The Clubsplosion Begins!


After reuniting with Stephan, Ash and his friends head towards the Donamite tournament. Ash asks Stephan what type of trainers participate in the tournament. Stephan tells Ash that those who participate are proud of their skills and have heated battles. Ash says that it would be great training for his upcoming Gym match, and decides to enter. Iris says that it is the first tournament in a long time, so she decides to enter as well. Cilan decides to enter the tournament as well. While screaming "Out of the way!", Bianca runs into Ash while sending him into the stream, and stops on Stephan's body with her head squished on his chest. Ash and Pikachu are all wet and have disgusted looks on their faces. Cilan dries Pikachu off with a white towel. Ash asks Bianca in frustration what is wrong with her, as she apologizes over and over for sending him into the water. Stephan asks Bianca where she was going in such a hurry, and she says that she was headed to the Donamite Tournament hosted by Don George. Iris and Ash say that they will also be joining the tournament.

Everyone heads to the registration counter, as they see Trip standing in line. Ash asks Trip if he is participating as well, as Trip replies that he didn't know that Ash was going to enter as well. Bianca asks Trip which Pokemon he'll be entering with, as Trip brings out his Conkeldurr. Ash scans Conkeldurr with his Pokedex. Ash remembers the Gurdurr he saw in the last tournament, and thinks that Conkeldurr evolved from that same Gurdurr. Trip comments that evolving to make them stronger is very basic, as he takes a picture of his Pokemon. Iris comments that Conkeldurr is very strong. Bianca admires Conkeldurr's muscles. Stephan explains that many Fighting Pokemon take part in the Donamite tournament, which is why it is known for powerful and heated physical battles. Trip mocks Ash for not knowing that information. Ash tries to confront Trip, but Conkeldurr stands in his way. Trip recalls Conkeldurr to its Pokeball. Trip sarcastically says to Ash for him to do his best. Iris comments that Trip is once again a kid, as Trip leaves. Stephan says that he will be using Sawk, and asks Ash what he'll be using. Ash stops to think about it, and throws his Pokeball to bring out Scraggy. Ash says to Scraggy that they need to do their best, as Scraggy becomes pumped up.

Burgundy shows up behind them and asks Cilan if he'll be participating too, as Cilan asks her the same question. Burgundy says that she is glad he is participating as well, so she can defeat him in the tournament. She says to make sure he doesn't lose before facing her. Cilan asks her if she has achieved a higher Connoisseur qualification yet, and Burgundy looks down with embarrassment and a sad look on her face, as she says that she is still a C-class Connoisseur. Burgundy says to Cilan that she was too busy with battles to take classes for the next rank. She says that she will definitely defeat Cilan in their next battle and sticks out her tongue. As she walks away, Stephan says that she hasn't changed. Georgia arrives and says that she smells dragons nearby. She says to Iris that she knew that she would participate in the tournament. Iris asks her if she has a problem with it, as Georgia says that she will make Iris bow down to her. Iris says that she still doesn't appreciate how great her hairstyle is and calls her a child, as Georgia asks her if she has a problem with that. Sparks fly in between them. Georgia tells Iris that she should be prepared for her Dragon Buster battling, as it is not just for show. Georgia waves and walks away, as Iris angrily says for her to call herself whatever she wants and that she is a pain. Cilan says that the battles should be great, and Ash says that the battles should be interesting.

Don George is introduced and says to everyone that with a win, they can power up their Pokemon's powers with a year's supply of Protein, Calcium, Iron, Zinc, Carbos, and HP UP nutrition drinks in a six-pack set. As he was saying this, the drinks are shown on the screen flying like rockets, make a tower, and all six types are shown in a line on the screen. Bianca says that she really wants them. Stephan says that they are perfect for Sawk. Burgundy says that obtaining them and becoming a Nutrition Drink Connoisseur would be an option. Georgia says that the drinks would be better suited for Burgundy, making her angry. Don George tells everyone to do their best. Smoking fireworks go off and the tournament begins. The first round match-ups are revealed. First match is Stephan vs Edmond, as Stephan says that the battle will be sped up at the beginning. The second match-up is Flora vs Cilan, as they both look at each other. The third match is Akkie vs Ash, as they both say they are glad to meet one another. The fourth match is Burgundy vs Iris, as Burgundy says that she will taste the battle and Iris says that she will be a pain. The fifth match is Bakkie vs Chakkie, as they look at each other with mad faces. The sixth match is Grace vs Georgia, as Georgia is disgusted that she doesn't get to face Iris. The seventh match is Masaomi vs Domon, as they both introduce themselves. The final match of the first round is Trip vs Bianca, as Trip calls it a warm-up exercise, which makes Bianca upset as she says that she will win no matter what. The announcer introduces himself as Freddie O' Martian and will do the live broadcast, as he asks Don George to provide the commentary. Don George says that he will do his best.

Edmond is announced as the gray and cloudy rain man, as Stephan is said to like well-muscled power matches. Ash wishes him luck, as Stephan is frustrated that they both pronounced his name wrong again. The announcer reminds everyone that they can only participate with the one Pokémon that they registered with. Don George says that type compatibility will be very important in the tournament. Dark clouds appear in the sky, as the announcer says that he expects nothing less from a rain man. He says that battles will take place, even in the rain. Edmond grins as it begins to rain.

Stephan brings out Sawk, who is in a kneeling position as he comes out of his Pokeball. Masaomi looks on, as he is surprised that Stephan has one. Edmond brings out Seismitoad, as Ash recognizes it right away. Sawk uses Karate Chop, as Seismitoad dodges with great speed. Stephan and Ash are surprised at how fast it is. Edmond explains that with Seismitoad's Swift Swim ability, its speed increases in the rain. Bianca says she didn't know that. Burgundy says that it is a great tasting combo. Seismitoad uses Drain Punch, while Sawk tries to dodge but the attack hits and sends Sawk flying and to the ground. Sawk uses Low Sweep, while Seismitoad counters with Mud Shot. Sawk dodges the attack and uses the Low Sweep on Seismitoad's left leg. Seismitoad uses Brick Break to punch Sawk to the ground. Ash likes the battle, Iris says that both Pokemon are powerful, and Cilan says that both Pokemon are hitting with heavy blows while trying to stop each other. Sawk and Seismitoad each are dodging each other's Brick Break and Karate Chop attacks. Edmond asks Seismitoad what is wrong and that it should be able to use its speed to dodge the attacks. Edmond notices the leg wound, and remembers the Low Sweep that made contact. Stephan comments that Edmond realized it too late, and has Sawk use Bulk Up to raise its attack and defense. Sawk uses Close Combat to knock out Seismitoad. Stephan wins and advances to the second round. Everyone in the crows cheers Stephan's name, as he gets upset that they are saying his name wrong.

Before the second battle, the announcer reminds people that they are reporting from the stadium of the Battle Club, and that the tournament is filled with fierce battles and struggles. As he is saying this, screenshots of the first battle are shown on the screen. Stephan walks up to Ash to ask him how the battle went, and Ash said it was good. Stephan says that they both trained very hard when it was hot, cold, rainy, and windy which resulted in a muscular body. As he was telling Ash, pictures of their push-ups, and running were being shown. Bianca exclaims that she loves Pokémon with muscles, as she pokes them and says that they are perfect. Iris looks disgusted at what Bianca is doing. Stephan asks if they think Sawk is the best, as Masaomi says from the background that it looks like it'll only make it to the second round. Stephan asks him if he is making fun of his Sawk, as Masaomi goes on to say that Stephan should only use the word best after he defeats his Pokemon. Masaomi brings out Throh, as Ash scans it with his Pokedex. Masaomi says that everyone will nag when they lose to his Throh. Bianca wonders if Masaomi was making a joke with the word nag, as she laughs about it. Bianca asks Masaomi if she can touch Throh's muscles, as Masaomi yells at her to not touch Throh. As they are walking by, Throh runs into Sawk's shoulder, which makes it mad. Stephan stops Sawk from trying to do anything about it. Stephan says that they cannot lose to guys like Masaomi.

Meanwhile, the second match of the first round begins with Cilan going up against Flora. Pansage uses Bite, as Gothorita dodges making Pansage hit the ground hard. Gothorita uses Double Slap on Pansage's cheek as it cries out in pain. Burgundy yells to Cilan that he'd better not lose until he faces her. Cilan says to her that he will not lose. Cilan exclaims that it is tasting time, as the announcer and the crowd get excited. Iris is not pleased that he is doing the tasting time again. Cilan says that Gothorita is perfect with speed and technique. Pansage uses Solarbeam, while Gothorita uses Psyshock to counter it, creating an explosion as the attacks collide. Pansage uses Dig to knock out Gothorita. Cilan moves on to the second round. Cilan holds Pansage as they wave to acknowledge the crowd's applause. Burgundy is upset with Cilan acting so cocky, and says that he should have lost that battle.

The third round begins, as the announcer says that Ash possesses burning spirit and Akkie's moves shine like his unique pompadour hairstyle. Ash tells Scraggy that he's counting on it, while Akkie says that Simisage doesn't lose to Pokemon like Scraggy. Stephan tells Ash to do his best, Iris tells Scraggy to hang in there, and Trip looks on to watch the battle. Ash commands Scraggy to use Leer, but it uses it on Akkie instead. Everyone is shocked that Scraggy did that, as they have surprised looks on their faces. Akkie says that Scraggy has a lot of nerve to do that in front of him. Simisage uses Seed Bomb, while Scraggy dodges it. Akkie commands Simisage to use Low Sweep once Scraggy lands on the ground. Simisage tries to use Low Sweep, but Scraggy blocks it with his rubber body as Ash tells Scraggy that he did a good job. Simisage uses Shadow Claw, while Scraggy uses Headbutt. Simisage dodges the Headbutt and uses Seed Bomb, while Scraggy jumps to dodge it. Akkie tells Simisage not to let it get away this time, and use Low Sweep. Simisage steps on Scraggy's body, and uses Low Sweep to kick it and send it sliding backwards. Akkie comments that that maneuver is what he expects of his Simisage.

Akkie tells Simisage not to give Scraggy time to recover, and use Giga Impact. Simisage uses Giga Impact, while Scraggy counters with High Jump Kick which hits Simisage in the face and sends it to the ground hard. Cilan and Iris are impressed, while Stephan says good job to Ash. Scraggy tries to use another High Jump Kick but Simisage dodges, and Scraggy hurts its knee on the ground. Scraggy rolls around on the ground, while clutching its knee in pain. Ash asks if Scraggy is okay, Burgundy says this is bad, and Georgia says that when High Jump Kick fails, the user takes a lot of damage. Akkie commands Simisage to use Low Sweep repeatedly on Scraggy. Simisage repeatedly uses Low Sweep to kick Scraggy while it's down, as the announcer says that the attacks are hitting like a storm, Stephan and Cilan say that it's bad, Iris is worried, and Trip says that it's over. Simisage tries to finish off Scraggy with a Giga Impact, as Scraggy gets up and everyone else looks on nervously. Ash yells to Scraggy to not give up, to focus, and to fight with focus, as Scraggy has a blue aura around its body and Scraggy forms a spherical ball that grows larger into a Focus Blast to block Giga Impact. Ash recognizes it as Focus Blast, Iris is happy that Scraggy learned it, Axew is really happy with tears in its eyes, Cilan says that Scraggy has a new powerful flavor, and Stephan cheers him on. Trip is very surprised to see Scraggy learn a new move.

Simisage is sent flying high into the air, as Scraggy tries another Focus Blast but it fails to hit Simisage. After it fails, everyone has a shocked look on their faces, and Trip smirks after seeing that. Simisage lands on the ground and is very exhausted, while Scraggy uses Leer which really frightens Simisage because of how powerful it is. Scraggy uses Headbutt to knock out Simisage and win his first tournament battle. Akkie is very surprised and disappointed to see that Simisage is down and that he lost. Ash advances to the second round after winning. The crowd cheers for Ash after he won, Iris asks Axew if it's proud, and realizes that her battle is up next. The fourth battle of the first round begins, as Iris is called the wild child who gets her power from nature, and Burgundy is called the princess of the tasting world, who has a Pokemon Connoisseur qualification.

Iris brings out Excadrill, while Burgundy brings out Dewott. Bianca, Stephan, Ash, and Cilan are excited to see Iris' battle. Georgia is very upset and yells at Iris for not using a Dragon Type Pokemon. Iris tells Georgia that she has a strategy she is planning to use. Georgia tells Iris that she hasn't grown up at all, and that if she loses before facing her, she won't be forgiven. Burgundy tells Cilan to taste her battle and to assess how much stronger she has become. Cilan tells her that he is looking forward to it. Dewott and Excadrill look at each other with sparks coming between them, as the battle gets ready to start, while ending on a cliffhanger.

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Don George


Ash's Pikachu Ash's Scraggy

Iris's Excadrill Iris's Axew

Cilan's Pansage

Trip's Gurdurr Trip's Conkeldurr

Burgundy's Dewott

Stephan's Sawk

Montgomery's Throh

Flora's Gothorita

Edmund's Seismitoad

Angus's Simisage

Special/Other Trainers:
Special/Other Trainers's Pignite Special/Other Trainers's Gurdurr Special/Other Trainers's Sawk Special/Other Trainers's Scrafty Special/Other Trainers's Mienfoo