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Heading to the Unova League, Ash & Co. enter the Village of the Dragons, where Iris grew up. Iris is eager to tell her friends about her journey so the group decide to stay there. However, when they meet up with a friend of Iris, they find out that two Zweilous she's raising are feuding. To make matters worse, one ends up evolving into Hydreigon and starts to cause a rampage in the village. Will Iris manage to stop Hydreigon?

Full Guide coming Soon

761: A Village Homecoming!

761: Iris, Return to Village of the Dragons!



Dragonite Excadrill Emolga Axew
Patrat Pidove Pansear Panpour Sandile Minccino Deerling Axew Fraxure Haxorus Druddigon Zweilous Hydreigon

Iris returns home
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