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Ash and May are headed to Oldale Town, and as they walk in the woods, May seems to be tired, since she’s used to having her bike. Ash, however, is used to these long hikes. As they walk along, Ash keeps complaining to May to keep up, but she keeps complaining that she’s tired of walking. Eventually, May gets mad and says that if she still had her bike, it wouldn’t be like this but she doesn’t get as mad. Eventually, Ash convinced May to keep up.

Then, May notices that Pikachu is sitting on Ash’s shoulder, and asks why it’s not in a Pokeball, and Ash tells her about how it refused to get in the ball. He then says that May is lucky, considering her Torchic didn’t have trouble getting in the ball. Then, he realizes that he doesn’t really know much about Torchic, so he investigates his Pokedex. Suddenly, a wild Pokemon comes out from the grass! May takes out her dex, and finds that its an Azurill, the Water Ball Pokemon. May then decides that she wants one, considering how cute they are. However, she doesn’t really know what she’s doing, so she just starts by throwing a Pokeball at Azurill, who easily escapes. Ash then explains to her that its required to battle the Pokemon, THEN capture it.

Since that’s all she currently has, May uses Torchic. However, before she could say anything, Azurill starts chasing Torchic around, until Torchic runs into a tree and bumps its head. May runs up to Torchic, making sure its OK, as Azurill laughs madly. However, Torchic is very angry at Azurill, so it lets free of May’s grip, and starts chasing Azurill again but eventually, Azurill tricks Torchic into running right off a small cliff! Luckily, May manages to catch him. Torchic doesn’t give up yet, for Azurill is still nearby, and he won’t let it escape! Torchic follows it for a while, until May commands a Peck, with Azurill easily avoids, making Torchic Peck a tree instead. Then, Torchic starts chasing Azurill through the grass, to a pond as it uses Ember, and it hits! However, suddenly Azurill’s family comes, really angry, and all use a Water Gun! Pikachu tries to help with a Thunderbolt, but apparently they all run away, and Torchic faints. Ash then explains to May that Fire type Pokemon are weak to Water type attacks, and she understands. Ash also suggests tshe take it to a Pokemon center immediately! May suddenly gets worried, and they start hurrying as fast as they can to the Oldale Town Pokecenter!

One the way, however, Ash and May come across what look like ancient ruins! Then, a guy appears, introduces himself as Umezu, and explains that he’s the archaeologist of Oldale ruins, which is where they are now. May then asks if there is a Pokemon Center nearby, and Umezu tells them there is one at the edge of the ruins. Ash and May head that way.

Later that evening, Harka gives Joy Torchic’s ball, and she says that in this condition it will have to stay there overnight to recover its physical strength. They sleep there, and the next day she gets Torchic back, good as new. Then, May asks Ash for some future advice, considering this was her first time at a Pokemon Center. Ash takes over, asking for a nearby phone, then calling Oak. He tells him the news that he arrived in Oldale Town, but then May interrupts, surprised to see him! They exchange greetings, and she tells him that her younger brother is obsessed with his Pokemon lecture show. He says that that’s cool, but he’s busy, so he just wishes Ash and May luck on their journey, and hangs up.

Meanwhile, Team Rocket place a call to Giovanni, to tell him that they’re in Houen. Giovanni seems a bit surprised and angry, but then his expression changes, as he seems to remember something. Then, he changes his mind, and says that this is Team Rocket’s big chance! He explains that there is no TR HQ in Houen, nor is there a sign of TR. This is where Team Rocket come in: His mission for them is to make TR popular in Houen, and possibly invade or set up a base. Hearing the command, Team Rocket get excited, and ready to start! However, Giovanni warns them of “Team Magma” and “Team Aqua” and how they’re the ones who are popular in Houen. Stroking his Persian, he then hangs up.

Meanwhile, Ash gives May a quick tour of the Pokemon Center and Mart, and as they walk for a while outside, they notice two trainers on a nearby bench, talking about the Petalburg Gym leader, which is apparently the first one. Ash then wonders what this Gym leader could be like, but May immediately goes off the subject, saying that she’s hungry. They go out to eat at a nearby restaurant, she orders curry and rice, Ash orders a rice omelet, and Ash tells her about his training, gives her some training tips, yadda yadda yadda They talk for a while, until they notice Umezu at a nearby table, and they go over to chat.

Meanwhile, Team Rocket can smell the scent from the restaurant, and James and Meowth get a craving but Jessie says they have to get Pikachu first! But then James remembers Giovanni’s task. Jessie then starts going on about how lucky they are to have that mission, and land in a Butch-and-Cassidy-free place, and how they’re so apt at getting the prize.

Meanwhile, Umezu takes Ash and May to his house, and teaches them a little about the ruins, as he starts by showing a photo of them. He then explains that after some studying at his lab, they managed to locate a hidden chamber in the ruins, with a door that links from the ancient Pokemon world to the present Pokemon world. May seems to be interested, and Ash is also surprised, and brings up that he knows of Ancient Pokemon like Aerodactyl and Kabutops, the fossil Pokemon. But Umezu says that there is much more to Ancient Pokemon than just fossils, and there are many undiscovered Ancient Pokemon, and many unsolved mysteries. May seems to be intrigued that Ancient Pokemon could have such a deep meaning. And Ash, looking at the picture, is eager to meet these Ancient Pokemon. Umezu explains that he managed to find the method of entering the tomb, that being a special “four keys”, which he doesn’t have. Ash and May try to search his room, but he says they won’t find it and suddenly, the light in Umezu’s room goes out! It surprises them, but then they hear an announcement that surprises them more: A few people are sneaking into Oldale ruins, and cutting the power! Then, a really worried Joy comes in with a flashlight, and takes them to a small warehouse, where they plan to catch these bandits. Joy seems to be very desperate, since they cut the power supply at the Pokemon center, and the Pokemon can’t recover! Her only hope is switching to extraordinary power Suddenly, Pikachu finds a nearby air duct, and suspecting the crooks went there, they decide to follow.

Meanwhile, Team Rocket have finished digging the hole, and they end up in some sort of chamber. Suddenly, a Team Magma member appears, and asks if they dug the hole. When they refuse to answer, and send out Arbok and Weezing, he opposes with Houndoom. TM-grunt commands a Mean Look but then they realize they don’t stand a chance, so they return Arbok and Weezing before Houndoom can let out the attack, and just run off back into the hole

Meanwhile, Ash and Pikachu managed to get through the air duct, and wind up right outside! Then he helps May, who’s worried about Torchic’s condition, out. Then, noticing Pikachu’s ears, they find the direction the wind is flowing, and they follow it and get to the air filter. They push it open. And then arrive at the power supply generator. Then, May takes a key from under the desk, and switches it to extraordinary power supply!

Quickly, Ash and May head back to the warehouse, telling Joy of the news she seems to be happy, but apparently Umezu is gone! Joy tells them he went back to the ruins, because there’s a major disaster going on there. They go there, and to there surprise, find a group of people demolishing the ruins, desperately searching for the chamber! They also find Umezu but he seems to be totally calm. He explains that searching for the tomb by force won’t get them anywhere, and the keys are required. Plus, they’re searching in the wrong area. Then, to there surprise, Umezu shows that he found the keys, which happen to be four colored spheres! Suddenly, the people realize Umezu has them, and they figure he knows the combination so they threaten that the Pokemon center won’t be happy if he doesn’t tell them it so he desperately puts them in, and the door opens.

Inside, its amazing. There are pictures all over the wall, that have information about the ancient Pokemon. Then, these people take photos of the pictures but Umezu quickly tries to stop them, saying that’s illegal, however, they escape in a helicopter! Depressed, Umezu sits down as Ash and May try to comfort him. Suddenly, they hear Wobbuffet’s cry, which could only mean one thing- Team Rocket are nearby! They come out of their hiding place, and attack with Arbok. Arbok dodges a Quick Attack from Pikachu, followed by a Thunderbolt which sends ‘em blasting off J.

Suddenly, morning comes, and light shines through a crack in the wall! Then, it fills the whole tomb, followed by ANOTHER passage being revealed, with stairs. They go down, until they can start to smell the sea which means there’s an underground spring! They head lower, and when they get there, they find a bunch of Relicanth there! Ash dexes it, and it happens to be another ancient Pokemon. Umezu, surprised to see it, realizes what they meant by the door “linking ancient and modern times”!

Later that day, May and Ash go to the Pokemon Center to pick up May’s Torchic. Nervous, May lets it out to check on its condition, and huggles Torchic when she finds out its ok. Then, Joy thanks Ash for saving them (Jenny was going crazy), and set off!

Before leaving for Petalburg City, Ash and May check with Umezu, and he thanks them for everything, and tells how it really did feel like they traveled through time which they probably did. After they exchange goodbyes, they head for Petalburg City!

May seems a bit embarrassed about going there but Ash is the opposite. He’s excited, and looking forward to his first Houen Gym match!

Thanks to Spinazak for writing This for us

278: A Ruin With A View!

278: Ancient Pokémon and Mysterious Teams!

Oldale Town


Professor Oak
Nurse Joy
Magma Grunt

Arbok Wobbuffet
Nurse Joy:
Magma Grunt:
Omanyte Omastar Kabuto Kabutops Aerodactyl Marill Azumarill Azurill Relicanth

May fails capturing another Pokémon
Team Magma make their first appearence
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