Swanna and tells Pikachu to use Quick Attack. Pikachu jumps through the rings as Swanna tries to dodge, and hits Swanna with Quick Attack. The attack didn't do much damage. Swanna hits Pikachu with Bubblebeam, which knocks him off of the ring and to the ground hard. Swanna uses Hurricane to blow Pikachu into the air, and uses Brave Bird to knock Pikachu out, as it hits the ground hard. Skyla is surprised that Pikachu almost gets back up after taking the hit, as Ash grabs Pikachu before it can faint to the ground. The children say that they really enjoyed the battle, as Skyla comments that it is exactly what she predicted. Ash places Pikachu up against the wall after the battle. Cilan reminds Iris that Pikachu's loss doesn't mean that Ash has lost.

Ash brings out his Tranquil once again, and asks her if she can still battle. Tranquil uses Quick Attack which lands a hit on Swanna, and then uses Air Cutter which hits Swanna after it dodges a few of the attacks. From just above the ground, Tranquil uses Gust, while Swanna counters with Hurricane. Hurricane is too strong as it surrounds Tranquil and sends her hard to the ground. Tranquil looks as if she is down and out. Ash tells her not to give up, and Cilan says that it isn't over yet, as Tranquil begins to glow with its turning red and evolves into the Female Unfezant. Ash looks up Unfezant in his Pokédex, which says that the female's flying capabilities are stronger than that of the male's. Cilan comments that she should be able to match or surpass Swanna's flying abilities. Ash finds out that Unfezant has a new move as well after evolving.

Unfezant uses Air Cutter, while Swanna dodges by flying high into the air as Unfezant follows. Swanna flies behind Unfezant and uses Brave Bird, while Unfezant was able to dodge it. Swanna uses Brave Bird again, while Unfezant flies very high to dodge it. Skyla comments that Unfezant is very fast, but she won't lose. Both Pokémon fly to the ground, across the field, across the stadium walls, and then back up to the sky, as Unfezant continues to be able to dodge Brave Bird. Unfezant uses her newly learned Aerial Ace. After Swanna was able to dodge by going close to the ground and then flying up high, was hit with the attack. After being hit with Aerial Ace, Swanna hits the ground hard and is knocked out. Ash wins the Gym battle. The crowd cheers with Ash's victory, as Unfezant circles the stadium to celebrate her victory. Cilan says that Ash and his Pokémon really did great in the battle.

After the battle, Skyla tells Ash that she had fun battling him, and that she will do proper battles instead of air battles from now on. She says that she was surprised to see how the efforts of a trainer and their Pokémon can bring out unexpected turns and results. Cilan tells Skyla that he is happy that she finally understands that. Skyla apologizes to her grandfather for worrying him, as Mile says that what's important is that she understands now, and that she is beginning with a fresh start as a Gym Leader. Skyla promises that she will become a great Gym Leader, and says thank you to Ash. Ash is handed the Jet Badge, as he celebrates with his Pokémon. Skyla asks him which Gym he is headed to next, and Ash is unsure. She tells him that the Icirrus Gym in Icirrus City is the closest to where they are at. Ash decides that he will go there next, and that he only needs to earn two more badges.

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Ash's Pikachu Ash's Tranquill Ash's Unfezant Ash's Krokorok

Iris's Axew

Cilan's Stunfisk

Skyla's Unfezant Skyla's Swoobat Skyla's Swanna